He can't even use old age as an excuse...

Welcome to mine and Taylor's conversation just a few minutes ago:

Taylor (with a sad face): "You forgot my half birthday..."
Me: "What? When was it?"
Taylor: "February 1st."
Me: "Whoops. Sorry. But you didn't remember or celebrate mine on October 15th."
Taylor: "Well, we were on our honeymoon that day, so that's automatic celebration."
Me: "We weren't on our honeymoon on October 15th..."
Taylor: "Yes, we were..."
Me: "Taylor, our honeymoon was only five days."
Taylor: "Yeah, I know. We got married on the 11th. So we were still on our honeymoon on the 15th."
Me: "Are you serious?" Then I explode in violent laughter. "This is so sad."

Taylor just looked at me with a confused look and said, "The 11th..." in a small timid voice. Then a startled look of realization and immediate regret hit his face (an appropriate "oh shizzz" face), until he joined me in uncontrollable laughter.

We've only been married for 5 months and he's already forgotten that we were married on the 8th. And he can't even use old-age as an excuse...

Fun fact: This picture hangs in our house. These same numbers were on our wedding announcement. These same numbers hang in our home. And yet, he still can't remember what day we were married.

Oh, how I love my dear clueless husband. :)


Quick Clarification

Mr. T according to 99% of the world.

Mr. T according to Kells

True, our muscular compositions are very similar but I have a lighter complexion.  Just in case anyone was confused.

Opposites Attract

Most of the time, I feel like Taylor and I are the exact same person. But, on days like this, I realize how different we really are.

On the left is what I ordered from Taco Bell. The right side is his order.

There are other differences too: Taylor likes to wake up to music; I prefer the buzzing alarm. Taylor can make decisions quickly; I have to look at every option (A-Z, 1-100) before I make a decision. Taylor can stay up for hours watching TV or movies; I always fall asleep within the first five minutes. Taylor wins every game he plays; I...well, I guess there always has to be a loser. Taylor ia very tall; I am extremely short.

Even with our differences (even these small silly ones), I still cherish Mr. T to pieces. And he is so great at showing me everyday how much he loves me too.


Just another manic Monday...

The highlight of my day?  I didn't have to work today, so I was able to go down to BYU campus during Mr. T's break between classes and spend some time with him.  We enjoyed a Jamba Juice together and had a fun time talking about our day and laughing.

Tonight we made a delicious dinner!  I got the recipe from my lovely Mom.  It's called Blue Bayou Monte Cristo Sandwiches (it's a mock recipe of the sandwiches made at Blue Bayou at Disneyland...which my family LOVES).  The sandwiches were so YUM!

Plates licked clean. The sauce on the plate is a delicious blackberry dipping sauce for the sandwiches. Again...so YUM!

Another highlight of my day:  We walked over to Taylor's parents house after dinner to say hello.  When we left their house, it had started to snow outside.  Taylor told me to jump on his back, and he ran home as I nestled into his back and neck to warm up from the cold.  With the snow falling down, and our laughter breaking the silence of the night, I realized once again how lucky I am to have Taylor Ray as my husband and best friend for the rest of my life.

Hope you all had a happy Monday!


Our Weekend

We had a great weekend! Here's how it went:

I went and supported Mr. T at his basketball game. He scored 24 out of the 50 points! The star of the show! So proud of my man :)

And, we made our sugar goal for the week (well, Kelli did -Love, Taylor). Reward? SUGAR! We made those delicious homemade cookies we were craving!  We enjoyed them while cuddling up to a movie together.

A happy mess.

We watched Taylor's little cousin, Brooke. She's a doll. The three of us watched Fox and the Hound. I keep asking Tay if we can get a baby fox. He hasn't relented yet...
In the evening, Taylor and I went to the American Sign Language temple session at Mount Timpanogas temple. We loved the ASL session. We wanted to take a picture in front of the temple afterwards, but it was so cold and windy, we just bolted to our car!

Mr. T and I went to Taylor's cousin's farewell. He is headed off to the Democratic Republic of Congo in just a week or so. He did a great job! Tay and I had to leave the farewell party early, because we were both teaching in our own wards. Here is a picture of my YW handout. It wasn't the best, but it was done very last minute, so the result was better than I thought it would be!

(image taken from holyhandouts.blogspot.com)
Funny story:

There has been a tractor parked in front of our landlord's house this weekend. While walking into our apartment after church, Taylor thought it would be a good idea to throw the keys into the tractor scoop. Turns out, there was a puddle of mud inside the scoop. It didn't end up being a very good idea...

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, because we sure did!