stolen pictures + the time I was high

my sister over at the wallace house blogged about mine and taylor's trip to california.
and she had a few pictures I needed to steal, that I want for my own little blog.
marci and I were BEST BEST friends in high school (and still are!!--it's so sad we live so far now!)
like we would have rather hung out with each other than any of our friends every day of the week. HA

those were such good times.
we were so stupid, but we thought we were so dang funny all of the time.
one time, I was laughing SO hard over stupid stuff marci was doing (for like an hour straight), that my dad legitimately thought I was on drugs.
he sat me down at the kitchen table and asked if anyone had given me anything to eat or drink that day.
I started laughing harder, because I thought he was kidding.
but then he freaked out and REALLY thought I was high (or that someone had given me a "special brownie.") 
and then the laughter quickly turned to tears as I told my dad I was fairly sure I wasn't high.
marci was just honestly THAT funny.
and then marci and I started laughing again when my mom came downstairs and got in on the conversation.
she just turned to my dad and said, "really, glen? you think she's high?"
one of our favorite memories ever.

so here are a few more pictures of our spring break california trip.
why does nevada have to be between me and home? (insert really sad emoticons)
I definitely am a believer of child labor ;)
I made little phillip hold my target bags.
but...we made a deal. 
I would hold him, if he would hold the bag.
fair is fair.

 little embarrassing moment here:
I ran into jamba to get a smoothie for me and marce, while she waited in the car with the kids.
while I was waiting for the smoothie, I went around the corner to a window and started dancing to make jack laugh.
see picture:
^oh yes, that's me doing the "swimming move" HAHA^
but I kind of forgot about waiting for the drink, and when I turned to the left (mid-dance move), I saw a jamba worker just awkwardly standing there with my drink outstretched in her hand.
HAHA, I was like, "oh, uh, thanks. I was just over here dancing."
I'm not sure if she thought that I was dancing to an audience or just dancing to my reflection in the window.

^we LOVE this game: libertalia!^

jack is OBSESSED with taylor.
like he loves him 23972894x more than he loves me (and I'm pretty sure TAYLOR loves him 28378247x more than he loves ME), and he was sooo excited to see uncle taylor.
it's the cutest thing ever.
^my cutest snuggle bug.^

and a few pictures geocaching with the cutest little geocachers there are.

I blogged all about our first adventure geocaching here.
it is so addicting!

we sure miss our little friends!
and all of our california family!

GOOD THING my parents come into town tomorrow! hoooorah!



+I have been suuuuper MIA on this little bloggity blog of mine. but you haven't missed much! my life has been a little uneventful lately...long days full of errands that end cuddled up with taylor watching netflix.

+dying lately over how cute of a dad taylor will be. my nephews ADORE him. and it's the cutest thing ever. found this picture, and my heart just melted:

+ the end of last week marked week 8 of BBG! I absolutely LOVE it. And I think everyone should join #kaylasarmy. maybe if I'm brave enough, I will post a before/after picture at the end of week 12.  I'm already ready to start a new 12 weeks after this one!

+probably the best part of my birthday last week was BUYING TICKETS TO HAWAII! We are sooo excited! and because of the nicest person alive (who let us use his points in hawaii), we are in an incredible suite at an incredible resort! like my eyes turn into hearts when I see pictures of this place! I could not be more excited!! recommendations for oahu or hawaii in general? (but mostly oahu!)

+the other night, taylor and I went on a quick run. well...actually, at about 9:30, I told taylor I was going for a quick run after doing some strength and abs training, and taylor about had a freak out. He told me I was not "under any circumstances" allowed to go running alone when it was dark outside. We've had this little "argument" lots of times--but not really recently (because I normally run right when I get home from work at like 3). ANYways, finally taylor ended up coming with me.  It was probably the most stressful run I've been on, because we were trying to agree on an "unagreeable" topic, and, I was simultaneously, trying to outpace him the whole time (hiiii stubborn kelli!). but at the end when we were panting and sweating and just a hot mess, we laughed at how stupid and stubborn we both are.

+earlier this week, I got to have dessert with two of my favorite girls in utah.  funnily enough, we are all from different areas of sacramento--but I guess it took coming to utah to become friends ;) we went to dessert and sat there for over 3 hours, just talking about life, love, and everything in between.  I left feeling so uplifted--girls night is SO good for the soul, I swear by it!
^please excuse how I am gross and they are the cutest. I had just finished a run and arrived while I was still wiping my forehead of sweat. HA^
we are just sad that cute britt is leaving us for a few months to go back to sacramento! and we can't wait to love both her AND her new baby when she comes back!
(and also excuse the fact that I kind of look pregnant? I am blaming it on my dwight schrute shirt)

+my parents come into town on wednesday for a few days! I can't wait!

