because i'm indecisive

okay, guys.
here's the deal.
I'm thinking about darkening my hair--not super dark, but just a dark blonde.
some people (like my mom--hi mom) think I should stay blonde blonde.
but here's what I'm thinking, and I want your opinions.
(all of these are really similar, and I'm no hair expert by any means, but these are my top 5)

option #1: an ombre-ish.
not a full ombre, but lighter around the bottom and the face

option #2: a little darker overall
but lighter just around the face.

option #3: pretty much a re-do of what I have now, just in darker shades.

option #4: a rich dark blonde throughout.

option #5: go LIGHTER! ha

option #6:
stay the same

I'm just getting bored with my current color--you know?
I want something a little different--but is it stupid to go dark right before summer hits?
and it's so hard to decide whether I like the actual hair or just the pretty face in the pictures. haha

so, quick!
give me opinions stat!


  1. I love all of these! My husband has been begging me to go light again for the summer. These might make a good compromise :) You'll rock whatever you decide! (Sorry that was no help.)

  2. I love #2 but I know your pretty smile will steal the show away no matter what you do with the hairs :)

  3. I like options 1, 2, and 3. Maybe 3 the most? But I definitely think you should try darkening up a little! :) I think it will look good. Good luck with the decision!


  4. I feel like an ombre-ish look would be adorable on you!!!! :)

  5. All such pretty picks! I'm always a fan of Elizabeth Olsen's hair though!
    xo TJ


  6. First of all -- this is exactly the dilemma I'm having. I've said at some point in 2014 I MUST go closer to my natural (darker, but not exactly DARK BROWN), so I vote for #4. I mean, you'll still be gorgeous! PS - you're on my blog today ;)

  7. 1 or 2! I just went dark right before summer and love it. These would be so cute on you!

  8. Okay of all of these, easily #3 and option #1 as a close second. The rest are NO GO's. What happened to the one I really loved that you texted me!?

  9. Stay the same!! Your hair is perfect and gorgeous... and it is ready for spring!!!!

  10. i like your hair how it is...but if you really want a change, my vote is #3 or #5!!

  11. I think 1 or 3...but you are beautiful and will look good no matter what!

  12. I just finished hair school and I got a lot of guests who had the same dilemma. They were always very very blonde(hair, not brain) and want to go darker. Since you are so used to have blonde blonde hair but want to go dark, I think 1 or 3 is the best option. 3 is great because it adds just a little brown and it will ease you into being a brunette a bit at a time. 1 is great too because if you want something a little bit edgier, ombre is a good option. I also like that it will keep blonde on your ends and by your face, and that way you can ease into brunette also, but sti feel like you have plenty of blonde. And no! There's nothing wrong with going darker before summer. Besides, the pictures you have are all still very blonde in my eyes. :)

  13. i love blonde, but im totally digging ashley greene's hair too. either way, you'll look gorgeous!!

  14. also, from what i've heard, going dark is actually best to do in summer! it usually makes your skin look a lot paler against the darker color, but because everyone's already a little bronzed around spring-summer, the transition won't be as bad :)

  15. Most def #1. And that's coming from a former super blond. #1 will be the least drastic and easiest to maintain. It will look beautiful on your already beautiful self!

  16. First of all wow you are popular. Second, this is tough! Love Elizabeth Olsen's hair but I think you should go kind of what you have now or dark. I like the kind of crazy not dark not light highlights but might be hard if your hair is straight mostly. I don't know you're hot so whatever ;)

  17. Love all this hair inspiration. I am already dark haired, but I love all the medium length cuts too!