five for friday!

linking up again with christina and gang for the five on friday! 
wahooo for friday!

#1. the other night, while making dinner, I asked Tay if he would set the table.
About 15 minutes later, I look over and see this:
^real good table-setting job, tay.  hahah^

 #2. do I have the cutest yogurtland date or what!?
those dimples! man, I am praying that my kids inherit those babies.

 #3. taylor has the weirdest ideas at the weirdest times. 
last night equaled a late night store-run, so that taylor could make orange julius for us.
but hey, I'm not complaining.
it was pretty good.

#4. mass texts with my siblings throughout the day (all day, every day) are always the highlight of my day.
get to know us sometime.
we make us laugh.

#5. welcome to mine and taylor's nightly tradition!
a quiz-up match with office trivia!
ha! i'm proud to say I've held my own and beat him almost every time!
now we hold bets to it: like who has to get up and turn off the light, or get the other person a drink of water--yaaa know. ha

I am SOOO excited for tonight!
Taylor and I are going to see Brian Regan with two of our best friends!
We've had these tickets since like november! haha
akjdhfhdklja can hardly contain this excitement over here!

Happy weekend! xoxo


little things + a video!

once again, I am linking up with Jess for the little things link up.  I LOVE this series!

Last weekend, my utah siblings drove down to our lovely sacramento to surprise my mom for her 50th birthday.
my dad had the cutest idea to make 50 surprises for her on her birthday weekend.
there were envelopes labeled: #1-50; she would open an envelope and find out the next surprise! 
(us arriving, presents, picnic, spa-time, etc.)
This video was SO fun to make, because it made me realize, once again, how important family is.
I sure love mine--and I'm grateful for the little weekend we had together to celebrate such a wonderful mother!
 breaking out in the frozen soundtrack
or playing games 24/7
or talking in weird voices
or teasing each other relentlessly--
are just a few of the little things I love about being home!

enjoy another home video!


motherhood: a video!

While I was home in Sacramento last weekend, I filmed my beautiful sister in her role as mother.
This was, by far, my favorite video to shoot and edit--because, look how cute those babies are!?

I've got another film coming your way tomorrow; stay tuned!

annnnd...who else hated waking up this morning?
two hands up over here.


five on friday!

I'm linking up with Christina and gang for the famous "five on friday" series!

1. confession: when I really don't feel like going to the gym, I motivate myself by eating two oreos on my way to the gym. does this negate gym time? quite possibly. but, at least it makes me get up and go!

2. last night,  I found out that taylor was in fencing when he was little! I asked him to prove it--the next thing I know, he is standing on the bed having an imaginary fencing fight. I laid in bed for the next ten minutes laughing. you've gotta see this guy's fencing skills!

3. taylor's favorite past time is buying me little kid socks. I don't know why he finds so much enjoyment in the fact that my feet are so small. but I will admit that he nailed it when he bought these little animal socks. my feet are pretty happy.
 ^oh, and this sock set was complete with dogs, cats, bumblebees & mice.^

4. on wednesday night, at 10pm, taylor decided he wanted to go get a treat. there's something that always makes me giddy about late-night trips with this guy. 30 mins later, we were sitting on the ground in the living room, watching the office, while eating these babies:
^oh, don't you worry. those pieces were both mine. and i'm not even ashamed.^

5. taylor has had a few business trips up to st. george lately.  he's meeting a client up there tomorrow, and yesterday he surprised me by booking a hotel for tonight for the two of us! I love when I get to accompany this guy on his big-boy-work-trips! especially when it equals a weekend get-away! and weekend get-aways usually consist of some sort of movie marathon and me desperately trying to stay awake---and forcing myself to take at least three sips of one of these:
^I can't stomach more than three sips of that stuff--and really, three sips is all I need to suddenly be bouncing off of the walls.^

Super excited for this st. geeeezy get away!


little things

today, I am linking up with Jess and Ashley for the little things series!
I really love that this link-up makes me stop and appreciate the things that might normally go unnoticed.

