we're having a baby!

 the news is out!
we are expecting our first little babe!
we could not be more excited!!
we are still a little bit in shock--especially since it feels more real after telling everyone.
we kept it a secret for TOO long--it was the worst!
but we were waiting to tell my family in person when we saw them at thanksgiving!

after four years of marriage, taylor and I started to feel like there was a little baby waiting to join our family.
we actually had a few really cool personal experiences that made everything feel so inspired!

taylor and I decided to start trying a few months ago, because I was convinced that it would take us at least 6 months to get pregnant--which was perfect timing in my book! (I don't know why I thought that though--all of the girls in my family have been little fertile machines)

soooo I was super surprised to find out that we were pregnant on our FIRST try. 
HAHAH the only thing we could really say was "thank the heavens for birth control all of this time!" HA
(more on me finding out I was pregnant later!)
I have been SOOO lucky with symptoms.
I pretty much haven't been sick at all.
EXCEPT for a weird bout monday & tuesday of this week.
(which seems weird since my first trimester is almost over...)

I've only thrown up three times while pregnant, and two of them weren't really because of pregnancy--more my stupidity.
the first time, I went to bed really hungry and thought "whatever..."
UH DUMB haha I learned my lesson really quick.
I woke up that morning soooo hungry, that I couldn't even stomach anything!
I had a piece of toast, and after about two bites, I lost it.
sooo lesson #1: this baby is hungry all of the time--and when the babe is hungry...it needs to eat NOW

the second time was because I am the biggest baby ever and I really really really hate taking pills.
I know its a mental thing, but I really can't handle it.
I can usually only take pills if I'm drinking something thicker than water (chocolate milk, smoothie, etc).
So I've had a good supply of chocolate milk on hand for my prenatals.
wellll the other night, I thought, "I can totally do this with just water!"
swallowed, and then my mind-game caught up to me...and UP came the pill and my dinner.
hahaha but I pretty much throw up anytime I try to take a pill just on water, so that really wasn't pregnant related.
BUT last night was the funniest.
we went out to a birthday dinner at pf changs for one of our best friends, kate!
and right at the end of the dinner I suddenly felt so sick.
haven't felt that ONCE during pregnancy.
so we started leaving the restaurant and I turned to kate and said, "guess what!? we are having a baby!!"
she congratulated me, and then asked me if I had been sick yet, and as soon as she asked that...I turned around and threw up.
my whole yummy dinner. 
right outside the entrance of pf changs.
pretty sure I ruined their business for the rest of the night.
but I was laughing so hard while throwing up...like how ironic is that? two seconds after telling someone I'm pregnant, I'm bent over throwing up. haha
aaaand I may or may not have peed my pants while throwing up.
my bladder just couldn't even handle the stomach muscle spasms.
pregnancy is so beautiful! HAHA

so YES, I've been super lucky with sickness!
other than being really tired (which is finally starting to go away!) and having a really sensitive nose to everyyything, I haven't really had any symptoms.

at 8 weeks, we had our first ultrasound, and we got to hear little baby gilbert's heartbeat.
SO fun.

we seriously are so in love with this little babe already!
It doesn't feel too real yet...but I'm sure as my pants continue to get tighter and my belly continues to get bigger, it will start to feel more real!

last night was the first time that I felt like I actually had a little hint of a belly!
taylor and I were trying to describe what it felt like..."it's not soft like a roll of fat, but it's also not rock hard like a bloated stomach..." ha

tomorrow I will share a fun little video of me telling tayray that he's going to be a daddy!
makes me cry every time. HA

we are so happy this little secret of ours is OUT!
12 weeks along and this babe already has our hearts!
we love you, little baby gilbert!


  1. SO stinking excited for y'all. Seriously. The most adorable parents!

  2. Aw this is so sweet!! Congratulations! I remember telling my husband we were pregnant, and it was seriously the best day ever!

  3. Oh goodness! Congrats!! You guys are gonna be the beesst parents.

  4. KELLI! seeing this news on ig made my day yesterday. you are going to be the best mama to that babe! you are so wonderful!

  5. OH MY WORD. I found out via instagram, but reading this (even through all the throw up talk) I'M SO HAPPY! Ha! You two are going to be amazing parents. The love you have for each other will only grow more with that adorable babe. CAN'T WAIT for all the posts to come - and that video is just going to be the best. I just know it!

  6. Congrats my friend!!! I am SUPER excited to see this not only bc you guys are ADORABLE and will be great parents, but bc it sounds like we are practically due date twins!!! :) SO happy for you!


  8. Kelli, this is incredible!!! I love hearing of old friends' lives just coming up roses! You will UNDOUBTEDLY be an amazing mother and teacher for this little one. Congratulations a million times over, and best wishes to you both! Much love, forever peace, always joy! :D

  9. Congratulations!!!! That is so exciting :) It will be fun to see updates!!!

  10. I am so happy for you guys! Your babe is so lucky to have you and Taylor as parents! So..side note I am totally the same way with taking pills the one and only time I ever threw up was when I took a prenatal pill (which I have the hardest time taking pills!) and sure enough it came right back up with my dinner! From that point on I took chewable prenatals!!

  11. Congrats!!! I just died laughing. I love how you keep it the most real all the time!! You guys are going to be great parents!!

  12. SO happy for you!! Congrats!! Cutest couple and soon to be parents, ever!

  13. Congratulations! I'm so excited for you both! I love that you found the humor in your puking story WHILE you were puking...haha!

  14. Congrats! I'm so excited for you guys! :)

  15. BEST NEWS EVER!!!! Oh my gosh, I am so excited for you both - what amazing news and I'm so glad you are feeling good! x