The desired forgettable, yet unforgettable moments of marriage

Part 1

We all have these moments, don't we?  You know, the moments that you never want to relive.  The moments that you pray everyone will forget.  The moments that make your cheeks turn red just thinking about it.  The moments you wish you could forget, but you know will never be forgotten.  Well, I figured since there was no hope of these memories ever being forgotten, I might as well record them.  So please, enjoy mine and Taylor's desired forgettable, yet unforgettable moments of marriage.

A couple of weeks before Taylor and I were married, Taylor's parents bought Taylor a brand new (and extremely nice!) suit.  A parting gift of sorts.  It was actually the suit picked out for him to wear for our wedding.  I loved it, and he sure looked handsome in it.  About two weeks after we were married, Taylor and I were getting ready for church, when the incident happened.  
Taylor turned to me and asked, "Have you seen my suit pants?"
"Nope, I don't think so."
"I swear I put them right here." Taylor said as he pointed to the end table at the foot of our bed.
My eyes widened with realization, "Oh no..."
"What?" Taylor asked.
I ran into the laundry room, opened the dryer, and rummaged through the warm clothes inside, silently praying that his suit pants would not be among the other clothes.  Sure enough, they were there.  I pulled them out slowly, and looked up at Taylor who had just walked in.  Taylor gingerly lifted the pants out of my hands and held them up.  His suit pants were now the size of twelve-year-old Taylor (or 21-year-old Kelli).  
My eyes filled with tears as I hurriedly tried to explain what had happened, "I'm so sorry! I grabbed the whole pile of clothes that was sitting on that table and just stuck them all in the washer.  I didn't look!  I know that you can't wash suit pants...I know that!  I just didn't look...I just assumed!  I'm so sorry! I'm such a horrible wife!"  I rambled, without pausing for breath.
With his emotions unreadable, Taylor looked at me for a few seconds, and then slowly, ever so slowly, broke into a smile.  "It's okay, Kells.  They're just pants.  And you're not a horrible wife." Taylor threw the now-ruined pants over his shoulder and bent down to kiss me softly.  "Really, it's okay."  I was shocked when Taylor broke into laughter.  How is he laughing!?
Regardless, I still felt awful inside (and still do to this day!).  As much as I want to forget this embarrassing event, it is absolutely unforgettable.  The story is told at many family events--how the brand new suit was ruined by the brand new wife. ;) As Taylor likes to say, "The bad news, is that I no longer have a sweet suit.  The good news?  I now have a sweet sports jacket."
RIP handsome suit...
Hello, sports jacket!
Or how about this:

A couple of months ago, I decided to try out a new recipe.  I had been looking forward to it for days, and was so excited to try it out.  I slaved in the kitchen, and then placed on the table what I thought looked like perfection. A delicious casserole.  I excitedly told Taylor dinner was ready, and scooped a hearty amount on each of our plates.  After prayer was said, we dug in.  After the first bite, I stopped and looked up at Taylor, as a look of disgust spread across my face.
"I think I put way too much salt into this!  It's so salty!"  The disappointment in my failure must have registered across my face. 
Taylor quickly took another bite and said, "I think it tastes great!"
I was surprised as he continued to take bite after bite.  Maybe I just happened to get a really salty bite?  So I took another bite. Just as salty as the first. "No, Taylor! This is so gross! How are you eating this!?"
Taylor shrugged and said, "It's good." Maybe I just happened to scoop all of the salty parts on my plate?  So I took a bite off of his plate. Just as salty. Yuck!  At this point, I was extremely confused.  I just looked at him and asked, "You really like it?"
Taylor smiled between bites, "Love it." And kept eating. Salty bite after salty bite.  I sat there in amazement and just watched him eat what tasted like pure salt cubes.  Taylor scraped the last bite off of his plate and then set his fork down.  "You did great, Kells.  That was delicious." 
My disappointment faded as I slowly said, "Well...at least you liked it..." I was still shocked that he had eaten his whole plate. But maybe my dinner wasn't a total failure after all! 