While in California, my sister and I went on a run (LOVE having her as a running buddy!).
The sun was setting, the weather was beautiful, and there was something poetic in the sound of our feet rhythmically connecting with the pavement.
For one of the first times, I was so grateful for something that I often take for granted:
a healthy body!
the ability to run and exercise is such a gift--and I often forget that not everyone has that opportunity.

Aaaand--I figured I might as well share what else happened on this run.
you see, this was the run that both me and my sister peed our pants.
true story. and I'm only a little ashamed. ha
here's what happened:
we were on our very last stretch--and we had both commented on how badly we both needed to pee.
(if you're a runner, then you know that the only thing worse than having to pee is having the #2 crampings come on ;) see here for my own experience with that! ha!)
anyways, a truck started to make a u-turn right in front of us (on a residential street). 
As we were trying to guess whether he was going to stop for us or not, both Jamie and I kind of had a little run-dance of our own--slowing down, stopping, trying to guess whether to go behind or in front of him--you know what I mean? 
But he saw us half-way through his turn, and stopped to let us pass.
We both misjudged what the other was going to do, which resulted in her accidentally tripping me.
Luckily, I recovered right before completely biffing it.
But as I started to get up and get going, I didn't realize that Jamie was stopping to help me.
I'm not quite sure how it happened, but somehow, our legs were suddenly tangled and we were both on the ground again.
The poor truck driver could not stop laughing at the debacle we were in.
What a scene it must have been!
We got up, embarrassed and giggling, and finally moved out of his way so he could complete his u-turn.
But when the two of us get laughing--it's impossible to stop.  
We were stopping every two strides to cross our legs and laugh.
And then there was just no hope for either of us.
We met eyes and instantly had an understanding:
we had both peed our pants.
which, of course, made us laugh even harder.
I have experienced a new first while running!

so even if I can't control my bladder--I'm still super grateful for a healthy body that lets me experience unforgettable moments like this one!
Happy Wednesday!



Taylor and I drove down with my utah-siblings to sacramento for the 3-day weekend.
I had to keep it a big secret (I so badly wanted to blog about how excited we were to go!), because we were surprising my mom for her 50th birthday!
I have lots to post about our fun weekend--more pictures (and videos!) to come!
But the weekend mostly consisted of:
games, games, games
holding my cute new nephew 24/7 (how good do I look with that baby!?)
laughing with the siblings
celebrating my mom's birthday--who is the prettiest, most fashionable 50-year-old I know.
And double birthday! Celebrating my little sister's birthday too!
beautiful weather
staying up way too late
getting up way too early
breaking out in the frozen soundtrack all weekend long
(we are disney-lovers)
aaaand lots and lots of yummy food!

So that's why I've been MIA!
I promise to have a real post all about our trip this week!
But for now--hope you all had a wonderful three-day weekend and the loveyyyyist valentine's day of all!


liebster award

Cady from this is the moment blog nominated me for the Liebster Award--an award to promote new blogs and encourage blogger collaboration.  
I had this post sitting as a draft forever and totally forgot about it.
Then Bailey at Lew Party of Two nominated me as well.
So thanks to both of those pretty girls for the nominations!

Here's how it works:
1. List 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer the questions of the person who nominated you
3. Create 11 new questions
4. Nominate 11 new bloggers

I'm usually not too into these things, but I figured--what the heyyyy, I'll do it! plus I really like answering surveys (like you know those forms you get at the doctors office to fill out? i get giddy over filling those out. don't ask me why, I just love it.)
And Cady thought of some pretty great questions...so here's to nothing!

1. Why did you start blogging?
just because it was the cool thing to do? the accepted thing when you got married? i felt like it was a wifely-ritual...and I was looking for anything to qualify me as a "wife" considering I really sucked at the normal wifely-duties...like cooking, cleaning, laundry--that whole gig.

