a reminder to my future self

this post is a reminder to my future self to never travel without taylor.
because I am possibly the most obsessed and clingy person in the world.
i am shamelessly addicted to my husband.

taylor is on a scout campout tonight and everything was fine and dandy while I was out running errands.
and I got so much done on a friday night!
jiffy lube
super sonic car wash
grocery shopping
+ mall shopping ;)

but then as soon as i got home and stopped moving...ugh cue incredibly pathetic sadness.
and so now i am making comfort food--chocolate chip cookies, reading my book, and trying to pretend like i'm not scared in our home all by myself, whilst also ignoring the fact that i don't get to go to sleep next to taylor tonight.
i am a mess.

once upon a time i went on a cruise without taylor. HA
and i missed him an incredible amount the entire time.
and every time i leave him for a vacation or whatever, i always think, "okay, well we aren't newlyweds anymore...I'm sure I won't miss him like I did last time..."

so dear future kelli:
you are an obsessive addicted mess.
don't willingly leave that boy ever.

hoping you all have someone to snuggle this friday night!
...because boo me. i don't.


three pictures are worth about 80 words.

signing yearbooks today like it's my job.
oh wait..it kind of is.

 and HI to the last day of work for three months.
and HI to SUN and SUMMER and sitting by the pool every single day!
there are no words for the emotions right now...I mean how would you feel if you got three months paid vacation? exactly.
it's pure bliss.
but also. a little sentimentally sad that I won't see my favorite 16 year olds for three whole months!
but eh.
mostly. I'm thinking about tan lines.

it's great to be a tiger!


a letter to my students

this morning, i am sitting at my desk looking at my students take their us history final.
and suddenly, my eyes are filled with tears.
until i quickly blink them away.
(theirs might be filled with tears too...but probably because they didn't study enough. ha)
because, man.
I love these students SO much.
...even though right about now 30 of them really hate me. 
they are taking a 110 question final.
buuuut, I told them I would do everything in my power to prepare them for this test.
and if I did my job, it should be easy.
I'm happy to report, that so far (out of two classes), the average is a 91%.
I'm calling that a solid win. 

anyways, these students!
they are so special, so good, so kind.
and there are so many things I want them to know.
One of my goals throughout the year is to try to show them how much I love them.
because, I really do.
I often look at them and think, "man, when I have teenagers, can you come teach them to be as awesome as you?"
At the end of every class period, as they are headed out the door, I yell the same phrase: "Have a great Monday! (or Tuesday, or Wednesday, or...you get the gist. ha) I love you all!"
The first couple of times I say it, they all give me weird looks and kind of giggle awkwardly.
But as the year progresses, I hope they know that I truly mean it.
On every assignment that I hand back, I choose about three papers per class to write a little message on.
sometimes the messages are simple: "I'm so impressed with your work, John!"
Other times they are long and detailed, and I write what I feel like that particular student needs to hear.

I've sidetracked.
I just want these kids to KNOW how good they are and how much potential they have.
And when I look out into the world, I am scared for them sometimes.
The world is always telling them they aren't good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, funny enough.
But then I see a small interaction in class--like the whole class cheering on the student with autism when he gets an answer right.
And I am filled with hope again.
these kids have so much power to do good.

and so, here are a few words of wisdom to the students I will always care about and forever think about.

To my lovely students,

I want each of you to know how much I care for you personally.  I constantly think of you, and will continue to think of you after this class ends.  I care about your failures, your successes, and most importantly, your tries.  I hope that you find happiness in life, that you never settle, and that you work for your dreams.  If you ever feel disheartened, discouraged, or alone, just remember that I believe in you and I will always be rooting for YOU. As F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “I hope you live a life you’re proud of.  If you find that you are not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.”

My greatest fear is that you will not realize your potential.  I know I’m just your teacher, but I see your potential.  I see how amazing each of you are.  Think what you can do if YOU believe that, too!  Do not let ANYONE tell you that you aren’t worth it, that you can’t do it, that you will never become it.  If you want something, go for it.  I have seen what an incredible group of students you are.  I have faith that YOU can help make this world a happier place.  My two cents of wisdom to you: if you have the power to make someone happy, DO IT.  The world needs more of that.

