give me more of this spring break

spring break is so wonderful--i just don't ever want it to end.
yesterday morning I was so giddy because I was still lying in bed at 9:30, braless, drinking a green smoothie and watching the office. does life get any better? 
p.s. i hate bras.
and pants.
pretty much the first thing I do when I get home is take off my pants.
home is where your pants aren't.
are you judging me yet? ha
I lazed around for the next hour until I felt like going running.
I smiled the whole 8 miles--knowing that I had nothing to do for the rest of the day.
oh, except, for a dentist appointment.
and I oddly always like the dentist.
because we always have this exact same conversation:
dentist: "man, where did you grow these teeth? not here in utah, I'm assuming."
me: "nope, california."
dentist: "could have guessed. beautiful set you've got there. we don't see those likes in utah very often."
so, now, I'm thanking the California legislation that decided to put vitamins in the tap water--because my dentist shows my teeth to all the hygienists. haha
the only part that I don't like about the dentist is his insistence that i go see a specialist for gum surgery.
ugh--looks like I'm scheduled for surgery this summer.
is it gross that my gums won't be my gums?
a little.

I also got to see my beautiful friend since elementary school yesterday!
she was boarding in park city, so I got to drive up and see her for a bit.
this girl is beautiful inside and out.

tomorrow=THE day.
remember my hair post?
my appointment is tomorrow.
and I really hope I don't leave crying.
but I'm not really too worried.
I'm pumped and ready for something new.

going to go enjoy more of this spring break nothingness.
jealous, yet?


  1. Wait wait. What did you decide on your hair?! Did I miss that? (Like I saw the question post, but not a decision post!)

    Also, I totally agree with the home is where your pants aren't part. I hateeee jeans. Life got infinitely better when I bought some jeggings. Life=changed forever. I've even contemplated doing a blog post on how much I love jeggings. Haha on that I'm-obsessed-with-jeggings note . . .


  2. Um I am totally with you on the bra thing, that is the first thing I take off when I get home.


  3. Totally jealous! Can't wait to see what you decided on your hair!

  4. "home is where your pants arent" hhahaha i love this because it is my motto too!! totally.

  5. I love that you said that about your pants! I am someone who takes shoes off them moment I get home. But when it comes to bed time, I am in nothing but my undies. The said part is that now my 4 year old is the same way... When it's time to go to bed I have to take her night gown off and then she will go to sleep.

  6. Down with bras and pants! I pretty much live in sweats when I'm home. Glad you're enjoying your spring break!

  7. so jealous! no bra + no pants = THE LIFE. enjoy the rest of your break & im so excited to see how your hair turns out :)

  8. Pants aren't allowed in my house. Ever.

    Good luck with your pretty hairs!

  9. HAHAHAH!!! "Home is where the pants aren't." I was literally just telling my mama yesterday how there is only one thing I am dreading about having kids - as they get older, I won't be able to hang out in no pants!! Although, like another reader said, the next best thing is leggings! <3 Oh, and whenever I have house guests staying at my apartment, I generally have to wear pants all the time. And when they leave, and I'm all sad, I remember that now I can be pants-free again!
    PS, that thing about dentists - it's so funny, I HATE the dentist! Jealous that you have such healthy teeth. You DO have a beautiful smile!

  10. I have lately started to hate wearing a bra and pants...I totally feel ya! I'm concerned that when I'm a mom I will be one of those moms that doesn't get ready until they have to leave to house. Because what is the point in wearing jeans when you are in the comfort of your own home?!

  11. SO with you on bras and pants! I would seriously live in a big tee for life if I didn't have a toddler to chase around.. or if that was legal in any sort. Can't wait to see yo hair!!!

  12. can you please teach me the ways of your spring break!? i hate pants, too. and bras. they annoy me, too. i love that you did spring break up the right way! i can't even remember what happened during mine, but i think it was work. lots and lots of work.