doing my wifely duties

taylor loses his keys and or wallet at least weekly.
I used to help him find his missing items, but now I let him complain for at least a week before I start looking.
Here's why:
  I always find his keys/wallet/missing items within five minutes of searching.  You know what that means? that he didn't even look!

Then, I say, "Tay! You didn't even look!"
And he always says: "Well, kells, I knew you would find them in way less time than it would take me to find them.  Plus, I'm helping you practice mom-skills. You should be thanking me."

so, of course, per tradition, taylor's wallet has been missing for about 2 weeks.
last night he promised me "vast rewards" if I found his wallet.
he was starting to freak out a little bit because he needed his school ID card for his finals.
I started getting sympathetic when he told me that, and when he promised that he had searched multiple times already.
I said, "Tay, I'm going to help you.  But if I find it in less than five minutes--"
"You WON'T, kells.  I guarantee it. If you do, I promise you vast rewards.  Just please help me!"

guess how long it took me to find his wallet?
less than two minutes.
ohhh that boy.
and I haven't gotten those vast rewards yet...
taylor said I got them when I married him. ha

oh, p.s. add this to your christmas movie watch-list (even though it's not a christmas movie...):
Crazy Stupid Love
have you seen it?
taylor and I saw it for the first time about a month ago when we were in park city.
I've never laughed harder.
I saw it yesterday at Target when I was checking out.
Couldn't help myself.
Plus, I knew it would make my man happy.
ha! yep. we watched it last night.

Three days until this teacher is off for Christmas break!


  1. I love your blog! You are too cute! I am so happy we stumbled upon each other:)

  2. I "might" have received the trait of losing keys from his father.

    1. just another thing to blame you for then...

  3. Crazy, Stupid Love is the best. My all time favorite scene is when Steve Carell's character meets Ryan Gosling's character in context of being his daughter's boyfriend. And then they meet David Lindhagen. Oh man, I die.
    Ps, "You have calf pants!"

  4. HAHA you two are hysterical. This reminds me of my fiancé and I. Those men...