2. What is your favorite way to workout? Why? 
pounding the pavement! I crave a good run every day.  If it's snowing too much and I have to go to the gym to use a treadmill, I cry the whole way there.  It's just not the same (and its 10x harder!).  if you don't have the app "runkeeper" get it now! It's my favorite running app! I set it up to talk to me every 5 minutes--it tells me my average pace/time/and distance.  plus, i imagine that me and the lady-voice are bffs and every time she talks to me she's cheering me on. ha I also love the dirty thirty. MAN--it's hard.

3. What is a quote that inspires you?
"we can't direct the winds, but we can adjust the sails." -President Thomas S. Monson

4. What is your favorite social media site? Why?
instaaaagram. and can i throw in here how much facebook drives me nuts? but I can't bring myself to delete it. i deleted mine about a year ago for like two months. then i came back--i'm too weak. ha

5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
wherever my cutie husband is :) 

6. Do you prefer relaxing or busy vacations?
relaxing. my mom is a super-duper planner (love her for that). which meant that our vacations were always super-duper planned. I guess that has to happen when you have six kids? and as much fun as we had on those vacations, I never want to have to plan a vacation like she did. too much stress, people! which is why I choose a cruise every time. you don't have to decide where to go to eat, how to get somewhere, who should drive, where to sleep--it's beautiful. and my mom has since learned the joys of cruising. now i don't think she'll vacation any other way! 

7. What are 3 things that never fail to cheer you up?
1. taylorraygilbert
2. running
3. mass texts with my siblings
^^todays gem.^^
8. What is your favorite blog? Why?
there are so many! but you can find the cutest little girl at our little laws life, the cutest little boys at if these walls could speak, and the cutest mom-to-be at mr. & mrs. vance!

9. What is your guilty pleasure TV show?
the office. or friends. and taylor and I really love parenthood. but I cry every episode--so I don't know if that's really a guilty pleasure. if you're married--watch parenthood together. it's the best--and taylor and I laugh how we had the exact same fight two minutes before. ha

10. Would you rather be woken up by an alarm or another person?
a buzzing alarm. all the way. and I know Taylor would choose that option for me too. The last thing he wants to do is have to wake up morning-kelli. ;)

11. What are you looking forward to most this week?
SOMETHING HAPPENING TONIGHT. I can't say what it is...but, oh my. I can share tomorrow!!
^and just because I like this picture :) ^

My nominations:

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my questions:

1. How would you describe your blog? (what do you blog about?)
2. Where do you shop the most? Why?
3. What is your dream job?
4. What is your favorite all-time book?
5. What is your favorite way to work out?
6. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your 13-​​year-​​old self?
7. What is one skill you want to master?
8.  Where is your favorite place you have traveled?
9. What is your favorite blog?
10. What is your favorite blog post you have written?
11. What is your favorite childhood memory?

Happy Thursday!


today, I blog about grandpa.

As most of you know, my grandpa passed away right before Christmas this last December.
To be honest, I've avoided blogging about the events and emotions surrounding that time.
And on a daily basis, I even avoid thinking about it.
But there is a story in my heart that wants to be free.
 I feel this story, full of emotions, weighing heavier on me every day.
It wants to be told.
But as I've sat down multiple times to write this story, I am frustrated by the words that won't flow and by the tears that do.

But today, as I write, I will not try to mold the story in a way that is fitting for me or for readers.
I will let the story tell itself, and my fingers will merely be the instrument in which it is told.
 I will let the story be unedited, unmolded.
I will let the story be free.
I will let the tears flow.
Because this story is not for me.
It is for grandpa.

Grandpa Davis was the only grandpa I ever knew.
There was always something sensitive in the fact that he was our only grandpa.
And we really got lucky.
He was the most loving, involved, and funny grandpa.

