Happy New Year!

We are so grateful for everything 2013 brought us.
So much happiness, love, joy, and faith!
(p.s. I originally titled this post: "Happy New Year from our little family"--but then I asked tay, "does that sound like we are announcing something?" and so I changed it.
No announcements there folks--still gotsss this thing and proud of it! HA)

Here's a quick little video I made recapping our 2013 moments
okay--just want to say, I made this video in FCP before the whole "flipagram" fad hit about 24 hours ago.
I thought I was so hip and cool and creative.
And then everyone started posting these videos made with a simple little app.
and I told Tay, "I'm not cool anymore. Should've invented an app--not my own little video."

It's okay, I still like it.

We are celebrating my sister's 25th today!
It will be a grand day!
Looking forward to 2k14 BABY!


Dave's Treasures

A couple of days ago, I had the opportunity to accompany my dad to my grandparents' house.  This particular visit was different than any other.  It was not accompanied by the usual excitement and anticipation of visiting Grandma and Grandpa--rather, it was filled with a different kind of anticipation: it would be my first visit to my grandparents' house since the passing of my sweet grandfather.  As I climbed the all-too-familiar steps leading to my grandparents' front door, I was flooded with memories of my grandpa.  For the first time, the reality of his absence started to sink in.  There would be no Grandpa on the other side of this door.  No Grandpa in his recliner reading his daily newspaper.  No Grandpa to greet me with a hug and a "How ya doing, Kelli? Oh, it's good to see you!"  My heart ached, but I had promised myself not to cry in front of my grandma--not today.  I knew today would be one of the harder days since my grandpa's passing. I swallowed the feelings fighting their way to the surface, threatening to spill my eyes over with tears, as my grandma opened the door.

My grandma welcomed us in and hugged both me and my dad.  We looked around and commented on the beautiful and familiar Christmas decorations throughout her household.  We small-chatted.  All the while trying to ignore the sinking feeling that was starting to set in.  It was time to do what we came here to do.  It was time to clean out Grandpa's belongings.

My dad led the way upstairs.  The first room I saw was my grandpa's office.  Immediately I felt stifled. The room that was the very essence of my grandpa tore at my heart strings.  I looked away and let out a shaky breath.  I can do this. Be strong for Grandma. 

Immediately, my dad started to direct tasks.  "Kelli, you help me in the closet.  We will take the clothes off of the hangers, and hand them to Grandma and Aunt Sherry to fold and put in the bags. Don't forget to check pockets!"  I understood my dad's intention: the more logistic and matter-of-fact we make this, the easier it will be--especially for Grandma.  I started to take the clothes off of the hangers.  I willed myself not to think.  Not to think of the memories I had of Grandpa in these clothes.  Not to think that Grandpa wouldn't need these clothes any more.  Not to think that I wouldn't see Grandpa again in this life.  Don't think, Kelli.  Take the shirt off of the hanger.  Check pockets. Fold.  Hand to Aunt Sherry.  Take the shirt off of the hanger. Check pockets. Fold. Hand to Aunt Sherry.  Take the shirt off of the hanger. Check pockets. Fold. Hand to Aunt Sherry.

I frequently looked at Grandma out of the corner of my eye.  I was afraid to make eye contact.  I was afraid I wouldn't be strong enough to hold it together.  Just thinking about what my Grandma must be feeling was breaking my heart.  How do you clean out the closet of your sweetheart of 61 years?  How do you remove his clothes, his watches, his toothbrush? How do you cope with the knowledge that he isn't coming back?  Unannounced, my grandma left the room a few times.  We all sensed that she was composing herself so she could return to the task that needed to be completed.

During one point, my dad sent me downstairs to grab something.  I didn't realize my grandma was also downstairs.  I heard her in the kitchen, sobbing softly.  My heart broke, my eyes watered, but I refused to linger.  I knew she needed her time to compose.  I knew she had left the room to be on her own for a reason.

So far, I had managed not to let any tears spill over.  I took a deep breath.  It was time to clean out the closet in Grandpa's office.  I walked in for the first time.  It was hard to breath.  I felt him in this room.  This room was always "Grandpa's."  And then I saw it.

