It's fall.

Our Saturday consisted of spending time with friends at Cornbelly's.
We did all kinds of fall festivities.
My favorite was going through the corn maze.
This fall season is upon us, and Taylor and I are ready to start celebrating and have some fall fun with family and friends.

More pictures of our fun Saturday to come.


nieces and nephews

Is this not the sweetest picture?
I practically died when I saw it.
I miss this little nephew so much!

And not to mention how much I miss these three littles:

Ugh, I am in a major need of a niece/nephew fix.
I hate that these littles don't live next to me anymore.
Pictures and facetiming will just have to suffice until we are able to visit each other.

Dear Emma, Max, Nate, and Jack:
Uncle Taylor and Aunt Kelli love you all so much!
p.s. please stop growing up.
You need to stay little so you can play with future Gilbert cousins!!
But...I guess if you're big, you can babysit future Gilbert cousins....


Our Thursday in pictures...

First, we went to our dear friend's (and matchmaker!) wedding.
Taylor was a groomsman.

After a long day filled with lots of wedding festivities, we decided to treat ourselves and go to the Chocolate (a yummy and trendy dessert place)!

Bad picture attempt above.
Better picture attempt below.

We pretty much took pictures the rest of the time while we waited for our dessert to come out.
We were giddy...and tired.

 Our posing pictures...

Taylor decided he would spell "Chocolate" in ASL. Here are the pictures documenting:

 Except...he spelled it wrong. Haha
So I told him it was my turn to sign something in a picture.
And I did this:
L for "Taylor is a loser."

Hence, the next picture Taylor took:

 Then, our dessert finally came! Wahoo!

Other than me being like a "worried mother" all day because I left my students with a substitute and then getting randomly sick at the end of the night, we had a great Thursday together.

I have so much fun with this boy every day.


Parent teacher conferences.

This is me dreading the next four hours of parent teacher conferences.

And this is how excited I am for them to be over so I can have my life back!

At least we are at the tail-end (just four more hours...), and then I can go home to my handsome hubby and cuddle all night long!
And maybe party because I don't have to work a 14.5 hour day tomorrow!


Walrus love.

Last night, Taylor randomly turned to me in the car and asked:
"If I were a seal, and you were a walrus, would you shave your mustache for me?"

This is why I love this boy.
He always keeps me laughing.

Dear Taylor:
Yes.  I would shave my mustache for you. ;)


Our perfect date.

On Saturday night, Taylor and I had such a fun date night.
It was completely spontaneous, but perfect in every way.
It all started with this picture. I was proud of both of our shoe choices for the night. 

After a long day of boating, we were hungry for some good food.
So, we decided to go to Malawis (a pizza place).  
But it was extremely crowded, and our hungry stomachs couldn't wait.
Strike one.
We decided we would go to a small sandwich shop instead.
When we got there, we found out that it is only open for lunch. 
Strike two.
Finally, we decided to go to Noodles and Company.
There was no wait, and it was open.
Third times a charm!

The food was yummy and we enjoyed just being with each other.
After dinner, we decided to check out the Chalk festival at the Riverwoods.
We got to see amazing pieces of art...all done with chalk! Amazing!

It was such a fun event!
Taylor and I love the feel of the Riverwoods.  We love just taking strolls there in the evenings.  Let me give you a small glimpse as to why we love it:

Blurry picture...but, it's always lit up beautifully, and there is always something fun going on.

Since it was a chalk festival, kids were drawing with chalk all over.  Taylor laughed at me as I asked a little boy if I could borrow his piece of chalk for two seconds, so I could draw this:
I wanted to leave a Gilbert mark along with everyone else's. :)

Then, we decided to top off the night with a chocolate molten cake at chilis.
Our favorite!
It was a 20 minute wait...just for dessert.
But it was so worth it.

We loved every second of our night together.
I am so lucky to be married to my best friend.


My excited faces...

Boating time!
Probably the last trip of the season.

Here are my excited faces while I am waiting to head out:

One last hoorah for summer!


The day I got two tickets...

The first ticket I have ever gotten in my life?
Well. On that special day, I didn't just get one ticket...
I got two.

You know the story about the first incident.
But how about the second?
Here's how it went:

I went to BYU after teaching to go and visit with my old boss, Mike.
I had told Mike that I was looking for a podium for my classroom, and he was so nice to go to the BYU surplus sale to pick one up for me!
So, after visiting with Mike, I was carrying the podium back to my car when I saw Mr. Cop man #2.
At first, I thought he was giving a ticket to the car next to me.
But as I got closer, I saw him place the ticket on my windshield.
No way...I thought.
I thought I had parked in 30 minute parking...but turns out that I was two parking slots over from the 30-minute parking zone.
So I hurried my pace and said, "Excuse me, sir, is there anyway not to get that ticket?"
He looked at my 5'1" self carrying this heavy podium, and he immediately started to chuckle.
So I continued to explain, "I had to park somewhere close to carry this thing back to my car, and I thought I was in the 30-minute parking zone!"