+5 weeks left until SUMMER. in which I will lay by the pool all day and have zero plans for three months (other than some planned vacations).

+I can't even be sad that it's Monday. Because I am in a serious countdown over here about school ending.  The faster Monday comes and goes, the faster my summer comes. Why am I so worn out this year? I feel so checked out already. HA. sorry, kids.

xoxo--maybe I'll be back soon if something exciting happens ;)


biking the golden gate bridge!

while we were in california over spring break, taylor's cousin got married in oakland!
so we headed down with his parents for the wedding.
(just want to throw out that I love that both of our parents get along so well! they always go out to dinner together when they are in the same state, and it is always the best time for everyone!)
my parents were married in this same temple, so it was a really special experience for me to attend the sealing!

and just look at this beautiful bride and groom!
I mean c'mon....insert major heart emoticons!
her dress and veil were to die for!
I feel like lately, the only "tight-fitting" wedding dresses I see are mermaid dresses. i'm personally not a fan of mermaid dresses--but hers was the perfect blend of a tight-fit dress without being mermaid-y.
big thumbs up for incredible style on both of their parts.
they looked sooo good!
^our very favorite travel companions, and one of our very best couple friends! we are lucky to have them!^

after the wedding, we spent the day in san francisco with mom and dad gilbert.
 we decided to do a san francisco bike tour.
since I grew up next to san francisco, I've been there more times than I can count.
but this was the first time I've ever done a bike tour, and it was THE BEST thing ever! 
taylor and I chose the tandem bike, and we both admit that biking around san francisco is on the top of our "favorites" list of things we have done together!
we just chatted and laughed the whole time, while taking in the pretty views!

^this was my view during the bike ride.^ 
pretty great one, if you ask me ;)
(don't ask taylor how many times I would stick my hand down his pants to make him almost crash the bike. HAHHAA)
it was super nice not steering, because I never had to pay attention to where we were going.
I just looked all around at the beautiful scenery!

the best part, by far, was riding across the bridge!
it was seriously SO cool!

and don't tell taylor, but I took lots of selfies when I was supposed to be pedaling. HA

^my #1 biking buddy!^

and of course, our victory picture!
we did it!
we biked the golden gate!
(and the hilly hills of san francisco!)

really, this day was one for the books.
we love love love being with mom and dad gilbert (especially little vacations with them!).
and we were especially lucky that we got to spend the rest of the week with my whole family!
quality time with the davis side is something you can't go too long without!

and a big thanks to everyone who made my birthday special yesterday!
so many people were so thoughtful and made me feel like a million bucks.
but the biggest high five and hug goes to my taylorray who really overdid it and spoiled me. ;)

life is good!


a body fell out of my closet.

so, yes. this happened.
I was in the middle of teaching my 4th period class.
I was up at the front of the classroom, just casually lecturing about world war 2.
All of the sudden, the cabinet door of my tall cabinet, starts to slowly open.
all 36 pair of eyes look over at the cabinet door opening--a little confused and freaked out.
then, a gray, unconscious body starts to slowly fall out.

for the first millisecond, I thought that someone was popping out to scare me.
I (along with a bunch of other students) kind of let out a little yelp as I saw a body coming out.
but it didn't take me long to realize that something was wrong.
I ran over to try to catch the girl's body.

aaand, at this point you are probably JUST as confused as I was in the moment.
I brought the girl down to the ground (with 30 confused students saying, "what the heck?" "what is going on??"), and quickly realized that she had fainted.
it took awhile for her color to come back and for her not to be totally disoriented.
I kept trying to ask her questions, "why were you in the closet?" "how long have you been in there?"
(which she HAD to have been in there for at least an hour since we had been in 4th period for that long).
the office finally came with a wheelchair and wheeled her to the nurse.
apparently, she had been hiding in the cabinet for who knows how long and had gotten too hot (maybe locked her knees)? and her body fell against the door of the cabinet...and she just fell out! hahah!

and that is literally all I know about the story.
(i will keep you updated on more...ha)
the weirdest things happen as a teacher, but I think this tops everything.
(I kept telling my students that I had put her in there for "talking back to me" and that's what happens when you disobey me...HAHHA)

the poor class that witnessed "the falling body" always has the weirdest things happen during their class.
the last time I had this same class, a former student came and serenaded me on a guitar to ask me to prom. HAHA
it was sooo awkward, since he was singing a love song--that seemed to NEVER end. ha

I think I need to start writing a book about all of these experiences.
oh...the life of a teacher.
always something exciting.
every day.