Grandpa's wooden block calendar that he never failed to change every day.  I can't ever remember a time when the blocks weren't changed to reflect the correct date.  And yet, here they were. Unchanged. Stuck on the day that Grandpa had his heart attack.  Stuck on the last day that Grandpa would ever change the blocks.  I ran my hands over those blocks.  And this time, I couldn't will the tears back. With my hands on the blocks, I sobbed quietly on my own in my Grandpa's office.  Grandpa--do you know how much I love you?

After more cleaning, the task was finally finished.  So much of grandpa still littered the house, but his clothes were in bags ready to be taken to Deseret Industries.  My dad told my grandma that he would be back next week to go through the garage.  We all headed to the garage to see what would need to be done.  We opened cupboards and scanned the neatly-labeled-boxes that lined the ceiling.   Among box labels such as "tools" "great-grandma's-salt-and-pepper-shakers" "film" and "bike gear," one particular box caught my eye: "Dave's Treasures."

"Dad--what do you think is in that box? Can we pull it down?"  My dad agreed--the curiosity had us all gripped.  What could be important enough to be labeled as "treasures?"  My aunt joked that it would be money.  My grandma was sure it was little trinkets from his childhood.  My guess was documents and diplomas.  My dad climbed the ladder and carefully handed the box down to me.   I carried it into the living room and began to open the lid.  My excitement was bubbling over.  What could be inside!?  As I lifted the lid off of my grandpa's box of treasures, I saw something unexpected.

Inside the box were letters upon letters addressed to Grandpa from his grandchildren.  The tears immediately began to fall as the realization set in: Grandpa had carefully saved every letter us grandkids had ever sent him.  Every birthday card.  Every anniversary card.  Every "hello!" letter.  Every thank you letter.  Every memory.

As I began to sift through these keepsakes, I was overwhelmed.  Simple things that may have been tossed by the wayside were carefully preserved as "treasures."  I found a small, ripped piece of paper with nothing on it, other than my little brother's name across the top.  My grandpa had dated the paper "2001."  This would have made my little brother four years old when he probably carefully and proudly scribbled his name for my grandpa to see.  Instead of throwing away the seemingly meaningless scrap of paper, my grandpa had saved it--as a treasure, no less!

Every newspaper clipping of his grandchildren.  Every "homework assignment" he was given by my sister each time they played "school" (their favorite game).  Every post-it-note message we wrote to grandpa while we played in his office.  He saved it all.

While looking through this box with wet eyes and cheeks, I realized that Grandpa KNEW.  He knew how much we loved him.  And boy--he loved US so very, very much.  So much so, that WE were his treasures.  Out of everything that he could have put in his box labeled "treasures," it was these things that he cherished most.  We were all choked with emotion as I pulled memory after memory out of this box.  Few words were said.  And yet so much was felt.

On the way home, I began thinking.  If I were given one box, one box labeled "Kelli's treasures" what would I put in it?  Would I have been as loving and sentimental as Grandpa and included keepsakes from my loved ones? Or would I unknowingly be more materialistic? My laptop, cell phone, camera, and expensive jewelry?  Of course, I (along with every one else) can quickly say that I treasure my loved ones more than my materialistic items.  But do I show that?  Do I spend more time worrying about materialistic things than I do about making and cherishing moments?

How is it that my grandpa was able to teach me such a valuable lesson even after his passing? With just a simple box--a box he left for no one in particular, a box he had no intention of anyone seeing, a box he never mentioned over the many years.   Isn't it interesting that his "treasures" which symbolized love, family, and memories are the few things that we actually KEEP as treasures when we pass to the other side? How was it that my 83-year-old grandpa was so in touch with what really mattered in life?

It is so easy to get caught up in "worldly things" these days. If today was my last day on earth, would my loved ones know what my lifetime treasures were, even without a box? The word "treasures" stands out to me. Do I treat my loved ones and sentimental moments as golden treasures? 

