making: something i thought I would never make--a cute "cheap date ideas" jar.  the other night, taylor and i hammered out a budget. we've had a semi-budget since we've been married, and even though i'm extremely happy and impressed with our savings,  we decided we really wanted to be more responsible.  and not eat out whenever we want and spend $150 on toys every week. HA but for real--it was getting out of hand. soooo, i decided one thing that may help is having prepared date ideas! in hopes that our date doesn't turn into dinner+new clothes for me and new toys for him. i'll share it when I'm finished with it!

cooking: um, i suck at actually coming up with dinner ideas. but i've been trying to be better! I made a chicken chowder that was sooo good last week. and i've had the soup for left overs for the past couple of days! yum!
drinking: water water water water. ever since starting the 30-day shred with jillian michaels, I have been downing the h20.

reading: "hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet" one of my students lent it to me, and I've been really bad at finding time to sit down and read it--but so far, it's really good!

listening to: investing podcasts. i listen to them while I run--it's so intriguing to me. also--I just started listening to the ensign while I'm driving. such an easy way to read the whole issue!

looking: for a new running route. getting sick of my regulars.

wishing: that there was a way to use emojis all the time. like in real life. like when i see an outfit I love, I wish my eyes would turn to little hearts to adequately express my feelings.

missing: my sisters who left me. thank goodness for my brother's wife who is still here and taylor's sister (who moves back this week!)

enjoying: 30-day shred. I really hate it while I do it, but it's only 20 minutes of hell--that's manageable ;) and I LOVE having sore muscles all day. any one else with me on this? it makes me feel so accomplished!

looking forward to: THIS WEEKEND! one of taylor's clients booked a getaway for us in park city (one of our favorite escapes!) more to come on that--but man, we are going to feel like royalty all weekend!

liking: grey's anatomy! thanks mom, for getting me hooked ;)

excited about: having a shredded body in 30 days. ha! see, now would be the time to insert another emoji--the laughing/crying one.

needing: a nice long massage.

wearing: an outfit that I'm still not sure about--but i wore it anyway because i was running late. ha

noticing: that i always use the phrase, "to be honest..." like, "to be honest, that outfit is not my fave." why do I feel the need to preface that I'm being honest? am I normally not honest? ha

thinking: about how i can continually be a better person--and how there's so much I want to learn about!

p.s. i stole this prompt from kayla at all my best. she's the cutest.


  1. Yay for budgets!! We're the same way. It's good to be back on one and trying our hardest to stick to it! I didn't know youy were into investing?! ;) I work for a financial firm...so it's definitely interesting but the last thing I want to hear when I leave work! I'm excited about your getaway coming up, that sounds amazing!! :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Here's a super easy dinner idea for you! One jar of salsa (any kind. store bought, home made, you name it.) put it in the crock pot on low with shredded chicken and let it cook all day. then make a burrito. Lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, more salsa, whatever floats your boat. IT IS TO DIE FOR. We call it salsa chicken. It really is SO easy and too delicious for anyone's own good. Also, have so much fun in Park City! That'll be so nice!

  3. you should do these all the time, i loved reading all of this! you're the sweetest ever. xoxo

  4. I'm about to start Grey's Anatomy! Everyone keeps telling me to watch it! Love these kinds of posts, which is why I'm stealing this prompt, too :)

  5. Oh my gosh, the emoji thing! I totally agree *laugh/cry emoji*

  6. Oh I can't wait to see your cheap date idea jar! I love the idea!

  7. I keep saying I'm going to get strict with my budget but still haven't put a plan into action. The joys of adulthood :)

    I love your outfit in that picture!!

  8. Your outfit is amazing girl! Yay for a budget, I'm a Dave Ramsey nerd :)

  9. I need a better budget for sure!! Good job girl!

  10. I just discovered podcasts and I am addicted!! Do you have any other favorites? And cheap date nights are sometimes even more fun than the fancy expensive ones! Have fun!

  11. I've done that 30-day shred dvd a few times . . . it is killer. Never been able to do it for 30 days straight! Haha but you probably have more willpower than me ;) I love this whole post btw. And I wish your eyes would turn into hearts when you saw an outfit you liked, too, but mostly because I think that would be hilarious. Everyone walking around and turning into emoji faces for different things. Ha :)


  12. Pleaseeeeee share your date ideas. We need a date jar.

  13. hahahahah your blog is the best blog i have ever read. i seriously look forward to your posts everyday. gosh i think you're hilarious