Keep in touch with me! Share with me your dreams and accomplishments.  As a teacher, I take great joy in seeing what you have gone on to do with your life. 

I really do love you (in the most appropriate way I can).  And I believe in you.

May your heart be kind, your mind be fierce, and your spirit be brave.

Love you all,

Mrs. Gilbert

With today being the last day of classes (yearbook day tomorrow, graduation on friday), it's easy to say that I'm a little sentimental and emotional today.

but right now, i'm gonna be creepy again and stare at these kids i love for just a little longer.
oh, and the answer to #40 is B.


three days, people!

on saturday morning, taylor and his dad forced me to go to the gym with them at 7:30 in the am. why would anyone choose to get up that early on saturday!?
but, then, wait. 
it was 10am, and I had finished working out, finished the laundry, ran to target, and still had the entire day!
it was magic. 
and suddenly. 
I was sold.
so on monday, a HOLIDAY, I woke up at 7am and went to the gym with them again. 
and mayyybe i took a two hour nap at 10am, but still!
 i had my to-do list done by 10am! 
i never knew this life existed.

but don't worry.
today I did not wake up early.
in fact, I slept through my first period prep, since it's the last week of school.
but I am possibly sold on this whole "wake up early during the summer" idea.
i mean, i have allll summer to do nothing but sit by a pool, right?

the rest of our weekend was filled with three canceled camping trips (ha!)
(we were supposed to go with my brother and friends but then taylor had a scout campout, so we had to cancel. then, very last minute, his scout campout got canceled, but everyone had already gone up the night before and we had given up our spots. but suddenly we were invited to go on another camping trip last minute, until it started pouring and then that seemed like a bad idea. sooo...canceled.)
but that's okay.
we snuggled up to a few movies.
talked about big plans.
went on long walks.
had BBQs.
ate yummy food.
saw good friends.
watched the bachelorette with two of our favorite people.
...our husbands like to pretend like they don't like the show.
but while me and emma were in the kitchen making cookies, we secretly watched as our husbands were both completely zoned into the show.
oh, and also.
taylor got peed on by their dog.
that was the best part of the night.

and also, i feel like we've been in this weird phase.
where big decisions are happening + fun things every night + always forgetting to take pictures + never being able to decide if we feel like grown ups or kids.

and in two weeks we will be in my homestate soaking in the california sun.
so life doesn't get much better.

and even though this was a pointless post with no pictures, forgive me.
because the only thing I care about is that there are three, THREE, more days of school!


clearing the brain

i can't seem to get my brain straight lately--there is so much going on lately.
so, instead of letting another MIA blog day go by, I decided to try to piece together all of the fifty million things that have been running through my head as of late.

okay, not officially.
but it's really starting to feel like it.
we even went and got our first shaved ice of the season--from the best shaved ice hut around.

taylor looked online to see if they were open for the season yet, and we were so excited that they were!
so we decided to walk to the one about a mile and a half from our house.
but when we got there?
there was no hut set up.
upon looking a little closer to the online details, we found out the one in provo was open, but not the one in orem.
so we walked all of the way back home to hop in the car and drive to provo.
there was no way we were missing out on that shaved ice!
but seriously.
they have the best shaved ice around.

and also.
summer time means i'm finally starting to get my california tan back!
hihihihi SUN!

AND we go to california in just two weeks!!

we have been having so much fun with all of our couple friends lately.
we are so blessed to have so many good friends.
friday nights + saturday nights are always full of good times.
and tonight, I am going with my dearest friend, kate, to get the first pedi of the season! 

AND one of my greatest friends, chelsey, moved back from new hampshire last week.
just babies in this picture.

...she might be the friend I almost got arrested with once?
ha. we die every time we reminisce about the time that the police yelled at us to get on the ground.
maybe i should tell that story at some point?
regardless, she's back and i'm happy!

thank you for coming back into my life.
and andi, i love you!
and YAY for viewing parties with lots of girls and husbands who pretend not to like it but secretly love watching every episode.

my padre made a new goal a couple of months ago to work out every single day.
no excuses!
he's three months strong, and that is so inspiring to me!
so I made a goal towards the end of april to do the same.
and I'm happy to report, I am on week 5 of not missing a SINGLE day.
cardio + jillian michaels.
and literally, just before I was about to post this, I got this text from my dad!
(I had texted him my part yesterday.
 oh and just ignore our little nicknames. very old inside joke. ha)
see? we motivate each other!