What I really wanted to say was, "Mr. Cop, I already got one ticket today.  My husband laughed so hard when I told him the story, because I always brag about how I have a clean record even though I drive (and park) like a maniac.  And if I had to tell him that I got not one, but TWO tickets today?  He would never, ever let me live that down! Please, Mr. Cop!"  
But I stopped short of saying all of that. And just smiled nicely at Mr. Cop #2 while I readjusted the heavy podium in my arms.

Lucky for me (and for my husband's sanity), Mr. Cop #2 was just as nice as Mr. Cop #1.
He said, "Alright...but just this one time!"
I thanked him profusely.
And then he helped me put the podium inside of my car. ;)

When I got inside of my car (after Mr. Cop #2 had driven away), I just started to laugh.
One of those, "Oh my goodness...did today really happen?" kind of a laugh.

And yes, when I told Taylor...he pretty much died of laughter.
But at least I can say that I officially only got one ticket that day ;) 


Late night dinner.

Last night at around 9:30pm, Taylor and I both realized that we hadn't eaten dinner.
And we were starving!
We had been so busy with other things, that the thought didn't even occur to us until late.
Neither of us felt like cooking, we didn't feel like going out to get something, and since today is grocery shopping day, there weren't a lot of "fast or microwavable" options.

So...at 9:30pm, we played Bananagrams while we waited for these things to finish cooking:

Orange rolls for dinner.
They were so yum!
For some reason, we were both really giddy last night.
So it made for one funny evening.

I love these special nights with just me and him :)


My morning.

When I went out into the kitchen this morning, I found this:

Flowers accompanied by a love note.
My sweet husband took a midnight run to Walmart last night when I was already asleep so he could surprise me in the morning.

I teared up while reading the note, and then went to my sleeping husband and cuddled with him for a little bit longer.
I feel so lucky.
My husband makes me feel so loved and so special.

Couldn't help but smile the rest of the morning.
And the rest of the day. 


Good morning, Mr. Cop.

A milestone in my life today:
I got pulled over for the first time ever.
And...I got my first ticket ever.

I was a tad speedy on my way to work this morning.
And the best (worst) part?
I was going 80...in a construction zone! -_-
And I'm usually so careful in those!
I didn't even realize how fast I was going...
One moment I was listening to the news on Libya, and the next moment, there were flashing lights behind me.

But Mr. Cop man was so nice!
He asked me where I was in a hurry to so early in the morning.
When I told him I was going to work, he asked me where I worked.
And when I told him I was a teacher, he immediately sympathized a little. ha.

He told me he would see what he could do for me.
Then he came back with a ticket. Dang it.
But...there was some good news.
He told me he lowered my speed to 70. 
And he didn't mark it as a construction zone.
So no double fines!
I couldn't believe it!

I definitely deserved the ticket.
And didn't even deserve the slack he cut me.
But I was so grateful.
Guess I can't be too mad about the ticket. :)

Dear Mr. Cop: Thanks again!


It's Monday.

Monday. Is over.

I looked at this picture all day to keep me smiling.

Can't wait to blog about this whole fun evening...but that will have to wait.

Tonight I had a fantastic date night with my husband.
We laughed all night.
And it felt so good.

I'm going to bed happy.



Remember my awesome bra story?

Well, I just realized I have a (sort of) picture of that white sheer shirt.
I accidentally took it on my laptop while working on my lesson plans.

Don't worry...you can't see the blue bra.

But this will just let you imagine how bad my situation really was:
Notice that sheer shirt.


We're growing up...

Convention is a blast.
And life has been so busy!

Tonight, Taylor and I got to go to the doTERRA Gala.
We got to dress up.
Taylor got a tux paid for by doTERRA. 
Because he was required to look extra spiffy.
And he looked mighty handsome.
More on that later...

Just one picture to keep folks happy throughout the busy weekend:

When I saw this picture, I immediately thought: "We look old."
Okay...not old. But grown up.
And that was a weird feeling.

But moments after taking this picture, we danced and partied like we were teenagers.
So maybe growing up isn't bad after all.

Now, I'm playing the waiting game for my handsome man (who is an awesome dancer by the way).
But I think I'll be asleep as soon as I finish this post.
I'm exhausted.
Must be because I'm old...
ha :)

News just in...

Yep. I'm definitely wearing a blue bra with a white sheer shirt.
I got changed in the dark this morning (because Taylor was still in bed, and I didn't want him to wake up since he went to bed so late).
I didn't realize until I went to the bathroom at school this morning.
I live 25 minutes away, so there's no fixing this.
At least I had a good laugh about it with one of my teacher friends.
Sorry students, but Mrs. Gilbert's blue bra will be for all to see today.



Convention TIme

It's convention time at doTERRA.
Which means: 
A. Absolutely zero free time.
B. I never see my husband. :(
C. I get to party in Salt Lake City! (with zero-free time...ha)

Since I'm still on the pay-roll for doTERRA, I offered to work at convention this year.
I figured since Taylor would be there all week anyways, it was the only way I'd be able to see him.
 Plus, doTERRA conventions are always a blast.

Anyways...blogs will probably be non-existent.
Any free time I have, I will try to find and stalk Taylor at the convention center.
Because it's the only way I'll get to see him.
(Taylor is kind of a big deal at these things...)