If you were to pack a box from what you treasured most TODAY, what would be in it? Did you treasure your materialistic items today? Or did you truly treasure your loved ones? Let's all make a vow to put less value on our worldly items and make our "box of treasures" more like "Dave's treasures."

I love you, Grandpa. 



I just LOVE being HOME!
sorry for being MIA! 
We have been crazy busy trying to fit everything in that we want to do while we are here.

just a quick post to say HI and that we are loving our time here!
i promise to be back with SO much more!

hope you all had a merry&bright christmas--because we sure did!


Christmas Photos 2013

Per tradition--picture overload!
We had so much fun at this photo shoot!
(for last years photos, see here)
Merry Christmas Eve!

 man, I'm a lucky girl.
it's good to be a gilbert.


slippery snow? nah, how about some SUN!

The other night, as we were leaving Taylor's parents house, I started to slip on the driveway.
Taylor reached out to grab me, and then HE started to slip.  
We both caught our footing just in time.
We stood there for a second and laughed at our potentially disastrous debacle.
Then, as we both took another step--BAM.
We both completely biffed it.
Turns out the whole driveway was COMPLETELY frozen.
There was no hope of getting up.
I recorded the end of our little adventure:

Later that night, I was getting out of the car after the gym.
I took two steps, and then BAM.
I completely smacked the cement.
Man--it's dangerous out there!
I thought I had cracked a rib!
I called Taylor, almost in tears, and asked if he could come help me.
I was afraid that if I stood up, I would fall straight back down.
That sweet boy came to my rescue--and then picked me up and carried me inside.

Good news: my rib is not broken.
bad news: it's completely bruised! and it hurts.
AND taylor likes to poke it and make me grimace.
he's awesome...

Hey--goodbye slippery snow!
We are off to sunny California today!


death sucks.

My grandpa passed away last night.
There's so much I want to say, and yet I don't feel like saying anything.
His death has affected me much more than I ever imagined that it would.

This morning, I just kept wishing that I could have told him once more how much I love him.
As I was thinking this, I felt a strong impression: "He knows."
And I know that it's true.
I feel really close to my sweet grandpa today.

I am so grateful for my testimony of the gospel.
I've never experienced the death of a loved one before--let me tell you, it sucks. It's hard.
But for the first time, I am excited for the sweet reunion that I know will be waiting for me on the other side.
I can't wait for him to greet me when I cross the veil.
I can't wait to hug you again, Grandpa!

I'm also grateful for these powerful words by Elder Nelson that have brought me such comfort today: "The only way to take sorrow out of death is to take love out of life."
I'm grateful I had such a wonderful grandpa to love.
And a wonderful grandpa who loved me.


santa knows me well.

Is it horrible that I just purchased one of my gifts from taylor to me?
I knew exactly what I wanted, so I said, "look, babe. Let me order it."
Scratch that.  
What really happened:
I said, "Here is the link.  Can you ship it to Marci's house when you order it?"
"Uh, kells. I'll totally order it for you, but...it might be easier if you just do it."
"That's why I love you. I'm on it."
simplicity at its finest.
And I'm going to act TOTE-ally surprised.
Even though I'm horrible at the fake "Ohhhh, I really love it!" or the "I had nooo idea!"
If I ever opened a gift I didn't like, my parents and siblings knew right away.
But I really did try to act like I loved it!
Couldn't have made it to hollywood, I tell ya.

I still remember receiving this HUGE 10,000-sticker-kit from santa when I was 17.
HA--kidding, I was only 6.
I was too little to even try to pretend that I liked it.
I pouted the whole time.
(by the way--I feel SO guilty about that now)
Then I finally started playing with it (after my little rebellion against it faded out) and I fell in love.
I was stickered up for years.
and man! I got so many new friends by passing out stickers--"any sticker you want! I've got them all! Horses, elephants, knights, busses! You just have to play with me if you want a sticker!"
okay, maybe it wasn't that extreme.
But I seriously had every sticker in the book.
I guess Santa really knew me after all. ;)

And Santa DEFINITELY knows me this year.
Because I became my own little Santa...ha.
Some may argue that it takes the fun out of it, but hey! I'm super excited to open this gift and put on my very best surprised face.


doing my wifely duties

taylor loses his keys and or wallet at least weekly.
I used to help him find his missing items, but now I let him complain for at least a week before I start looking.
Here's why:
  I always find his keys/wallet/missing items within five minutes of searching.  You know what that means? that he didn't even look!