I'm usually great at getting in 4-5 days a week, but some days I'd just give in to the excuses.
but now, being five weeks in, I want to see how long I can take this!
and p.s. it is so hot when I run outside now. ugh
also, how did I just discover the free hydro massages at the gym yesterday?
i am doing this every day. for the rest of my life.

he is just awesome in all walks of life.

Tuesday was my last day of teaching.
The next four days are finals days.
(so we are done at 11:45 every day!)
and then friday is graduation!
so basically, I'm done.
it's summer.
andddd I love these kids and will miss them SO much.
but, man.
I'm excited for no work for three months. ha!

i have been a food junkie lately.
you know those days where you can just eat anything and everything and still want more?
that's me.
ice cream, cookie dough, candy--i am craving all of the foods that are going to kill me.
sooo maybe when three of my students bribed me with m&ms today to let them run to the store really quick, I agreed too quickly?
but--these little colored spheres are just so yummy.

and hey!
supppaa excited for memorial day weekend.
lots of friends, parties, and good times!


i confess

+i confess that i look really orange in the picture above? not sure what happened there.

+ i confess that on two separate occasions yesterday, taylor and I opened up a pack of oreos, poured some milk, and pounded those oreos. (proof from the picture)

+i also confess that we ate a whole pack of oreos yesterday...

+i confess that i currently have the ugliest chipped nail polish. and taylor tells me how much he hates it every day (one of his worst pet peeves)

+i confess that i laugh harder at my own jokes than anyone else does

+i confess that i am beyond excited that today is the last monday of the school year!

+i also confess that i am so sad for school to end. i love these kids and the chemistry that each class has created. it is always such a bittersweet feeling.

+i confess that for one of the first real times, i am struggling to get along with someone. and i don't know what to do about it.

+i confess that i was extremely distracted during church yesterday. and i tried really hard not to look at my phone every three seconds--but man, i was struggling. dreaming of those oreos...

+i confess that i slept in until 11:30am on saturday.

+i confess that i really hate all seafood. (and yesterday taylor ate 50 pieces of shrimp. i wanted to vomit.)

+i confess that i am watching way more netflix than i should be. and i really miss reading. but i've just got to finish this dumb show! and then i'm swearing off netflix.

+i confess that taylor snuggled up to me on saturday morning while i was asleep, and for the first time i can remember, i pushed him off (half-asleep). then i felt bad, but was too tired to do anything, and just fell back asleep.

+i confess that all of my laundry baskets are EMPTY right now! but when I told taylor yesterday, "the laundry is done!" he said, "have you folded any of the clothes?" and when I said, "no..." he said, "then, no, the laundry is not done. close, though." dang it.

+i confess that taylor ALWAYS beats me in our nightly board games. ugh.

+i confess that taylor and i are signing up for dreamdinners this week. no more cooking or grocery shopping? SIGN ME UP. and also. i have probably lost all respect from all of the awesome wives out there.

+i confess that i LOVE sleeping with the window open. but taylor hates it.  so in the middle of the night, i secretly open it. why am i so selfish? ha.

+i confess that while singing hymns in church yesterday, i used baby words the whole time to try to make taylor laugh while singing. he laughed...but i laughed harder. again with the whole thinking i'm really funny thing.

+i confess that i have a secret goal to get a six pack before i'm pregnant.  i've heard that if you have abs, you prevent a lot of problems, your belly is smaller, you have an easier time pushing, and you recover (weight wise!) faster! i'm believing webmd on this one.

+speaking of pregnancy...i confess that i am scared of falling into the "eating for two" trap.  i do not want eating more to be an excuse when i'm pregnant--i fear that pregnancy-weight-gain like you wouldn't believe!

+i confess that today is going to be an awesome day!


one of those days.

yesterday was just one of those days.

the guest speaker I had scheduled to come into one of my classes canceled last minute.

