thanks to so many family, friends, and students, my 25th birthday was so special!

I walked into a classroom that was decorated by some of my sweet, sweet students!
having a birthday as a teacher rocks.
I got sooooo many treats. hahah
milkshake, after meal, after candy, after more milkshakes, after giftcards...AH
I had to share A LOT. haha

I came home to the prettiest flowers and sweeeeetest card from my tayray.
he came home from work early, and whisked me away to the tulip festival.
(which I just found out yesterday that teachers + a guest get in for FREE...DANG hahah, guess we will just have to go again for free ;))

one of my favorite things about my sweet taylor is how much he appreciates beautiful and creative things.
he loved the gardens as much as I did!
we walked around for a few hours, admiring lots, and wishing we had a membership (which, now we technically do, since we can get in for free whenever we want hahah)

I took most pictures on snapchat, so the only ones I actually have on my phone are in the same spot with new facial expressions. haha
after the festival, taylor took me to dinner, and then we cuddled up to a movie and taylor gave me the best birthday massage a pregnant woman could ask for!

I had a few people telling me to make sure that this birthday was all about ME, since it was my last birthday not being a mom.
but don't they know that my thoughts are already revolving around baby 24/7? ha
all of the things I wanted for my birthday were baby related, and people kept asking, "are you SURE you want something for the baby and not for yourself?"
like they felt guilty getting baby-related items. hahah
but it was all I wanted...and it was the best birthday EVER.
all of my hopeful nursery items are being checked off of my list
(thanks also to how lucky baby girl is...I've won 18 instagram giveaways in the last 3 months!...mostly baby related)

I am so excited that this is the birthday year that I become a MAMA.
it's gonna be a good year.
I can feel it.

taylor just sent me this little text
cue swooning heart.
it's going to be one good date night.
p.s. have you seen grace and frankie?
it is sooo funny. 
we binged watched the first season when it first came on netflix.

Just a few more date nights left until we've got a third wheeler on our hands ;)


snapchat stories

I feel like a lot of my stories have been shared on snapchat and instagram lately...leaving this little blog of ours neglected. 
probably the ease of it all...i'm so lazy lately. hahah
also teaching AP is kinda kicking my butt with the test just around the corner...ahhh, I think I'm more nervous than they are!!

so here are a few of the stories I've been sharing on snapchat, follow me if you want:

my last spirit bowl!
all of these lasts are getting a little emotional...these students are so dang fun.

my cute running buddy from the last 3 years and I ran a little 5k together a couple of weekends ago!
I definitely slowed her down, being 30 weeks pregnant and all. HA
we don't live right next to each other anymore, and our schedules are so different now that we haven't been able to really run together for the past year.
so it's always fun when we get back together for a little run.

baby girl moves sooo much.
the only way I can get her to be calm is to go for a little daily run.
the two hours after the run, are always the calmest part of my belly's day. haha
hopefully she'll come out ready to be my little running buddy!

a 30 week bump-picture in all it's glory

For the first time in this pregnancy, I started to get sooo uncomfortable during week 30, when trying to sleep.
Luckily, I've learned a few tricks, and haven't really had too much of an issue lately.
but this night in particular had me almost in tears...I take my sleep pretty seriously.

^cute tay has learned how to build various pillow set-ups based on my discomfort. haha, I'll call him in and have him rebuild multiple times...hahaha
Luckily, this was like a one week thing...and I've been totally fine the last 2 weeks.
My trick? A fan.
No idea why.
But if I have a fan blowing on me, I can get sooo comfortable and sleep so well.
It's not like I was even dying of heat or anything...but something about the constant "touch" makes me sleep like a baby again.

31.5 week bump!

sometimes I can't help but just stare at my belly.
It's so strange, but it's also the coolest thing my body has ever done, by far.

 and let's end with possibly the best picture of mr. taylor gilbert:
that pose.
crushed it.


the cutest daddy story.

ever since we started dating, taylor would always tell me that all he wanted was a bunch of little daughters.
I kinda hated on his little dream because all I wanted was BOYS.
And then...of course, we found out baby gilby was a sweet girl, and Taylor gave me his cute half smile and wink, with a little knowing look that said, "told ya so...on our way to allll girls." hahah
It's funny, because I wanted a boy SO bad, but now that I'm having a girl, I literally cannot imagine having a boy.
I'm sold on Taylor's little all-girl-dream now.
Bring me allllll the girls.