In my mind, grandpa is found in his chair.
Reading a newspaper or watching tv.
But as soon as I bound the corner as a little girl, his arms are out, ready to embrace me, hold me on his knee and make me giggle.
I snuggle into him and smell his fresh after-shave smell and the coffee lingering on his breath.
I ask him to play on the back patio with me.
He stands up, clears his throat, and follows me outside.
He asks me silly questions that always warrant silly answers.
He watches me play and always entertains my imagination.
After a few minutes, he sticks his head into the door.
I hear him yell, "Mom, can you get us some lemonade?"
I look up at him and ask, "Why do you call Grandma Mom? She's not your mom!" I giggle at the absolute silliness of this thought.
He smiles down at me and says, "Because she'll always be a mom.  And she's a great mom."

Grandpa gets me a pogo-stick for Christmas.
He takes me outside and teaches me how to use it.
I fall and he catches me.
I finally jump...one..two..three!
He claps and sings his familiar song, "Anything you can do, I can do better! I can do anything better than you!"
And I chime in my part of the song (Grandpa has trained us well): "No you can't!'
Him: "Yes, I can!"
The song is the essence of grandpa.

I am in fifth grade.
I run for student body president and win.
Grandpa is there.
He hands me flowers and tells me how proud he is of his little president.
"Will you be the next president of the United States?" he asks, with a twinkle in his eye.
"No, Grandpa! I'm only in fifth grade!" I laugh at the thought!

I am in seventh grade.
I run for student body president again and win.
When Grandpa hears the news he says, "My little president is president again! What do you think? Will you run for President of the United States?"
I smile again, and tell him "Of course not!"

I decide to join the track team.
Grandpa runs every day.
And I want to be like grandpa.
I practice hard.
It is my first meet.
I look up and see Grandpa in the stands.
He is excited to be there.
He smiles and gives me a thumbs up.
I have butterflies and I can't stand still.
The gun sounds.
I run.
But others run faster.
I keep thinking, "Make Grandpa proud! Keep running! Faster!"
I finish in third place.
I am defeated.
I can't meet Grandpa's eyes.
When I meet him in the stands, he hugs me and says, "Did you see how fast those legs were moving? I am so proud!"
I made Grandpa proud?
Even in third place, I feel like a winner.

I am a freshman in high school.
I play a game of skip-bo with him.
I beat him.
I sing to him, "Anything you can do, I can do better! I can do anything better than you!"
He smiles and takes my place in the song, "No you can't!"
Me: "Yes, I can!"

I am a junior in high school.
Grandpa asks me if I will run for president again.
I say, "No, I'm done with that.  Too much stress."
"But how will you be president of the United States? You need experience!"
A few months later, I pass an election table at lunch.
I sign up to run for president--for grandpa.
I run for president and I win.
When Grandpa hears the news, he says, "What made you change your mind, my little president?"
"I decided I want to be President of the United States," I say with a wink.
He smiles and winks back, "You've got my vote!"

I am 18 years old, away at college, away from home, away from grandpa.
I am homesick and lonely.
I walk out of class and have a missed call from grandpa.
"Just calling to say hi! I know college can be hard--but you just stick with it. You just keep smiling. And you call me if you need anything. Anything at all! I sure love you, Kelli!"
I cry as I walk home.
How did he know that I needed to hear that?

I am 20 years old.
For the first time, I see the play Annie Get your Gun.
I hear the song, "Anything you can do I can do better!"
I sit there, mouth open.
I never knew where the song was from; I had never thought to ask.
I always assumed it was just "Grandpa's song."
I call Grandpa and tell him he tricked me--I thought he made it up!
He laughs and says it never crossed his mind to clarify!

I am 22 years old.
It is the week before Thanksgiving.
I have a feeling to call grandma&grandpa.
I tell myself I will call tomorrow.
I forget to call.
I have another feeling to call.
But I am busy and I forget again.
I am driving to L.A. for my cousin's wedding.
I have the feeling again.
I call grandma&grandpa.
We talk about my job, about plans for the future, about how excited we are to see each other in three weeks, and we laugh.
I tell grandma and grandpa I love them.
It is the last time I talk to Grandpa.

