life in lists // 2

yay for the "my life in lists" link up!
I love this link up that my sister created because it always helps my blogging-block.

the question today? 
list five things you would do with a million dollars!

1. invest it.
i know, I know, boring, right?
but I get strangely excited about investing money.
and using money to make money.

2. travel the world.
I have a travel bug in me.
and I'd love to guilt-free travel the world with a million dollars.
especially with my favorite travel companion

^plus, I saw this picture the other day. and if that doesn't make your soul want to wander, I don't know what will!^

3. buy a rocking house.
customized, beautiful, and mine.
and paid off?
that's pretty cool.

4. give the money to taylor to start another business with.
ha--again with the investing thing.
but I'd trust this guy with a business investment ;)

5. set up college funds for underprivileged children.
because, wow.
that would be empowering.
and so rewarding.
you would never regret spending a million dollars that way!
annnd...I already spent it four times for myself ;)

link up with us! her ideas are always so fun!
it's starting small, but we'd love to see it grow with time!

my husband wins at making birthday mornings the best.
I had tears in my eyes at 7:30 this morning.
because he is awesome.
more to come :)


  1. okay, i can NOT tell you how many times I read "buy a rocking house" as "buy a rocking HORSE." I was SO so so confused! "customized, beautiful, and mine." i had about a million thoughts. First of all, I've never even heard of a customized rocking horse. Second of all, really? It's one of the five things you would do with a million dollars? How then have I never heard of your intense love and need of rocking horses? and THREE they cost so much that it would be completely awesome to have it paid off?! Seriously. I was really confused. When I finally realized it said HOUSE i died. I'm still laughing out loud hahaha. Best mis-read ever. And also. All your stuff is way less superficial than mine. You make me look bad.

    1. HAHHAHA i am laughing so hard just reading this and thinking about buying a million dollar rocking horse! hahaha

  2. Ha ha I thought the same thing as Marci with the rocking horse/house, but then when I realized that you meant house the next thought through my head was, "Wow, I have never seen a house rock (like back and forth) before and why would you want that?" Then I realized that my brain does not seem to be functioning properly today.

    I love your list though. I also love that you wouldn't spend all of it on you, I wish I could say the same thing.


  3. Newest follower and newest link up member!

    We have similarities in our lists - beautiful paid off homes and lots of travel! What more could a woman want?


  4. i'm totally in for next week... and when you get that million dollars for underprivileged kiddos, call me. i have lots of amazing ones who would love the opportunity! ;)

    you and my hubs with your investing and business bugs. totally my heroes. totally out of my box.

  5. I am literally just about to post my list. Then I read yours. And I realize that we overlap on 3 out of 5. Which is cool. :)

    Elise @ Harvey Ever After

  6. I would invest too, investing excited me! (I work in finance.. ) and my gosh where is that picture of the canals? Dreamboat!