I drove home during lunch so I could start our crockpot dinner, only to find out half way through mixing the ingredients that I was missing one crucial ingredient.
since I was on a time crunch, I didn't have time to do anything but huff and puff and throw my half-made dinner away.

then, when I got back to my classroom, I realized I had left my lunch at home.
(I had originally intended to eat it at home after preparing the dinner.)
wahoooo no lunch for me!

while on my run, my phone died.
no music.
no runkeeper.
I thought it was the cherry on the top of my bad day.
oh, but wait.
little did I know that in the next 30 seconds, I would accidentally drop my iphone during the run.
helloooo shattered iphone.
I was trying to unplug my headphones, but I pulled too hard, and my whole phone came tumbling down.
and the phone just magically fell out of its case during the fall.

then I wanted to call taylor and cry about my horrible day.
but, oh yeah.
my phone is not only broken, it's dead, too.

by the time I got home and finished my run, I decided I would make a really simple dinner:
german pancakes!
halfway through making it?
you got it.
I'm out of flour.
that was realllyyyy my last straw.
I threw the bowl into the sink, grabbed a box of chocolate teddy grahams, fell into the couch, and sat there and ate those teddy grahams with a pouty face the entire time.
oh, I should also mention that my jillian michaels DVD was paused on the tv, so I sat and told her how much I hated her while I stuffed those teddy grahams into my mouth.
so, I'm now the proud owner of a shattered iphone, 3 extra pounds (thank you, teddy grahams), and a broken bowl...that is still sitting in the sink.

luckily the end of the night got just a little better thanks to an evening walk with taylor, plus the swimsuit I had been waiting for came in the mail.

while laying in bed last night, I was complaining over my shattered iphone, and taylor said, "I cannot believe you broke two phones in four months. You're such a loser."
and for some reason, we just could not stop laughing.
yep, I'm a loser.

dear wednesday: please be good to me!


an ode to the mr.

the other day, I met taylor's preschool teacher!
she was telling me how she has always remembered taylor because he was SO good.
He was so obedient, and so patient, and he was always helping the other kids.
It was so fun to think about little taylor.
and gosh, was he cute.
I have a few of these pictures tucked into our bedroom mirror--because I just can't get over how adorable little taylor is.
I always tell him that I hope all of our boys look just like him.
But what I don't tell him as often, is that I hope all of our kids act just like him, too.
(tay is on the right)
I hope our future kids are patient like taylor.
proof: he's married to me. ;)
I am always amazed at how Taylor never lets things bother him.
When I get frustrated over a situation or over something someone does, Taylor is always cool and collected.
And then when I ask him, "how does that not bother you!?"
he always responds with, "Because, I don't let it."
He is so carefree--and I admire that so much.
Especially since I worry about every single little thing.

I hope our future kids are selfless like taylor.
Taylor is always finding ways to spend our money on others.
And I am always quick to question him or think of reasons why we need the money instead.
He is always giving up his saturday mornings (something I never give up) to help people move or to do some other selfless act.
and he is always sending flowers to someone. 
...I really like when I'm the recipient. ;)
and see? proof that I'm selfish. ha

I hope our future kids are creative like taylor.
He is constantly coming up with new imaginative ideas.
whether its painting canvases, making a shoe cubby, coming up with a new way to make money, reorganizing furniture--his mind is constantly spinning.

I hope our future kids are dedicated like taylor.
Taylor has recently started walking the 2 miles to work (and then 2 miles back!)
I wasn't sure how long it would last, but so far, he's stuck to his guns!
Not only that, he walks home for lunch, too!
When he has an idea--he sticks to it.
this is exactly what makes him so successful at what he does.
I would be so unfocused if I were my own boss--I have no idea how he does it every day.