Two weeks later, my siblings and I randomly decide to get together.
We meet at my brother's house and play games.
We receive a text from our other sister.
Grandpa has had a heart attack.
Things don't look good.
We cry together.
We pray together.
Is it chance we are all together on this Saturday?
I don't think so.

I go home that night and sob in my bed.
I plead with Heavenly Father to keep him alive until I get home.
 I will be home in two weeks!
I want to hold his hand.
I want to tell him how much I love him.

My sister facetimes me while in the hospital with Grandpa.
He is in a medically-induced-coma.
But I can see him.
I tell him a joke.
And I tell him I love him.
I tell him to hold on until I get there.
I'll be home in 10 days.

It is December 20th.
I am coming home from the gym when I receive the word that Grandpa is being taken off of life support.
I sit in my car and sob.
I will be home in three days.
I feel lonely all night.
I want Grandpa to know how much I love him.
I don't feel peace, or calm, or any sense of justice.

My eyes are red the next morning.
My heart hurts.
I don't let myself think about it.
I start to put my make-up on, and then I sob.
The sobs come from deep within my body.
Do you know how much I love you, Grandpa?
And then I feel it.
An overwhelming peace.
He knows.
I find out later that he passed just hours before I receive this feeling.
I know he comforted my heart that morning.

I don't cry again.
I am afraid to cry.
I am afraid to feel loss and sorrow.
I go home to California.
I do not let myself think of Grandpa.
I push every thought, feeling, memory to the very bottom, and I refuse to let it surface.

It is December 28th.
I go with my dad to help my grandma clean out my Grandpa's clothes.
Tears threaten to spill over.
I let myself cry.
But I do not let myself think.
I do not let myself think that I am in Grandpa's house--and Grandpa is supposed to be here.
I do not let myself think that the clothes smell so much like Grandpa.
I do not let myself think that the newspaper still sits in his chair--and Grandpa should be reading it.
I do not want to feel.
I am afraid to feel.

I am emotionally exhausted after cleaning out Grandpa's belongings.
I decide to go for a long run.
I push feelings and emotions even farther down.
I refuse to think.
I refuse to feel.
Suddenly, I feel a wet drop on my arm.
Is it raining?
But the sky is clear.
I feel my cheeks--I am surprised that they are wet.
I wouldn't let my mind or heart cry--but that didn't matter; my soul cried anyway.
My soul wanted to cry, to mourn, and to love the wonderful grandpa I missed so dearly.
I run harder.
But this time, I let myself think.
I let myself feel.
And I feel sorrow, pain, and sadness.
I cry harder.
And then, I hear a song, "Anything you can do, I can do better.
I can do anything better than you."
Grandpa is here.
He is with me.
Running next to me.
It was as real as the last time I spoke to him.
I sing my line, out loud, between uneven breaths and sobs, "No, you can't!"
"Yes, I can!"
And then I feel comfort, peace, and the love of my grandpa as he whispers in my ear, "I love you, my little president."


i wish.

+ I really wish I understood all of the camera functions on my DSLR (or I guess I just wish I wasn't too lazy to just sit down and figure it out).

+ I really wish I lived close to all of my nieces and nephews. I want to snuggle them every day! I haven't seen three of them in almost two years! There is something seriously wrong with that.  Thank goodness for facetime!

+ I really wish I had an extreme fashion sense.

+ I really wish I lived close to all of my sisters. and two of them are leaving me for missions soon! I want to cry! because, duh--look how much fun we have together.

+ I really wish I had thought to include my brothers in the above statement (sorry, boys).

+ I really wish I was more consistent at wearing my retainers.

+ I really wish halloween was once a month. because seriously--what's more fun than coming up with costumes like these? (p.s. that lion mane is all real ladies and gents--no wig needed. big thanks to the inventor of conditioner after that night!)

