whirlwind week

sooo this last week was just one crazy thing after the other!
My best friend/sister has been planning to visit for the last couple of months.
and we have been sooooo excited for her trip down!
so her and her three littles and my little brother arrived on Friday night.
marci came in just in time to enjoy the last bit of annual galentines!
(and this is the only picture I have...ha)
we decorate sugar cookies and make cards for our sweeties and just talk about all things that shouldn't be talked about in public. hahah

 a few minutes after arriving, marci and chris realized that somewhere along the 10 hour drive from Sacramento to Provo, they had LOST my little brother's suitcase. HA
Like this is a BIG suitcase--they are staying for over 2 weeks!!

So they immediately started calling places they had stopped.
They thought they had perhaps taken the suitcase out of the car while unloading kids, and somehow it didn't get back in the car.
So all Saturday was spent getting Chris all of the necessities he would need for the next two weeks.
While praying fervently that his suitcase would eventually show up!

Then, Sunday night, Jack Jack, Marci's three-year-old was having crazy asthma attacks: combine Utah's bad air, altitude, and his cough from his cold.
So Marci and I took him into the doctor on Monday morning to get him some help.
And on top of that, poor Marci was suffering from dry socket from her wisdom teeth procedure from the week before.
She scheduled an emergency appointment on Monday here in Utah so she could get some relief.
BUT as soon as we got home from taking Jack to the doctor, we found Phillip (two year old) lying in bed and just BURNING up.
his temperature was 104!
So then we decided to take the second little guy into the doctor.

As soon as the nurses started to take his pulse/ox levels, marci and I could tell they were concerned.
His oxygen was sooo low.
The nurse practitioner came in and gave little Philly oxygen.
After calling in a second opinion, the doctor decided to send us straight to the hospital.
and he didn't want phillip to be off of the oxygen for even the car ride, so we had to take the oxygen with us in the car.
 ^little phillip and his mittens that he didn't want to take off^

 The next thing we knew, little Phillip was being admitted to the hospital, and within a few hours and lots of tests later, we learned that he had severe bacterial pneumonia, and one of his lungs had collapsed.
^so sad.^
hospital gowns should never need to be made that tiny!
so for the next few days, we were all scrambling to figure out schedules since Marci had to be in the hospital with phillip, but still had a 3 year old and a nursing 8 month old (and her husband was on a business trip, so couldn't even come down!).
And Jack's asthma attacks definitely added to the fear of being the "parents" at home.
but we are so lucky to have the family we do!
we had four of six siblings nearby, so we all pitched in to help our sweet sister and nephew.
the next few days were full of hospital visits and little sleep.
the doctors kept giving bad news about phillip and how long he would have to stay.
but suddenly, on wednesday, he started to take a really positive turn!
and the doctors were SO amazed.
they just kept saying how remarkable it was that he was doing as good as he was, when they expected him to be in the hospital through the rest of the week.
^so happy to have my silly phillip boy back!!^
to all of our surprise, the doctors released him yesterday afternoon!!
We've been keeping a close little eye on him and the other two (because they actually might have pneumonia too...geesh ha).

but today we are so excited to finally have FUN on our trip and get started on our to-do list that is a mile long of fun plans.
marci was just a doll and brought me sodalicious during my lunch yesterday.
always a good day when sodalicious is involved.
and that's one of the things on our list: introduce marci to sodalicious/get marci addicted to sodalicious.
well on our way.

so this weekend we will be making up on lost time.
THANK GOODNESS they are staying for a full two weeks so we still have another week to enjoy life instead of being sad in hospital rooms.

OH. and the suitcase mystery was solved yesterday!!
someone found it, and they thought it was a BOMB!! hahahaha
so that's a fun story...
but the suitcase is back with my parents in california! HOORAH!

today will be a happy friday INDEED!


little stinker.

yesterday, we had the sweetest ultrasound!
We had to wait almost 22 weeks to have our 20 week ultrasound, because our original appointment got canceled because the power in parts of orem were out. ha
but it was SO SO fun!
mama gilbert even got to come and see little baby wiggle around!
seeing your baby in your stomach is one of the coolest things I've ever experienced.
Nothing like it.