I hope our future kids are happy like taylor.
Whenever I meet his mission presidents and wives, they always say the same thing: "Your husband is the happiest person I've ever met!"
And it's so true.
...and sometimes even annoying. ha ;)
He is ALWAYS happy.
He is always smiling and making up weird songs and wanting to wrestle and talking in weird accents and reading me funny jokes.
and gosh.
wasn't he just adorable?

one of the things I cherish most about our relationship is that he genuinely makes me want to be a better person. 
all of his strengths are my weaknesses.
and all of my strengths are his super strengths. ha

this guy is one of a kind, and I'm so happy that he chose me to be by his side.


a grumpy weekend

the majority of my weekend was spent working on the mother's day film I shared in yesterday's post.
the audio on that was a nightmare!
and I was extremely stressed all weekend because of it.
aaand, friday night was one of those nights where I was just constantly snapping at taylor.
I was being irrational, stubborn, and grumpy.
that guy.
he deserves a gold medal sometimes...well, all the time.
but he is always so patient with me, and I love him dearly for that.

last night, while taylor was being his usual perfect, patient self
(had a little breakdown last night, too...it was just one of those weekends, you know?)
we randomly started looking through the photostream on his ipad.
it was so fun to see pictures from the last year.
and trying to remember where we were in some of them.
it made me realize, once again, how grateful I am for our little life.
we have so much fun together!
even when I'm being a "frownie-brownie," as taylor calls it.

here's a small collection of some of the photos I loved reminiscing over!
maybe the worst quality picture, but definitely the best quality mother.

^also, do you love my lens-cap-booty? see it? ;)^

seriously one of the best nights with regan.
UM, we saw michael buble.
it was a dream come true. 
and, I was really hoping I would get a chance to kiss him.
it didn't happen.

ohhh, halloween.
would it surprise you if I told you I have the next 5 years of halloween costumes planned? ha

we also got to hang out with one of our best couple friends on saturday night.
and that was SO fun.
and amidst my crazy mood swings this weekend, life is pretty great with that fireman pictures above. ;)


kids+cuteness+mother's day

I decided to take my little primary kids and create a special little gift for all of their moms.
the kids were so excited to have their moms watch the video in relief society!
happy mother's day to all of the moms out there.
and aren't kids just the cutest!?

oh, and of course, a BIG happy mother's day to my two moms!
don't know where I would be without either of them!


my current happy list

do you like my little wispy bangs?
I grew them myself.

1. the weather!
may weather in utah is really bipolar.
but, for some weird reason, it makes me happy.
I love the sun dearly, but the rain makes me incredibly giddy.
so to get a mix of both?
it makes for a great month.

2. the cute mr.
he has been on this deep-cleaning spree lately.
and wow.
can a girl complain?
it has been so great.
way to go, tay!

3. nightly walks
taylor and I have started a new habit to take a walk every evening.
and it has easily become my favorite part of the day!
no distractions--just us with the world.
I love seeing new things with him.
plus, I've been hearing so many taylor-childhood stories the past few nights!

4. Chi Running
I've been reading an incredible book about the quasi-yoga-based style of running
it is so motivating, and it has totally changed the way I run.
plus, I've been learning how to minimize my intense shin-splint pain!
you can order the book here!

5. discovering that the elliptical is a healer
I haven't been very nice to my body lately--I've been clocking in the miles and desperately trying to ignore my shin splint pain.
finally, on tuesday, I grudgingly decided that I shouldn't keep running on the pain.
taylor suggested that I try the elliptical at the gym.
and I was shocked to learn that it actually stretched out my sore connective muscle tissue!
so I've been clocking in the cardio miles on the elliptical the past two days while simultaneously minimizing my pain!

6. our new budget.
taylor hates it.
but I find budgets liberating.

7. learning about investing
money intrigues me.
and the idea to use money to make money intrigues me even more.
I have been reading some great books and sources about investing.
and it's so fun!

8. listening to the ensign
I've been listening to the ensign in the car and while running lately, 
and I'm always shocked how much I enjoy it.
there are so many great articles!
and listening to it forces me to read every article, instead of just skimming through the ensign like I normally do.

9. these boys!
they surprised me today by stopping in to say hi!
they are my students from the school I taught at last year.
and man!
they are SO tall!!
and I love them both!