About an hour later, I found Taylor sprawled on the couch, with a pained look on his face.  
"You okay?" I asked him.
"Fine." He responded.
"You don't look okay.  Are you sick?"
Taylor opened his eyes as a half-smile spread across his face.  "Too much salt."
At first I was confused, but as realization hit, I started to laugh uncontrollably.  "Why did you keep eating it!?"  I asked him in between laughs.
"I just couldn't bare to see your disappointment.  I didn't want you to think that you failed."  Taylor squeezed his eyes shut and gave a small moan as his hand reached to his stomach.  He opened one eye and squinted up at me. "I don't think I liked that casserole..." And then, regardless of my guilt and Taylor's wounded stomach, neither one of us could control ourselves...we broke into uncontrollable laughter.  Now, every time I cook, Taylor has to monitor the salt amounts.  He will never let me forget this or live it down.

While this picture isn't directly related to the incident, I feel as if it captures
 my emotions during this particular dinner perfectly.
Now, don't be fooled.  Taylor isn't innocent of these particular incidents.  And here's proof:

On the way home from BYU one day, Taylor and I were talking about various things.  As we were walking to our front door, Taylor sighed heavily and said, "I wish I was single again." 
I whipped around, and exclaimed, "What?!"
Taylor's eyes grew wide as his hand slapped against his mouth. "That came out so wrong!  That's not what I meant!"  I could see Taylor's mind frantically backtracking, attempting to eat the words that had just come out of his mouth. "I was just reading about a study abroad through BYU...and I was thinking about how I wished I could do one...but you can't be married.  I don't really wish I was single again...I was just saying that...oh, geez. There's no way to recover from this one..."
Taylor covered his face with his hands, then, like a six-year-old boy, peeked through his fingers and asked quietly, "Forgive me?"
Of course, I forgave him.  But you'd be wrong if you assumed the whole incident was forgotten.  I've never let him live it down ;) My husband actually said, "I wish I was single again."
Definite wrong words to say. ;)
Even though he didn't mean it that way and wishes I'd forget about it altogether, I still like to tease him about it.

There are plenty more of these incidents within the Gilbert home.  That's why this is only Part 1.  Look forward to more.  And together, we'll record the desired forgettable yet unforgettable moments of our marriage.

Thank goodness for crazy love in these type of situations :)


Memorial Day Weekend!

Oh, how I love holiday weekends!  This particular memorial day weekend was spent with lots of family.  There was a lot of extended family visiting Utah this weekend to welcome Seth home, so the Gilbert's had a full house!  I'm bummed that we're back to the regular grind of things, but excited to relive our fun weekend through this post.  Here we go:
Evenings were spent around a fire-pit on the patio or swimming in the pool.
The weather was a little chilly...but the pool was heated.  Hence the choice between a fire and a pool.
The cousins enjoyed a few games of Ninja (a great game!)
Not surprising, each game usually came down to Seth and Taylor as the final two.

On Monday, the whole crew embarked on a hike along the Great Western Trail (which supposedly leads all of the way to Canada!).  We decided not to go to Canada though, because we had plans in store for the rest of the day. 

 Look at these views!  Utah is such a beautiful state!

On the hike!
My silly husband in his babushka...don't ask.
Showing off the beautiful landscape! 
You better believe there was also a girls shopping trip, lots of good food (even a few batches of yummy chocolate chip cookies...my favorite!!), a trip to the movie theater to see The Avengers (love it!), and of course lots of laughter!  We loved our memorial day weekend!

Oh, and guess what? Exactly one week until Taylor and I get to see Fun in concert! We are can hardly wait!


He's crafty!

Mr. Taylor Ray is always surprising me with his clever and crafty ideas.  A couple of days ago, Taylor had an idea to try transferring a printed image to canvas (this wasn't his own idea, by any means.  I believe he found the idea online).  His first attempt was a complete success! I was so shocked with how well it turned out! Taylor went for a more vintage look, and I think it looks stellar.  I am excited to hang it (and more to come!) in our house! Here are a few pictures of the first attempt:

Pretty impressive, eh?

Here's another example of Taylor's craftiness.  About a month after we were married, I came home to find this (pictures and all!) hanging on the wall next to our front door.   

Cute, right?

Taylor is always coming up with new and exciting ideas.  Whether it's building a complex shoe cubby or as simple as leaving a flower on my pillow, he's constantly finding ways to put a smile on my face.  Thank goodness his creative ideas make up for my lack of artsy genes! ;)  My husband is a keeper.

This weekend will be filled with lots of family time + memorial day! Couldn't be more excited!  Enjoy your weekend!


Keeping my promises

I promised to upload a few more pictures from our camping trip this last weekend.  So, here they are!