She was (once again) a little stinker, though.
She moved like crazy when the tech was trying to get measurements for everything.
and then when it came to the fun part (profile shots, full body shots, face shots, etc.), she was fast asleep and would NOT wake up for anything. HA
so he did take one 3d shot of her little sleeping, stubborn face.
I've always thought 3d was a little creepy, but when it's your own little babe, it is just the sweetest thing there is.

We also learned that she is more Gilbert than Davis at this point...she is measuring 97% in height! 
the tech said she has some of the longest femurs he's seen! HAHA
Hoping she uses those legs to help kick herself out when that time comes ;)
I kind of doubt she'll stay that high in the height percentile, but whooo knows.
she's got both extremes for parents, so I guess we'll see. haha
She's measuring 22 weeks and 6 days, and my belly is measuring 20 weeks 4 days...sooo, the tech is thinking she might be a really long baby. hahaha

To be honest, I've really struggled with accepting the weight gain portion of pregnancy. 
it's really hard for me to see numbers on the scale that I've never seen before.
(just stop getting on the scale, kel. problem solved. ha)
but I have to tell myself two things every day:
1. I know I love to work out, so I know I will work hard to work it off.

I have been trying really hard to get any extra exercise in when I can (which helps me feel better about any weight gain...because I know I'm doing the most I can to be healthy...except for that dang sodalicious addiction).
the littlest thing that has made the biggest difference for me is to always keep my walking shoes in my car!
so if I ever happen to have free time (wherever I am), I can squeeze in walks here and there.
Like, when I got to the ultrasound appointment 30 minutes early yesterday, I slipped on my walking shoes and walked around the hospital for 30 minutes!
And I always use my 30 minute lunch to go walk around the school track. ha
And then, of course, I am committed to getting at least 30mins-an hour of exercise in every day (the little walks are just bonus exercise ;)).

^yesterday was one of my best runs in my whole second trimester. I had energy that I haven't felt since being pregnant, and my pace was suddenly back to where it was pre-pregnancy. I doubt that will happen again today, but I'll take it when I get it!

I have been so lucky with this pregnancy, and I am so grateful every second to experience this.
It is one of the coolest things I've ever done.
I have tried really hard to never complain about anything (p.s. stating discomfort is not the same as complaining, in my mind ;)), because I just feel sooo grateful to experience pregnancy.
I really, really adore being pregnant, and will be sad when I don't get to have little girl safely tucked inside of me all day long!

tonight is parent-teacher-conferences. my favorite night of the year.
ew ew ew ew get me home already.
sodalicious to hold me over?
I think so.


a friday

today is juuuuust a goooood day!
first, it's friday.
second...this happened:
this is what happens when you're a teacher, and you happen to mention that you are addicted to the selfie drink at sodalicious.
THREE of them showed up during my lunch within 5 minutes of each other hahahah
oh, I've got some good, good students.
I ended up sharing with my student teacher, because, let's be real.
even with my addictions, I couldn't pound all of those. haha

p.s. this addiction is NOT helping my acid reflux issue.
just. can't. stop.

yesterday on our walk, I told taylor,  "I don't understand why people shovel their driveways.  We never shovel ours, and it does just fine!"
Taylor: "ummm, I shovel ours every day when you leave for work..."
california girl, through and through.

Also, baby girl is moving around sooo much.
Which is just the weirdest thing ever.
And taylor still thinks it's really creepy.
Sometimes it eebs him out so bad, he has to get up and shake it off after she kicks his hand.
hahah it really is so bizarre.
our little alien-like-baby is definitely a mover and squirmer.

I'm also experiencing the "kick all night = up all night"
she kicks sooo much during the night, and I can't fall back asleep, so I just lay in bed and watch netflix.
it's reallll fun. haha

tay and I have been obsessed with looking at kid pictures of ourselves and trying to imagine what little baby gilby will look like.

