Yesterday, I got to combine two of my favorite addictions.
running + taylorraygilbert
I think I smiled the whole entire way.
taylor always runs alone, so it was a pretty special treat when he invited me to go with him.
and maybe, just maybe, I was pushing to keep up with him the whole time.
his legs are so long compared to mine!
but it made 4.5 miles feel like a regular 8 miles.
even though my legs were crying, I was still smiling by the end.
it was a great night.

one more day after today until SPRING BREAK.
and guess what I'm doing?
absolutely nothing.
i'm going to sleep in every day.
go running at 11 in the morning.
have ice cream for lunch.
and stay up and watch movies with taylor all night.
does that sound awesome, or what?

also, I got asked to prom by a student yesterday?
that was awkward.

and p.s. I didn't realize my "follow me on blogger" button was broken until someone pointed it out to me.
so it works now--feel free to click and have magic happen.
kind of.
not really.
okay. not at all.
but it works now!
or if you're late to the bloglovin party--it's time to hop on the train
(the party is on the train apparently.)
the little "+" icon on the top of the page will let you follow along!

and thank you, thank you for your opinions on my hair debacle post from yesterday!
i'm still super torn.
last night, my utah siblings + taylor and I went to dinner to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday.
my brother, my sister, and I could NOT decide what to pick from the menu.
my brother finally concluded that the reason we are all so indecisive is because we are used to marci (our other sister) and our mom making all of our decisions for us.
and so, hi mom. 
i'm blaming you.
and the spawn/clone you created called marci.
because i'm incredibly indecisive.
so I either need you to follow me around for the rest of my life, or sit by your phone 24/7 so you can help calm the indecisive monster you created.

and also, just have to record this for history.
the funniest conversation between my brother and his wife at dinner:
me: ryan, did you make rachel a birthday cake?
ryan: no, she said she didn't want any cake.
rachel: well, I did say I didn't want cake, but I said I wanted something else instead...
ryan: oh, shoot.  what did you say you wanted?
rachel: a fruit tart.
ryan: well, we have pop tarts at home.

i might have cried all over my indecisive self.

happy thursday!


  1. Woohoo! Already Bloglovin' on you so we're in the clear.

    I think your spring break plans are perfect and I need to know how the student asked you to prom! Some cute way?

  2. Okay, I seriously WISH that running was one of my addictions! My life would be so much easier :-) Your spring break plan sounds pretty much perfect!

  3. Already following :)

    Love exercising with the hubby (even though he kicks my butt!!)

  4. The pop tart comment, though... boys will be boys, right? I'm dying.

  5. How about you move to Cincinnati and we'll run together. You can help me train for this terrifying half marathon! Eek. I'm super indecisive, too! Caleb HATES when I can't decide where to eat lol!!

  6. MOST PERFECT SPRING BREAK. You totally need to do ALL of those things!!!