10. jillian michaels 30-day shred!
are you sick of me talking about this yet?
i do apologize--but man.
I really am enjoying it!
And I like to think that I'm getting more toned.
maybe I will be brave enough to post a before/after picture.
Today is day 10!

happy thursday!


a graduation getaway!

this last weekend, this cute guy and I got to run away to park city!
(oh, and please excuse taylor's cute face burn in all of these pictures.  he smashed his face up last week at a trampoline house! hahah!)
one of taylor's clients paid for a whole weekend of fun for us!
we stayed in an INCREDIBLE hotel room.
I was giddy as soon as I saw it.
not only was it the largest hotel room we've ever stayed in, it had surround sound, two large flat-screen tvs, a heated/jetted tub, walk-in shower, a beautiful balcony, and just wow--I'm still drooling thinking about it.

When we arrived to check-in to the hotel, before we could even say anything, they asked, "Are you Taylor Gilbert?"
I'm still not sure how they knew who we were...but they handed us an envelope that was waiting at the front desk for us!
Along with sending us money for fun and a whole package of treats, another client of taylor's left a credit on our hotel room!
we debated whether we should get a couple massage or room service.
aaaand, once we saw the room service menu, we were sold.
say hello to our $40 dessert and our $80 breakfast!
sayyy whaaa!

and that food was dang good!

every time we go out of town, we try to remember to bring our HDMI/thunderbolt connector so that we can connect our mac's to the hotel tv.
you know, to watch a movie or netflix.
well, we forget the cord about 50% of the time.
we were really bummed that we forgot the cord this time, since we had redbox movies to watch.
so we decided to drive down to walmart and buy a cheap dvd player. ha!
wellll--turns out, that the hotel room had a dvd player the entire time!
I mean really--it's got two flat screen tvs in the same room, why wouldn't it have a dvd player?
I don't know if we were just giddy or on a sugar high from our $40 dessert, but we could not stop laughing when we found the dvd player in the hotel room.

the next day, we lounged around, explored parts of park city, and window-shopped.

Oh, and of course, I made taylor do a little photo-sesh with me on the balcony.
and look at this balcony view!

while out on a run, I accidentally stumbled upon a walking path with incredible views.
Really...can a run be more breathtaking than this?
I loved every second.

that night, we finally got around to seeing divergent.
and we were the only ones in the entire theater!
I tried to convince taylor to have a make-out session during the movie, but he was more interested in actually watching the movie. 
so much for thinking I'm a great kisser.
ha, kidding. but for real, that movie was incredible!
taylor had a great idea to walk to the theater, and one of the highlights of the whole trip was walking home at midnight, in a beautiful city, holding hands with my handsome guy!

we felt pretty spoiled all weekend long!
it was such a needed trip!
and now, I'm ready to finish this last month of teaching with a bang.

oh, and also.
the front desk called us to ask if we were "jumping."
I guess they got complaints?
oh, hi jillian michaels 30-day-shred.
why'd you have to go and get me in trouble?
at least I got to finish it before the call came in.
day 8! 22 to go...
join me, won't you?
I thought I was getting stronger, so when a student challenged me to an arm wrestling contest last Friday, I quickly agreed.
and then, I quickly lost.
but  yesterday, taylor complimented my arms after I asked him.
so that felt good.

May is treating us pretty dang good so far!


must-read books link-up!

today's "my life in lists" link-up prompt is: list books you think your followers definitely should read.

I'm really excited about this one--because I loveee reading.
buuut, I haven't been reading as much as I used to (or like to) lately.
and I blame netflix.
oh, netflix. 
you have wasted so much of my life.
does anyone else have this problem?
taylor and I decided that we are canceling netflix 
(...as soon as I finish grey's anatomy).
we are going to use our time more productively!
and I'm really excited about that, because it means more reading!

So, here are some books you should definitely go and pick up!

1. unbroken.
probably my all-time favorite book.
it's incredible.
AND it's going to be released as a movie by the end of the year.
I am sooo excited!

2. Nothing to Envy.
because wow.
if you want your eyes opened, read this.

3. Harry Potter
I can't make a list like this and NOT include harry potter.
but you know, as soon as things start to get really popular, I jump off the train
(harry potter, hunger games, divergent, twilight)
I just can't stand the "fad."
and so I kind of banned harry potter for awhile.
then, at the beginning of this year, I decided to re-read the harry potter series.
and it was like a drug.
I couldn't stop.
Couldn't put it down.
and carried a freaking ten pound book around with me everywhere I went.
so, yes.
It was just as good as I remembered.
even better actually.