Then, I say, "Tay! You didn't even look!"
And he always says: "Well, kells, I knew you would find them in way less time than it would take me to find them.  Plus, I'm helping you practice mom-skills. You should be thanking me."

so, of course, per tradition, taylor's wallet has been missing for about 2 weeks.
last night he promised me "vast rewards" if I found his wallet.
he was starting to freak out a little bit because he needed his school ID card for his finals.
I started getting sympathetic when he told me that, and when he promised that he had searched multiple times already.
I said, "Tay, I'm going to help you.  But if I find it in less than five minutes--"
"You WON'T, kells.  I guarantee it. If you do, I promise you vast rewards.  Just please help me!"

guess how long it took me to find his wallet?
less than two minutes.
ohhh that boy.
and I haven't gotten those vast rewards yet...
taylor said I got them when I married him. ha

oh, p.s. add this to your christmas movie watch-list (even though it's not a christmas movie...):
Crazy Stupid Love
have you seen it?
taylor and I saw it for the first time about a month ago when we were in park city.
I've never laughed harder.
I saw it yesterday at Target when I was checking out.
Couldn't help myself.
Plus, I knew it would make my man happy.
ha! yep. we watched it last night.

Three days until this teacher is off for Christmas break!


keep fighting, grandpa.

the news about my grandpa has been an emotional roller coaster.
I am constantly in a state of prayer for him and my sweet grandma.
I so badly want to be home to be with him and my family--to hold my grandpa's hand while it is still warm and tell him how much I love him.

the doctor met with my family today and told them it can really go one way or the other at this point.
in another week, we should know whether he is improving or if it's time to pull the life support.
I have continued to pray for one thing:
"father, please let me see him alive at least one more time."
It's looking like no matter what happens to my grandpa, my Father in heaven may answer this special prayer. 

the day after my grandpa's heart attack, my brother gave me a file of pictures and videos from mine and taylor's wedding.
it was a bunch of random pictures from my sister's camera.
but I found one particular video that really choked me up.
my sweet grandpa speaking at our luncheon.

I made this little video capturing the moment.
I am so grateful that my sister thought to record this.
and is it divine guidance that the first time I saw it was during this moment of need?
maybe so.
I started editing this video--and then I just couldn't bring myself to do it.
I wanted to leave it exactly as is.
The only thing that seemed appropriate was to add the song "families are forever" to the background.

grandpa, I love you.
keep fighting.
you are so strong.
you are my hero.
I'll see you in 6 days!



I am SO excited for taylor to be done with finals!
(I think more excited than him!)
This is his last semester (except for one lousy credit next semester--can you believe that!?).
I get realllyyyy annoyingly giddy whenever I think about him being done.

the last couple of months have been a little rough.
see, I'm done with work and home by 3pm, done with any chores/to-do items by 5pm.
So when Taylor comes home from work around 5:30, I am SO ready to play and do something fun.
but taylor will say, "kel, I've got a lot of homework--I'm really sorry."
And then I get pouty and complain that he doesn't spend enough time with me.
I resort to netflix or reading for the rest of the night while I try my very hardest not to bug him too much. 
it's the worst! and by 8:30 or so, I get REALLY annoying because I'm itching to do something.
I figure if I annoy him enough, he'll quit on the homework and pay attention to me instead. haha
anyyyways, I AM SO EXCITED that he won't have homework anymore!
We can finally PLAY on weeknights again!

Seriously--being done with school before your spouse is kind of annoying.
(except for the bragging rights and the "I don't have homework and you do" song--by yours truly)
Thursday will be the end of SCHOOL life as we know it!

