a surprise visit!

last night, just as taylor and I were lying in bed, taylor turned to me and said, "was that a knock at the door?"
I looked at the clock--10:45, and said, "I doubt it."
then he heard it again, and despite me saying that no one was possibly at the door, he got up to check anyway.
and when he opened the door, he found a little boy.
a very special little boy.
he yelled to me, "hey, kell, someone is here to see you!"
confused as ever, I got out of bed--and then the next two minutes were pure excitement as I saw my little nephews, my sister, and her husband.
a surprise visit!
after lots of hugs (and tears on my part), we drove down at midnight to surprise my other sister.
it was great.
and wow--
I cannot tell you how excited I am!
my parents come down tonight--so it's going to be one great weekend!
we will just be missing our favorite woodland clan who lives all of the way in kansas :(

as soon as work ends, you can find me partying with my favorite people!
and dear marci: i love you and your great ideas and your surprises.


  1. What a fun surprise! Love your new blog look by the way!

  2. This is the absolute sweetest!! Love family surprises :)

  3. How fun is that??? I'm gonna have to tell my sister she can surprise me ANYTIME she wants :)

  4. Surprise visits are the best! Hope you have a wonderful time :)

  5. Oh that is so sweet! I love good surprises like that!

  6. HAPPY DAY!!!!!! Have a great weekend!

  7. i really love this! surprises and sisters are 2 of the best things this world has to offer.

  8. Cute blog makeover!!! This is adorable...oh boy, if someone came to my door that late they wouldn't see me at my best, that's for sure ;)