4. Fire of the Covenant.
if you're ready to smile one minute and then sob the next, this is the book for you!
and my copy is completely trashed from over-reading.
just so dang good.

5. Killing Lincoln
Love me some good history reads.
But the BEST is when they feel like a novel.
and this one is excellent.
you will be blown away!
(no pun intended)

6. Baseball's Great Experiment
say whhaaaa?
yes. a baseball book.
from a girl who doesn't even know how many innings there are in baseball.
I had to read it for a class in college--and I was fully prepared for it to be miserable.
and then.
it is SO good
you learn about jackie robinson, but it feels like a tragic novel the whole time.
Mine is highlighted with awesome quotes and dog-eared all over the place.
it's great.

okay--I really need some good reccomendations!
so everyone link up, and share!

and tomorrow, I'm so excited to blog about our stellar weekend in park city!
we had such a blast!

Happy Monday!!
It's your turn to link up below!
and you can link up ALL week!


high school-isms

high school kids.
they're a unique brand.
they laugh anytime you say "balls" 
they take constant selfies in class.
and then they get embarrassed when I call them out--but really, did you just not notice that you were in a room with 30 other people?

the other day, I was playing a youtube clip on my presentation.
just as I'm walking away from the computer, an add pops up on the video that says, "how large are your prostates?"
I ran back to the computer while saying, "please don't answer that! don't answer!"
and tried to click the little "x" as fast as I could.

I thought I'd share a little snippet of a note that I confiscated that was being passed between two girls.
talking about a special boy:
girl #1. "was he just being friendly to you? are you positive he was being flirty?"
girl #2: "no! not friendly! he was giving me his LOOK, like he wants to....I don't even know. like he wants to sweep me up and never let me go."
girl #1: "aw. so poetic. did it give you a rush?"
girl #2: "yes. he is way too important to me. too bad I'm taken."
ohhh high school love.
and high school triangles.

while in my world war 2 unit, I was teaching them about victory in Japan, commonly known as V-J day.
I can guarantee snickers every time with this one.
but, while reviewing V-J day, one particular student had a very untimely stutter, "Wait, what day was V-J-J day again?"
and then he turned bright red, put his head down, and muttered, "I did not mean to say that."
it was clear it was an accidental stutter, but man.
the poor kid.
the whole class was a laughing wreck after that.

earlier this week, I was showing a clip on history.com.
sometimes there are little 15 second commercials before the clips, which I normally just mute or let play.
well, on this particular day, I pushed play, the commercial started, and then I looked down at my seating chart.
I started hearing snickers, so I looked up and saw girls on the beach undressing into very scandalous bikinis!
oh history.com--you have failed me!
I rushed to turn off the projector--and then I just couldn't stop laughing.
oh, I am so sorry, dear high school boys.

the other day, as I passed out their cold war tests, I stupidly said,
"alright kiddies, here are your testies!"

but you know, I'm pretty grateful that they laugh at everything.
because they make me feel like I could be a very successful comedian.
the other day, I said, "the russians were rushin' in to korea."
get it? rushin...aka russian. ha
and they laughed their little heads off.
and I bowed.
and I'm still proud of that joke.
okay, I didn't bow.
but I am still proud...

oh, and my new favorite policy?
disabling cell phones.
texting doesn't bother me that much--unless it's CONSTANT.
and there are a few kids that just can't put their phone down.
and so, I've started to take their phones, and try to guess the passcode.
I'll keep guessing until it gives me the message, "phone disabled. try again in 30 minutes."
and then I just gently place the phone back on their desk with a little smile.

man, I could go on and on with these stories.
maybe I should start a weekly blog post with stories solely dedicated to high school-isms.
at least there is never a boring day with this job!

and HEY.
it's FRIDAY and it's MAY!
I am so excited for the weekend!
one of taylor's clients paid for a getaway for us in park city as a graduation gift for tay!
and the hotel is literally three times the size of our home.
we've got a presidential suite!
with all inclusive everything!
it's going to be pretty amazing.
stay posted for our fun weekend!
pretty excited for one last graduation celebration!
and to run away with this silly dreamboat of mine!
happy friday!