+I really wish I didn't lose my earrings on a constant basis (confession time--whenever I buy a pair of earrings I really like, I buy two of the same pair. I've just learned to prepare for the inevitable--I'm going to lose them.)

+I really wish life was always this simple:

 + I really wish it was summer again. orrr I guess I'd be okay with cruising all winter. ;)

 + aaaand that also makes me really wish I was tan again.
 ^and again with that living-close-to-sisters thing!^

+I really wish this didn't happen at work on Friday. My sleeve got caught on my desk drawer--and wala! disaster.  five tacks stuck in my foot+a few bad words+20 mins later, and it was all back to normal.

+I really wish I didn't spend a savings on buying bobby pins. does anyone know the secret to not losing them? and does everyone's husband constantly complain about bobby pins in the carpet/bed/couch/counters? I thought he'd figure out by now that there's no such thing as a bobby-pin-free-home.

+I really wish I knew how facebook knows so much about me.

+ I really wish I could hug my grandpa one last time, breath in his fresh scent, and tell him how much I love him and miss him.

+I really wish it was still the weekend.

+I really wish that if you stuck through this whole post we could meet and become best friends--because, wow, you are a rockstar. and I really wish I was friends with rockstars ;)

Happy Monday!


five for friday!

It's Friday! Which means I'm linking up with Christina and gang for the famous "Five on Friday!"

I'm kind of in a "black and white" groove today--so, yeah, it's happening.
 #1.  One of my favorite things about the Valentine's season is the hearts that litter our home!
Taylor and I have a tradition to spend one night, a couple of weeks before Valentine's day, making hearts for each other.
We write messages on the hearts and hang them throughout the house.
It's so fun to have the lovey-hearts around the house for a few weeks!

 #2. loving this new purchase!
I've always kept mine and Taylor's random tickets--movie tickets, play tickets, cruise line tickets, airplane tickets, etc.
Now I have somewhere cute to display them!
I don't really know why I'm so obsessed with this new decoration--but I'm really loving it.

 #3. Last night, I sat and watched Taylor try a gazillion hairstyles on himself.
It was seriously funny.
middle part, 1920s look, 50's look, flat top, slick-back, mohawk,
entertainment for the night complete.

#4. This is by far my favorite part of the day.
The "wind-down."
talking while laying in bed, maybe reading, maybe watching a show together--but there's something about this sight that makes my heart giddy.
because guyyyys, it's so fun to live with your best friend.
especially when you get the perks of make-out sessions with the cutest guy alive!
(sorry, dad)

 #5. I had the best start to my Friday morning.
Taylor threw snowballs at my car as I drove away.
it was so funny. ha!
see the big blob on my windshield? snowball. he nailed it.

aaand it's always a good day when one of your students brings you starbucks!
Happy Friday!


because today i'm a girl from the 1920s

today was a good day solely for the fact that I got to dress up as a 1920s girl all day.
my classes really loved the 1920s party--man was it fun.
we've been grooving to jazz music all day.
I promise to post more about our cute 1920s party--so many students dressed up too!
do I have a cool job or what?

Happy Thursday!
p.s. sorry for the blurry picture. I took it so fast before my next class came in--because...well, because it would be awkward to take a picture of myself while they all watched. ha
and also, p.s.s. I really love this dress!
p.s.s.s. sorry for the boring post, but I've got partying to get back to!


little things

today I am linking up with Jess and Ashley for the "little things" series!

I've really been trying to focus this week on being less selfish in marriage.
I want to make sure that I am always putting Taylor's needs ahead of my own, 100% of the time.
And, as I'm sure most of you married folk would agree, it takes work.

