five professions

my cute sister, marci, started a weekly link-up!
 i'm so excited to host this with her (starting tomorrow!). 
I'm a horrible sister and linked up super late for last week, so tomorrow there will be a brand new topic and you can all link up too! 
she is so creative, and it will be such a fun link up! 
and I'm excited to see it grow with time!

the link up series is "my life in lists."
last week's "list" was "five professions you'd like to try."
i've had this post sitting in my drafts almost all week, but kept forgetting to publish.
I've been having way too much fun enjoying my break (which ends tomorrow...ahhh).
but tomorrow I'll be back with posts galore--and I promise to include lots of new hair pictures--because, guys! i darkened my hair!

so here's my very late post for last week's link up!

1. ASL interpreter!
I used to be the secretary/interpreter for the ASL dean at BYU, and it was one of the best jobs ever. 
I love the language, but I've been horrible at keeping my skill up.
I can still understand perfectly, but my own signing skill has definitely gone downhill.
I only get to use it once a week when I visit my old boss.
....and I'm supposed to teach ASL at the high school next year.
ahh, stress.
anyways, one day, I'd love to go back and get my interpreter's certificate.
i'm really hitting myself over not getting the certificate two years ago when my signing was actually good. ha

2. a doctor!
all through high school, I was positive I wanted to be a doctor. 
i worked so hard to graduate valedictorian and receive scholarships so I could begin to competitively compete in the medical field.
I even started college a term early to get started on the medical path.
it's a long and personal story why I decided to switch majors, but let's just say, I know that I'm in the career I'm supposed to be in.
but if I had a second life--I'd go the doctor route!

3. a personal assistant
i'm talking like "devil wears prada" kind of assistant.
organization, frantic business, and partly controlling someone's life? 
sign me up.

4. an interior decorator
first, i'd have to actually have a true eye for this.
I can copy decorative ideas on pinterest really well--but coming up with it all on my own?
eh, I need some work.
but if I was super talented, I think this would be SUCH a fun job.
and not to mention your house would be the cutest--not just pinterest cute.
I follow jillian harris on instagram and am always secretly jealous of her career!

5. an event planner
because wow.
this would be so fun.
like for a big corporate business.
I love tedious, crazy, stressful jobs--I think it would be so empowering. ha
and to know that you created a whole event for thousands of people?
that'd be pretty cool.
plus, I bet throwing a rad birthday party would be a piece of cake after planning events.

6. (because I can't choose just 5!)
an auto-mechanic.
not kidding.
I know nothing, NOTHING about cars.
and wouldn't it be so cool to be my little 5'1" female self and just know everything about cars?
I feel like that would be such an awesome skill set.
plus, I wouldn't have to feel like I was being ripped off every time I went to a mechanic.

tomorrow there will be a new link up that you can all join! 
head over to my sister's blog or check back here for the next "list."
plus, it's awesome for when you have blogger's-block ;)

hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


  1. fun link-up!! i have to plan events for various things, and you're right - it's a pretty amazing rush! i also wanted to be a doctor.... a cardiologist, to be exact, because my dad had heart disease... but then i couldn't even dissect a worm... or stand the sign of blood... so there went that dream... LOL

  2. oh my gosh how crazy is it that TWO of these were totally on my list at first?! I had such a hard time choosing five too so some got deleted at the end hahaha. Personal assistant even WITH a note on devil wears prada was one of my originals + interior designer! And I deleted interior designer because I decided I could copy Pinterest but not come up with my own ideas haha! We are obviously sisters. Thanks for linking up! xoxo

  3. I want to be all 6 and I'm going to try to be 3 lol