Here's Taylor during our blow-dart gun matches!
Blow dart game continued...Taylor in the trees

This game was so fun! We played for hours!
Me and my man by the campfire
Tom started blowing darts high into the air.  The game was to try to catch the dart in your hat before it fell into the fire.  I think Taylor's long arms were a large disadvantage to the rest of the crew! Ha
Bag-O tournament!  I wasn't very good at this...during the first round we had 3 losses, and zero wins.  But then we came back for a season and actually started winning just a little!

City or wilderness..I just love this boy!
Me and Marce 
On the hike!

I grew these things for this reason and this reason only.  A great and comfortable way to wear my backpack ;) Yes, I really did wear it like this during the hike.
All eight of us slept in one tent!
This trip was sososo fun!! I am pumped and ready to go camping again! I love Utah...and I love summer!


Nice to meet you, Seth!

Seth is home!  It was such a great reunion for the Gilbert family.  And such a sweet moment!  We have been having so much fun with the family!  It was my first time meeting Seth...and I already know we'll be buds!  Favorite Gilbert brother-in-law? I think Seth is the winner. ;) He is a gem...and is already keeping us laughing!  Taylor and Seth are finally back together after FOUR years of being apart (their missions overlapped) and watching them together just makes my heart happy :). Here are a few pictures to share (and a tender video of the reunion!).

Our signs!

The back of our signs. Can you figure out what mine means?  Regan's sign cracks me up.

Father and son :)

Mama and Papa G are so happy!!

The boys!

The Gilbert family is FINALLY all together again!!

I love this family!!

After picking Seth up from the airport, we stopped at Jason's Deli for lunch!

There were a lot of missionaries coming home at the same time as Seth.  The Salt Lake Airport was packed with friends and family anxiously waiting to see their beloved missionaries.  It was so sweet, the whole crowd cheered so loud for EVERY elder...whether it was their elder or not.  Watch for Mama G running to hug Seth...and of course, my favorite part: Regan's jump into Seth's arms!


Words I've loved

Have you talked to TaylorRayGilbert before?  If so, you've probably noticed his amazing vocabulary.  It's one of the first things I noticed about this boy. I've never had to stop and ask someone to define so many words in one conversation (or, more like, in one sentence).  A typical daily conversation between the two of us has me often asking, "Huh?" or "What?" or "What does that mean?"  Here are some good examples from the past couple of nights:

Kelli: "How do you feel about me making lemon glazed chicken tonight?"
Taylor: "Sounds copasetic."
Kelli: "Huh?"

Or this one from the other night:
Taylor: "...and she was standing with her arms akimbo--"
Kelli: "With her arms what?"

While his vocabulary is often times over my head, he also has the strangest vocabulary ever.  Here are some of his latest from the strange category:

While getting in the car today, the car keys stabbed his hand, and he yelled, "Fetch tard!" As much as I wanted to sympathize over his wounded hand, I couldn't help but burst into laughter. Fetch tard? Really? 

Or how about when he broke a light bulb yesterday, "Oh, shoot dang!" Sorry to break it to you, babe, but you didn't grow up on a farm... Shoot dang is a little hick, if you ask me.

Other words I've loved?  

I frequently wake up to the words, "Good morning, beautiful." There's not a better way to start my day.

Or, my very favorite...
The other night, Taylor caught my eye and mouthed the word, "Forever."  
"Forever?" I asked confused.
He looked at me, smiled, and then said, "Us."
I think it's safe to say that this boy still makes my heart beat a million times a minute.

And also the four words engraved on the inside of my wedding ring:
"Love you dearly, Kells."

And here are three more words I love:
Here's a little something to sum this whole post up:

"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless." 
-Mother Teresa


Weekend in the wilderness

Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days!  Here is a quick one for now, and then I will post a better one tomorrow!

This last weekend, Tay and I went on a camping trip with Marci&Tom, Ryan&Rachel, and Camden&Etta!  We had such a blast!  The weekend consisted of hikes, blow-dart gun games, campfires (of course!), bag-o tournaments, inside jokes, and so much more!

More pictures will follow tomorrow, but here are just a few!

Love this boy, love this picture.

The girls on the hike.  This is where we took a break and ate lunch.

My husband being normal.

My husband being weird.
And, Guess what tomorrow is?  Seth comes home!  We are so so so excited! More to come tomorrow!