Taylor has had a particular "dream" for years.
A dream that I openly admit to him is a little stupid.
buuut, I support him and his little dreams anyway.
his dream is this:
going to kneaders for fruit and orange juice every morning, whilst reading one of his classic literature books.
hahaha--you can't help but laugh right?
this guy has a serious literature side to him.
his dream started today.
maybe I should start a dream of buying an article of clothing every day? 
sounds fair, right? ;)

ALSO, we head out to sunny california a week from today.
my heart couldn't be happier.


a blogavideo?

didn't really mean for this little video to turn into my whole blog post for the day--but I basically covered all of the topics I was going to talk about anyway.
So...here's my blogavideo. ha

Happy holidays!

I am dying looking at these photos we just got back!
We had so much fun at this photo shoot!
Excited to send out our Christmas cards!
Spreading Christmas cheer this weekend to everyone!


R E G A N comes home tomorrow! + a wardrobe mistake

I am SO excited for my cute sister regalicious regan to come home from college tomorrow!
it will be so fun to have the whole gilbclan together for the holidays before tay and I head off to sacramento!
I can't believe this picture was taken almost 2 years ago! It feels like just yesterday!
and also--I totally scored with in-laws.
I have the best ones.
can't wait for seth and regan to start tying the knot so we can add even more fun to the mix!
it's so good to be a gilbert!

side story:
this morning I woke up and totally thought it was friday.
I didn't realize that it was thursday until I was walking out the door.
I was wearing a "friday outfit"--aka an Orem high button-up and jeans
(teachers normally wear the button-up on friday, and I only let myself wear jeans on friday...because, c'mon, I look like I'm 16--so jeans and a ponytail don't help my case. gotta be professhhh).
I rushed back in the house to change (really unnecessary, I know. but it seemed important at the time).
Wellll...I made a little wardrobe mistake.
I forgot I was wearing a really thin bra (my most comfy one! and it's cute, which is an added bonus--sparkly silver from VS, like I really should have bought 10 of them. it's that good).
 I KNOW not to wear a thin shirt without an extra layer with this bra.
but I was in such a rush, I didn't even realize.
Five minutes ago, I went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror and said, "you're welcome teenage boys." SHOOT ha
Yep, I'm wearing a thin white shirt with a verryyy thin bra. you get what I'm laying down?
annnnd I may or may not have been standing in front of the projector light during my last class?
I think I'll be wearing my jacket for the rest of the day.
peace out.

he's cuuuuuute!

 photo 31e634c9-ada2-49f7-9b72-a989aeec5ced.jpg
^^just found this picture (cropped myself out...ha)...is this guy handsome or what!?
dying right now.
our kids better get those dimples!
p.s. did you know that tay is getting little gray hairs on the side?
a little salt and peppaaaa.
I'm totally digging it.
turns me on!
he is so refined.
and he uses big words that I don't understand 85% of the time.
i just go with it.


ten ways you know you teach high school.

1. when you've seen more than your fair share of nose-pickers (and booger eaters...I know, so gross.) I thought I would avoid this by not teaching elementary school....nope.

2. when you accidentally introduce yourself by your last name. i guess it's not normal for the starbucks lady to call you "mrs. gilbert?"

3. when slightly inappropriate phrases are constantly coming out of your mouth.  wait, it's NOT funny to laugh anytime someone says "balls??"

4. when you almost start lecturing a group of teenagers for being stupid at a restaurant, the store, or the movie theaters (it's especially good when I pull out my "teaching finger" and start throwing that thing around)

5. when you're extremely bossy to everyone (at least I like to blame my "bossiness" on the fact that I get to boss kids around for eight hours a day...but Taylor doesn't really buy that excuse...)

6. when your life and mind are controlled by the sound of a bell.

7. when you find yourself constantly using words like "totes, cray cray, def, probs, fosho, homie" my new phrase every time I say something sarcastic is "jk lol"--said just like that. like...where did that come from? blaming the 16 year olds that i spend all day with.

8. when you sometimes forget that your best friends AREN'T sixteen year olds.

9. when you realize that your husband probably stopped listening to you explain all of the "high school drama" 30 minutes ago. but if you KNEW ashley, you would know why it's so crazy that adam broke up with her!