Taylor is going to be the sweeetest daddy to our little girl.
She's already got him wrapped around her little finger.
Case in point:

The other night, we went to baby gap---such a dangerous store lately.
we promised ourselves a few weeks ago that we wouldn't buy anymore baby clothes until after our baby showers...she already has a bigger wardrobe than both of us combined! haha
so, we stupidly went into baby gap while we were at the mall (just can't help ourselves...ha), and saw this little yellow dress that we both just had all the heart-eyes for.
Like we could not get over it.
It was sooooo cute.
We pretty much dragged each other out of the store so that we wouldn't buy it and break our little "clothes promise."
That took some BIG will power not to buy that dress.

The next day, Taylor picked me up for lunch (best part of spring break=lunch dates), and when I opened the car door, I saw a gap bag on the passenger seat.
Confused, I looked at Taylor and then instantly knew what was inside that bag.
Taylor hung his head and said, "I couldn't help myself.  I was at work just thinking about that little dress, and I had to leave work and go and get it so that I could concentrate!"

That little yellow dress was inside the bag, and ohhh, it's just as cute as it was in the store.
I laughed for about 3 straight minutes just thinking of cute little taylor obsessing over the little yellow dress. haha
it is sooo sweet how much he already loves this little girl.
he has to tell her he loves her all the time, and tells her little stories, and sings her little songs.
it's the cutest.
I feel pretty dang lucky to be carrying taylor ray's little girl.

Can't wait to see him in full daddy mode.
because he will be just about the cutest little daddy to our sweet girl!


randoms and lately.

a little picture on easter sunday!
(not really sure why I look so extremely short in this picture...)
easter was so fun being spent with our gilbert fam.
we sure love the time we get with them.

taylor's easter basket was a little boring this year.
he is doing this diet thing for work, so I couldn't put any treats in his basket this year.
So he got lots of healthy food + his annual ties.
but he was still sweet enough to put some yummy treats and that pretty floral dress in my own basket ;)
goooood boy.

I had my glucose test this week!
I've been dreading it since I scheduled it last month.
but it wasn't nearly as bad as I was preparing for.
my doctor's office refrigerates their glucose drinks, which made it 10x better.
I purposefully stayed off of social media all day so that I would have something to do to keep my mind occupied while I drank.
and it worked like a charm! I had enough unread posts to scroll through, that I was kept pretty entertained while downing the yucky.
the worst part is probably just how fast you have to drink it, but in all reality, it really, really wasn't bad.

it's also really fun counting down to my next doctor's appointments!
doctor appointments are actually so fun now!
I love hearing her little heartbeat.
it makes everything so much more real for the 10 seconds I get to hear her.

really random picture, but we've loved our frequent dinner dates with mom and dad gilbert.
they are like our built in best friends, and we always have such a good time with them.
especially with all of us getting more and more giddy over baby girl gilbert!

 this morning I walked into my classroom and found huge, intricate snowflakes hanging everywhere.
I was so confused...still am.
Is it an april fools joke?
I keep thinking something is going to fall out of all of them or something...
ha, so the mystery is unsolved as of this moment.
for a really scary classroom moment, see here.

life has just been so great with my forever little sidekick.
we lie in bed and get to feel baby girl move every night. the BEST
pregnancy is so, so weird.
half the time, I almost forget I'm pregnant.
And then I will catch sight of myself in the mirror, or my belly will hit something, or baby girl will kick super hard, and a whole new wave of emotions comes over me as I remember what I'm carrying all day.
the human body is amazing.
and is it weird that I love always having a little companion?
where ever I go, I've got little girl with me.
and it's kind of the best feeling in the world.
a literal, built-in best friend. hahah

Half the time, I think, how can we wait 11 more weeks!? (that's if she doesn't come early!)
and the other half of the time, I think..."oh my gosh. we are SO NOT READY. 11 weeks!?!?!?"
pregnancy is something else.

but life is great...and spring break starts after today, so HALLELUJAH!