Last night, Taylor came home from a really hard day at work.
I had already mentally scheduled out my night: finish cooking dinner, go to the gym, fold all laundry.
When Taylor came home, we talked about his day, and then I was ready to get started on my mental "to-do" list.
But as I stood up to finish cooking dinner, I stopped.
I knew that my to-do list wasn't half as important as cheering Taylor up.
Sure, I had given him a hug, a kiss, some sympathy, and a little cuddle time--but he was still upset over his "rough day."
As hard as it was for my little brain that goes 1,000x-per minute when to-do items are on the list, I decided to make the rest of the night about Taylor.
Taylor's all-time favorite thing is going out to eat, and I'm a little bit of a nazi when it comes to spending money on food.
But last night, I decided Taylor could use a few of his favorite things.
I stopped making dinner and told Taylor we were going out to eat instead.
And, after eating, we would come home and cuddle up to a movie.
And you know what?
Last night is going in the books as one of the most fun nights we had.
We talked about some real things in our lives and had the best conversation at dinner.

Even though I had to break my perfect streak for working out in 2014, and even though those clothes still aren't folded, and even though that dinner only got half-made--it was worth it.
every. single. second.

I think I'm often so focused on things that "need to get done" that I miss out on the little things.
I want to be more focused on rain-checking my to-do list, instead of rain-checking life.
Especially when it comes to spending time with my cutie husband.

It's the little things--like cuddling up to a movie on a Tuesday night--that are so special in life.


a recommendation from me to you

I have a very serious recommendation for you.
one that should not be taken lightly.
you need to stop everything you are doing right now and order this game.

it's called pandemic.
and it is one of the best games I've played in a long time.
and that's saying something--taylor and I have a major board game collection.
the best part about the game is that everyone is on the same team!
mine and taylor's new tradition is to play a round every night before bed.
we are just a taddd obsessed.

I hope you are realizing the importance of this recommendation:
I mean, c'mon--I'm dedicating a whole blog post to this!
plus, I even went through the trouble of pulling out my real camera (as opposed to the little i-phony-phone) to get a real nice picture complete with background blur.
(I even changed camera lenses for you, so I could get the best possible shot!)
do you understand the seriousness of this!?

and gosh, if you're not going to order it, then come over and play with me and taylor so we can get you addicted.
even if you live out of state.
it will be worth the plane ticket price.
...but then I guess you could just buy the game yourself and save money.
I'm just trying to give you some options.
because I care so much about this game being a part of your future.
i know, i know. thank me later. I'm too nice.

because. like. for REAL.
get this game.

how nerdy do you think I am now?
that's okay--your judgements are probably accurate.

oh and p.s. for all of the people who commented on my last blog post, I promise to post pictures/updates of our 1920s class party!
p.s.s. my laundry machine buzz just sounded. I groaned and collapsed onto the island--misjudged, and smacked my forehead on the granite counter.
just now. it happened. and my head really hurts.
but not as much as my physical abhorrence to laundry.
why do I hate laundry so much?
someone come fold my clothes with me.
oh yeah. and buy pandemic.


monday blues

I woke up in a bad mood today.
I'm not really sure why...
Maybe it's because the broncos lost got dominated last night, or maybe it's just because it's Monday, or maybe because my car is still not fixed, or maybe because my skin has all of the sudden decided to break out, or maybe it's because taylor and I have a very large decision weighing on us right now.

But as I was driving to work, I realized I could make today awesome or let it keep getting me down.
So I forced myself to smile the entire rest of the way to work.
in my car. by myself.
I felt like an idiot and my cheeks started to hurt.
It ended up making me laugh at how stupid the whole idea was--and then I was suddenly in a better mood.

About ten minutes ago, I decided to totally change my lesson plan for tomorrow.
We are on the roaring 20s, and I suddenly thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to have a 'party' while I teach it?"
So over-achiever-me is now throwing a last minute party for all of my classes tomorrow.
Complete with 1920s invitations, balloons+streamers, jazz music, a short 1920s film+donuts while watching, and I've convinced myself to dress up as a flapper girl tomorrow. HA!
It's going to be fun--but now I'm a little stressed to say the least.
Why do good ideas always come at the last minute?
Happy Monday!
AND Happy February!
(p.s. yes, I am totally including a little selfie-self of me smiling in the car.)