i'm married to a graduate!

see this cute guy?
he's mine.
AND he's graduated!
aaand, this guy is so sweet.
see that watch he's wearing?
he inherited it from my grandpa. --it's an original bulova watch.
and he wore it on graduation day to "bring grandpa with him."
it makes my heart smile that he loves my grandpa as dearly as I do.

Friday was such a special day!
I can't tell you how proud I am of this guy.
I know I've said this a million times, but I'm going to say it again:
this guy amazes me.
he graduated in three years.
started a thriving business while going to school full-time.
and is already preparing for his MBA!
(they make you wait 2-4 years to apply though--how dumb is that!?)

quick story time.
I feel like this story would only happen to me.
because things like this always happen to little me.
I borrowed my mom-in-law's incredible lens to get pictures of taylor as he walked across the stage.
I had all of the settings to perfection.
I even practiced shooting five random people as they went across the stage--to make sure I got every handshake & smile.
finally, taylor started getting close.
I was so excited--and ready!
I was going to get some rocking pictures to cherish forever!
and then.
right when they say his name--my camera says: BUSY.
and wouldn't let me take a single picture!
in the 1.5 years that I've had this camera, I have never seen it say BUSY.
and of course, it chooses the moment that is a "once in a lifetime" kind of a moment to display this little BUSY signal.
and the camera continues to say BUSY as he walks all of the way across the stage!
I was literally hyperventilating and freaking out.
and so.
 this blurry, blurry picture is the ONLY picture I have of taylorray going across the stage!
and yet, I have beautiful, pristine pictures of everyone else he graduated with.
why, world? why!?

And now--a picture overload!
because all of these pictures make me so happy!
I couldn't help but cry when I finally got to hug this man and congratulate him on his achievements!

^just two BYU graduates!^

Friday was also special because I FINALLY got to give taylor his graduation gift!
I have the hardest time keeping exciting secrets--so I was so happy to finally let this secret out! 
and his expression?
big thanks to one of taylor's best friends for helping me pick out the perfect clubs for taylor.
I had no idea what I was buying when it came to golf clubs. ha
but I knew I wanted to replace his--I think they were about 10 years old?
and taylor loves his new ones (and they were dang expensive!), so I must have done something right!
after he saw them, he kept saying things like, "look at the camber and the balance point on these wedges! and the shaft of the driver!" (okay, he probably didn't say it exactly like that, because I have no idea if those sentences even make sense. but he was using a lot of golf jargon that I'm trying to mimic...ha!)
I kept asking him, "Wait, is that a good thing?"
take a look at these expressions, and I think you'll agree that I did a good job ;)

dear handsome man of mine:
I am SO proud of you.
can I say that enough?
you are so smart, and so cute, and so great.
and hey!
no more homework!
we are BYU grads, baby!!


  1. How exciting! :) And your outfit is SO DANG CUTE. I love it.


  2. Aaahhh congrats to your man!!! That's so dang exciting!!! You two are too freaking adorable! Love your outfit, my husband would die to have those golf clubs. He needs a new set so badly! Me? I don't know a THING about golf lol

  3. So exciting! Congrats to your husband! That is such a great accomplishment!

  4. those picture are SO DARN CUTE. i love how excited you were. i don't love that your camera was busy. i think it was reminding you to stay in the moment? ;) congrats taylor!!

  5. Congrats! Freaking power couple!

  6. YAY! So happy for you & Taylor! Now that you are both college graduates...time for babies!!