10. when every time you pick up a piece of paper off of the ground, you secretly hope that it is a star-spangled-awesome love note that was accidentally left behind. ...nope. just taylor's homework.

if this doesn't convince you to be a high school teacher, I don't know what will!
i'm really living the life, I tell you.
hollywood style.
mmhmm. me and those nose pickers all the way!

a little bit of everything.

Sorry I've been MIA.
I feel like everything in my life has been a little "off" since my grandpa's heart attack.
tests are looking promising for him, but he is still heavily sedated, so it will be awhile until we know more.

The day after my grandpa's heart attack, I was sitting in church, and I realized for one of the first times how GRATEFUL I am for the plan of salvation.
I've never experienced the death of a loved one, and with my grandpa's unknown condition, it was the first time that the meaning of the plan was incredibly sentimental and meaningful for me.

Aside from my cute grandpa and praying for his recovery, here's what's been going on:

A few Wednesday thoughts:
the snow is beautifullll...BUT it makes exercise 10x more annoying.
I have resorted to treadmills at the gym, because I don't really feel like slipping on the ice for all of Orem to see.
Can I say that I HATE treadmills? Running is a gazillion times harder!
I would much rather pound the pavement!
(p.s. I have a secret goal to get a six pack. tay says i'm close! I'm totally not, but that's how nice he is. haha)

okay lovers of the USA, get your cute butts to kneaders ASAP.
I don't know where they are located, but I DO know there is one in Orem, and you need to get there.
the best french toast around.
the sibs and I went there last weekend, and it was so beautifully delicious that I ate until my six pack was gone.

I can't wait to see this pretty lady.
she's the cutest, most fashionable mom of all mamas.
like seriously--I would KILL for this woman's wardrobe.
you gotsta see it next time you're in town.

my sister in law sent me this tweet she saw about me from one of my students!
I had a good time making fun of cute little housleymattson for this tweet ;)
p.s. really liking the name mattson for a baby (p.s. WE'RE EXPECTING!). think I can get tay on board?

just kidding about being pregnant.
did I get you?
1. I really like the picture above.
2. I think it looks artsy. but I know it's not.
3. I took the picture because taylor was SO nice to scrape my windshield for the billionth time. he even started my car so it was warm before I got in. I snagged a winner, people!

another picture about the snow?
also, I have a tights obsession.
and I love wearing these yellow ones.

p.s. today my little sister was complaining to me about finals at BYU (her first college finals! I'm excited for her! but then feel guilty for being excited, because that just sounds mean), and she was telling me how nervous she was about what her grades would be.  I took the liberty of pulling up my BYU transcript...something I haven't done in probably two years? And I have to say--I'm proud of college kelli! then i did a little jig in the kitchen.  don't worry--no one saw.
p.p.s. I am getting lowlights in my hair tomorrow.
I'm super duper excited.



I can't believe I have yet to blog about this!
I ran my first half marathon on Thanksgiving morning!
dear you: YOU'VE GOT TO DO ONE!
I have always had it on my bucket list.
A couple of months ago, I had a realization: I am in the better health today than I will be tomorrow
(realistically speaking). I'm only getting older, right!? Right!
If I want to do this marathon-thing, I better do it now!
So the next day I signed myself up for a half-marathon!
I can't tell you how ACCOMPLISHED I felt.
And guess what folks?
The next half-marathon is in the books for February.
And after that, me and my cute running buddy are doing one EVERY month until we do a FULL MARATHON at the end of the summer.
I am so pumped--I can't even tell you.
I was beaming all Thanksgiving day. 
Because I was SO proud of myself.
It feels so good to check off a lifetime bucket list item.
Don't you think?
I'm giving myself a thumbs up, pat on the back, and kiss right on the mouth.
And I don't even care if it's pretentious.
I'm a proud girl who, for a day, thought I was iron woman.


the best grandpa.