^posting all about our trip to san francisco tomorrow!^

also, today, I felt a little old and almost a little nostalgic as I thought back over my 23 years.
I remember being 18 or 19, and thinking 24 sounded SO old. 
but it doesn't FEEL as old as it SEEMED back then.
does that make sense?
time is SUCH a weird thing.

while I was feeling a little "sad" on the way to work about how fast time goes, an original t-swift song from my teenage years started to play on the radio.
and it brought me back to my first "high school love."
then, song after song (all the way to work) were songs from my young teenage years!
it was like a little gift from the universe!
avril lavigne, michael buble, pink, panic at the disco---they were all bringing me back!
and it was SO fun to relive all of those memories--just from hearing a song!
 it made me realize--even though these 23 years have been fast, they have been GOOD. so good.
and I'm so grateful for each of them!

and...man, taylor's celebration of my birthday week, has been just about THE best gift ever!
he won't let me do ANY chores ALL week! 
even just getting up from bed at night to get a drink of water!
he's such a gem, such a gem.

it is a very happy wednesday, over here!
hope yours is just as marvelous!
I'm going into that cupboard now to search for narnia! ;)


spring break part 1!

spring break 2015 was one for the books!
it's breaks like these that make me realize how awesome my job is. HA

BUT first, EASTER!
because I didn't blog a thing about it.
taylor woke up to a little easter egg hunt in our living room.
I told him that the eggs were only hidden between our couch and the tv (maybe a 10x20 area)
and it took me like 30 seconds to hide them...they were not intended to be tricky.
but OH MY GOSH, you guys! taylor is THE WORST egg-finder EVER! hahahah!!
like seriously--he needs major practice.
he had to ask for HINTS. HINTS!
and I'm talking easy hides--hidden ON TOP of the flowers in the flower vase, hidden behind a pillow on the couch.
but after him searching for like 20 minutes, and begging for hints, I finally gave in.
I was dying though. 
I never knew he was so bad at easter-egg-hunting. HAHAHHA

we had such a fun easter with our gilbert family.
and I especially loved general conference cuddled up to my gilbert boy!

then for spring break we headed to my dear california!
I flew down on Monday and Taylor drove down on Wednesday with his parents.
and a quick moment for the most awesome airport story:
since I booked the ticket so late, the cheapest flight I could find had a four hour layover in LA (such a bummer), and had me arriving in sacramento at 6pm.
when I got off of my first flight, I had a voicemail from the airline saying that my flight was delayed by 3 hours!
which means that I would have a SEVEN hour layover! could've driven there faster!
I called my sister, marci, and was sooo bummed.
then she had a brilliant idea to see if there were any other flights going to sacramento.
I looked on the board and there was one leaving in 20 minutes! ah!
so I ran to the ticket counter and LUCKILY they had a seat open!
they handed me a new ticket and said, "we are boarding in 1 minute!"
Didn't even end up with a layover!
so I got into sacramento at 3 instead of 6!
it was pretty great.

our trip was incredible.
A LOT of snuggles with my cute cute cute nephews.

and, our mom introduced us to geocaching!

her new favorite hobby!
at first, we went just to appease her.
but now we are addicted!
it is SO SO fun!!
get on the geocaching train.  you won't regret it!
^this was one my little brother placed! it was SUCH a good one!!^

^found it!^

 and here's the liiiitle teeny tiny one we found when we were back in utah!
seriously, it's so fun.

lots more about our trip coming soon!
(sorry for being MIA)

but gosh, I miss this big sister of mine!
we are just two peas in a pod, and have THE BEST time when we are together.
don't know what I would do without her!

also, taylor surprised me sunday and told me that for my birthday week he is doing ALL chores to spoil me.
that was pretty awesome.
so he went grocery shopping yesterday, and did all of my little "nightly" chores for me last night.
every day he asks, "what's on your schedule today, kells? all you get to do is relax."
pretttty great boy, if I say so myself.

today I had to be at work at 6:20, and it was THE WORST.
getting up at 545 practically killed me.
luckily I have a first period prep, so during my prep I literally locked myself in this little back office I have and curled up in a ball and fell asleep. HAHA

happy tuesday! xoxo