For example:
Yesterday, I woke up and left for work before 7am.
Taylor was still in bed.
By the time I arrived home at 7pm, Taylor had just finished school and was on his way back to work.
And...he didn't come home until 4:30am.

And my schedule will look like this for the next few days:
Teaching from 7am-3:30pm.
Drive to Salt Lake.
Work at the Convention from 4pm-late.
Try to stay awake for Taylor to come back to the hotel.
Give up and fall asleep at about 1am.
Wake back up when he comes in at 4 or 5am.
Quick kiss, hello, and back to sleep.
Then up to do it all over again at 5:45.

I'm actually not complaining. It will be super fun.  I love all of the doTERRA people.
Just wish me luck for stalking out my husband at the huge convention center to steal quick kisses here and there ;)

Adios for now!


The End of Summer

Taylor and I are trying to savor the last bit of summer we have left.
We have gone out on Ma and Pa Gilbert's boat the last few weekends.
We love every second of being out on the water.
We're hoping to get at least one more weekend boating trip in before the fall storms set in.

As sad as I am to see summer go, I'm excited to welcome fall.
Changing leaves, sweaters and scarfs, and cuddling by a fire.
I'm celebrating the first day of fall (11 days and counting) by going tights-shopping.
I love accessorizing with tights, and I'm excited that the season to do so is upon us!

But for these next 11 days of summer, you better believe we will be soaking it in!

Dear summer:
You've been good to us.
We can't wait to see you again next year.


I love...

My husband's trendy style.

Hey boy...want to be mine forever? 


My husband is awesome.

The night before my first day of school, I briefly mentioned to Taylor that I had lost my auxiliary jack which plugs my ipod into my car.

The next morning, Taylor woke up a little earlier than regular.
When I asked him why he was up and dressed, he told me he was going over to his parents' house to wish his little sister luck on the first day of school (and to sing his traditional back-to-school song to her).
He kissed me goodbye and promised he would be back before I left, so he could do the same for me. ;)

When he came back, he handed me a wal-mart back.
Can you guess what was in there?
That's right.
A new auxiliary jack.
So that I wouldn't have to make the 20 minute commute on my first day without the comforts of my music.

You'd think I would stop being so surprised at the amazing things this boy does for me.
I was just so shocked that he even thought to get up early and go buy it for me.
When I hardly mentioned it the day before.

That boy?  He's an absolute gem.

Thanks, babe!
You are the best!


Married at 20.

I often get asked by my friends from home, "Why did you get married so young?"
I always just kind of smile, say something to make everyone laugh, and then the conversation shifts to something else.
The other day I thought about this frequent question, and I wondered why I rarely seem to respond with a real answer.

To my friends at BYU and the rest of the Mormon world, the concept of marrying young is nothing new.
Mormon boy meets Mormon girl. Boy and girl court, date, and fall in love. Usually within less than a year, the boy and girl are wed.

I feel like the concept of "courting, dating, and falling in love" is viewed as "old fashioned" and "outdated" to the rest of the world. 
People seem to wonder, "What about the important step of "moving in together" before marriage?  What about the year-to-two-year long engagement?"
I often hear the metaphor related to moving in together: "When you buy clothes, you try them on before you wear them, don't you?  Why wouldn't you do the same with a boyfriend or girlfriend?" aka...move in first, see how it goes, and then maybe get engaged.

Good questions.

Back to the beginning: why do I rarely seem to respond to "Why did you get married so young?" with a real answer?
As I pondered this, I thought:
Maybe it's because the answer is too long.
Maybe it's because people will think I'm weird.
Maybe it's because it's just too complicated to explain.
Maybe it's because people just won't understand.
Maybe it's because I'm Mormon.

But then I realized, the answer isn't long and it isn't complicated.
And it's not just because I'm Mormon.
The answer is easy, simple, and true.
Why did I get married so young?

Because I fell in love with a good man.  A man who loved me back with his whole heart.  And we both wanted to live this life together.

There was no need to "try on the clothes before buying them."
In fact, there was no try.
We weren't going to try to make our relationship or our marriage work.
We were going to make it work.
There is no try in love.
There is just love

I know mine and Taylor's quick courting and fast engagement was a shock to the rest of the world.
People often asked me, "Why are you getting married!?" "Are you sure you know what you're doing!?"
But frankly, time didn't matter.
Not to us.
We knew we loved each other.
We knew we were committed to each other.
And to us, commitment meant something much more than just "trying this out".

Commitment meant giving our whole hearts and our whole energy into a love that we cherished.

No, we did not move in together before we were married.
No, we did not even sleep together before we were married.
No, we did not have a two year engagement.

Yes, we got married young.
Yes, we knew what we were doing.
Yes, it's going to last forever.

Dear world: pure and true love still exists. It's still possible to have a beautiful and honest marriage.
Maybe if the world realized there was no try in love, maybe, just maybe, there would be less broken homes, less broken families, and less broken hearts.

Why did I get married young?
The answer is simple.
The answer is easy.
And the answer is true.

Because I fell in love with a good man.  A man who loved me back with his whole heart.  And we both wanted to live this life together.