On Saturday afternoon, my sweet Grandpa had a heart attack.
The news was shocking.
He is in ICU, and the news of his health changes every day.
One day it's disheartening, and the next, it's hopeful.
It's been such a roller coaster of emotion.
We should know a lot by tonight or tomorrow.
I feel like I have been in a constant state of prayer.
He's the only Grandpa I've ever known, and man--he's a good one. 
The best.
I think it is making it that much harder for all of my siblings--he's always been the only grandpa.
There's something sentimental in that.

I think God played a divine hand in my weekend.
I just so happened to be with BOTH of my siblings in Utah (AND on the phone with my sister in Kansas) when we received the text from our other sister, Marci.
Being immediately surrounded by my siblings was the best way to receive the news.
We immediately knelt in a sibling prayer.
On Sunday, my whole family fasted for my sweet Grandpa.

The picture above was taken the last time I saw him--in April.
Taylor and I are going to Sacramento for Christmas, and out of all of our loved ones there, I was most excited to see my Grandma and Grandpa Davis.
All of the other family I've seen since then, but it's been awhile since I've seen my dearest grandparents.

I am constantly pleading with my Father in heaven to let me spend another Christmas with Grandpa.
To let me have another hug.
To let me tell him how grateful I am for him.
To let me tell him how much I love him.

I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us.
And whatever happens with my Grandpa, I will hold to my faith of that knowledge.
But for now, my heart, mind, and faith are all focused on him coming home. 
I love you, Grandpa.
I'll see you soon.


friday tangents

I'm so annoyed!
I have pictures from my iphone that I would like to blog about--I've emailed them to myself about 4 times, and for some reason the email never comes.
All of the emails are probably lost in cyberspace somewhere and they'll all show up in June.
Which will be pointless, because most of the pictures are of snow. 

So...I've been wanting to blog the past two days, but a post with no picture? = eh.

I'll just say this:
I LOVE my job.
It is the best kept secret.
It's an awesome gig.
I'm home before 3pm every day.
I never bring work home anymore.
(the first year is the sacrifice--so glad that's over. this second year is rocking my stockings...did you get the christmas reference!? hahah)
I play with students all day.
I get to stand in front of an audience and hear myself talk.
^ totes just kidding about that one ^
I can wear cute clothes (mostttt of the time...haha)
I get flattered by 16 year olds of this world every day. OH YEAH
I get random days off--and things like paid 2 weeks of Christmas vacation.
Oh...and the BEST three reasons of all:



S N O W !

Ladies and gentleman!
The snow has arrived in Orem, Utah!
Even as a California girl, the snow takes my breath away every time.
There is something so majestic about seeing the whole world covered in white.

The only thing I hate is having to scrape my car off every morning.
(can't wait to have a garage some day!)
Taylor was so sweet this morning and walked me out to my car so he could scrape my car.
What a gem.

I'm so excited for the snowball fights, sledding, and even skiing that will happen this snowy winter!


Los Angeles

Ready for a picture overload?

Two weekends ago, we had the privilege of witnessing the wedding ceremony of these two beautiful people!
Isn't my cousin just the prettiest girl? She designed her dress herself!
Her wedding was seriously picture perfect.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Rawlings!

^^ mark's dad is a mission president in Finland, and so he couldn't come for the wedding.  When they came out of the temple, one of his brothers handed Mark the phone.  And guess who was on the other side? His dad! It was the cutest thing!^^

To top off her perfect wedding, her reception was in the most beautiful house at the edge of the ocean.
seriously--a dream!
^^oh yeah...that's Catalina Island and the ocean behind us. nbd. ^^

^^snapped this cute picture of the adorable flower girl. my cute cousin annemarie.^^

It was so fun to have a mini-reunion with my family.
Just missing Laurin and her precious little fam.

The best part of the weekend was getting to cuddle with my adorable nephew. 
ohhh, he is just the cutest thing.

Would this post be complete without a picture of just me and my cutie hubs?
so here you go!

After the wedding festivities ended, all of us cousins, aunts, and uncles got together in our hotel lobby and played games. 
just gotta say that my family is the best. 
so funny--and all beautiful people.
good job grams--you made some pretty children who made some hunkie grandchildren.
come join us sometime.

my little sister is hot stuff, right?

so grateful for such a fun vacation and for a wonderful family.