so many happy things!

I am currently giddy over SO many happy things!

1. taylor finsihed his LAST FINAL TODAY!!!
that is a serious reason to celebrate!
I am soooo happy to be done with this chapter in our lives.
and seriously, so dang proud of my guy.
little smartie pants graduated in three years!
(not quite as fast as me...but, I'm only slightly competitive ;))
and for some reason it makes him 10x hotter to  be able to say, "yeah, that's my husband, and yeah, he's got a degree."
but I feel like I'll never get the chance to introduce him that way...
and I'm so proud of him for not only graduating, but for also starting his own business at the same time!
he could have easily put one of those things to the side, but instead he pressed on--and mastered both!
two thumbs up and a lot of make-out sessions for this guy! 

2. easter is this weekend!
and there's nothing I love more than an excuse to decorate!
and thanks to easter + my birthday, our house is FULL of fresh flowers! 
fresh flowers are my absolute weakness, so it makes me pretty dang happy.
and! I found sparkly eggs at target and just about died.
so basically, our house is littered with sparkly eggs and flowers. ha

^^and how cute are these burlap bunnies? don't judge the picture though. I had to take it as fast as I could because taylor was in the middle of a video game.  I kissed him to make up for making him lose.

3. officially 4.5 weeks left of school!
okay, wait, I should clarify.
techinically there are 6 weeks left.
BUT only 4.5 teaching weeks!
the last 1.5 weeks are finals + yearbook signing days!
and plus, 4.5 sounds SO much better than 6.
so 4.5 it is.
and don't tell me otherwise...or I may punch you.
want to hear what I'm doing this summer?
last summer I decided to tutor every day, because I felt guilty just sitting at home.
i made great money.
like seriously--if you want extra cash, tutor!
easy money!
but this summer, I decided I didn't want to be tied down.
I wanted to swim as much as I want, go home to california every other weekend, go on every vacation possible, watch netflix all day, take afternoon naps, and maybe even cook a few
dinners here and there! ;)
and the best part? taylor supports these summer plans 100%.
oh, summer. can't wait until we meet again.

4. this current sight makes me so happy:
my brother and taylor playing video games together.
and that means I can finally watch grey's anatomy.
my cute mama has been getting at me forever to watch it on netflix.
yesterday on facetime, I told her I had been so bored all evening (taylor was finishing his last paper!).
she said, "well I know what you can do if you're bored."
I was ready for her to say, "the dishes," "the laundry" or any other chore.
growing up, if we ever told our mom we were bored, she'd say, "great! I have some stuff to keep you busy!" and we could guarantee to end up with a broom or vacuum or rag in hand. ha!
but instead she said, "watch grey's anatomy on netflix!"
ha! apparently it's her newest obsession.
she even texted me today, "grey's anatamy yet!?"
okay, okay, mom.
if I really must... ;)

5. it's FRIDAY!
along with celebrating taylor's last final + easter, we will be packing our weekend with good food and good friends. 
happy weekend!
oh, p.s! check back monday for a new "life in lists" link up prompt! it will be SO fun!
and such a good way to help your blog grow and meet new friends!


  1. Grays anatomy- my god get some chocolate and tissues ready. Love it though. Those sparkly eggs are also amazing!


  2. Congrats Taylor!!!! That's the best news EVER!!!!!

  3. Congrats to your husband! I LOVE fresh flowers. They make me smile! I like your idea of summer plans. Sometimes you just need to know that you can do absolutely nothing if you want!

  4. Can't wait for the link up. I know what you can do this summer! Get your cute little butt to Cincinnati and we can watch Grey's together! LOVE that show!!

    So excited for your man graduating!! YAY!