^isn't he sooo cute? I love it. this picture has been my desktop background for almost a year now. haha I just can't get over that little smile!

other than thinking I was coming down with the flu on wednesday (lots of sleep helped with whatever the bug was), this week has been so good to us!
we are super excited for this weekend! we have some fun plans with some of our dearest friends!


pregnancy thoughts

sometimes, it is so crazy and bizarre to me that I'm PREGNANT.
I still feel like I'm 16 years old, and yet, I've been married for 4+ years, been teaching for 4 years, have a little girl on the way, and am a homeowner!
Time is so weird.

a few pregnancy updates:
 I was sooo lucky with sickness. I can't thank my stars enough!
but, now that I'm farther away from my first trimester, I'm realizing how much MORE incredible I feel than I did in the first.
I wasn't sick at all in my first trimester, but I don't think I was feeling 100% most days.
But it took feeling 100% again for me to recognize that. haha

^20 week baby bump. really trying hard to make it pop even more. haha like I said, it's still kind of an awkward bump because my top two abs WON'T POP! so it kinda looks like it starts in a weird spot. More in person than in this picture....but, eh. oh well.
alsooo, there is something really ironic and funny to me about a pregnancy selfie in a high school bathroom. hahaha

The only symptoms I've really had while pregnant:
weeks 6-11 I was soooo tired.
like "tired" doesn't even do it justice.
Ha! I could NOT keep my eyes open past like 630pm.
and I had nooo motivation to even work out. It was sooo hard.
 after coming home and making dinner, I was struggling just to make it up the stairs to get to bed.
But I don't think I've ever slept more deeply than in those 5 weeks.
Once I hit the pillow, I was OUT.

I also had a weird food aversion bout for about 2-3 weeks.
It was reallyyyy hard.
Nothing EVER sounded remotely good.
Just the thought of food...ugh.
I wasn't sick or nauseous, but I definitely did NOT want to eat.
the hardest part was that I was getting really weak from the lack of calories and was losing weight for awhile.
The night after Christmas, I was lying in bed and I just started crying.
I missed food so much. and I felt soooo weak.
Luck would have it that just a few days later, I suddenly was able to start eating again.

and now I love food again just as much as I did before!
and last but not least, I've had some acid-reflux issues...that I'm hoping won't continue to get worse.
other than that, little girl has been so nice to me, and I am so grateful to her for that!

At 20 weeks, I FINALLY felt baby girl move for the first time!
Like I said before, it was seriously one day NADA and the next--she was moving non-stop!
So much so that Taylor felt her the same day that I did!
And now...MAN, she squirms soooo much.
It's still so weird haha, but I love every second!
I also FINALLY popped at 20 weeks.
I literally woke up and had a belly.
Weirdest thing ever.
Pregnancy...it's all just so strange experiencing it all for the first time.
my mind can still not comprehend how I do not have to consciously think about growing a baby...my body just does it.
And that there is actually a little person moving around inside of me!?
what. is. life.

we decided super last minute to go visit my family in california this last weekend!
My little brother was being ordained as an elder, and so we decided to surprise him and show up!
even though it was a reallyyy quick trip, it was so fun!

EXCEPT for the fact that I-80 was CLOSED because of an acid spill.
So to skip 20 MILES of the freeway that was closed, we had to go 160 miles out of the way.
HELLOOOO an extra two hours :(
it was the worst. haha

^marci drew this out for me and sent it to me while she tracked our location hahaha^

and we got to travel on the official LONELIEST ROAD IN AMERICA for two hours!
It was the darkest darkest darkest road.
but luckily, us and everyone's mom was on that road on friday night because of the closed freeway.

here we are...the first mile of the 160 miles out of the way.
soooo superrrr fun.

mama, tay, and I went on a nice brisk six mile jaunt early morning on saturday.
made me miss my sweet california. sooo beautiful.

and of course the whole weekend was spent with my bff marci and my cute niece and nephews.
Taylor and I were lucky enough to steal the boys for a night, because Marci and Tom had plans.
So we took them to toys-r-us, and then to get some ice cream.

taylor is going to be the best little daddio.
those boys just love him!

and here's a 20.5 week baby bump!
I didn't think I had any cravings, until I realized what my snack was the other day:
apple sauce, an apple, and apple juice.
hahaha, then I was like...oohhhkay. maybe I'm craving apples?

ALSO, the only real craving I have is coke.
which is sooo funny because I haven't had any carbonated drinks in years.
and I was so shocked when that's what I wanted.
the first few times I had it, I had to mentally prepare myself for the taste of it because it was DISGUSTING!
it was just the burn in my throat that I craved. hahah

but then taylor introduced me to sodalicious (he was so excited that I wanted soda all of the sudden),
and now I'm HOOKED.
please help me.
all I think about is the selfie drink.

we mayyyy or may not make sure we make a little stop at sodalicious tonight...before we catch up on the bachelor!
what a goood tuesday ;)