boston part 1!

oh, hiiii!
the owner of this blog still exists--it's true!
I've been a little MIA since summer hit.

my first week of summer, tay and I watched 4 little neighbor kids all week while their parents were out of town.
we had a little party all week long with our favorite littles!

and the second week, I was off to the east coast!
my history department was selected to go on a east-coast-history-tour funded by Larry H. Miller and Zion's Bank.
and WOW. it was possibly one of the coolest trips I've ever been on.
I had seen a lot of these sites before--but never with 20 other teachers that were just as passionate about history as me.
plus, we had two professors lead the tour and they told us so many cool stories along the way.
aaand it's really nice when the whole trip is planned out and paid for (plus a weekly stipend for all food/souvenirs/etc.) win-win.

my department head, reggie, and I loved the trip SO dang much that we are recreating the EXACT trip next fall for our students! haha!

I will try not to bore you with lots of history but I want to record a lot of these pictures for my own sake.
ALSO a big apology in advance for all of the selifes and solo-pictures.
it's really awkward standing by yourself in front of a monument thing, so I resorted to selfies a lot of the time...which is probably just as awkward. HA

I also tried to master the selfie stick, but it broke on the first day. DANG.

okkkayyy I will try really hard not to be too nerdy about my excitement over all of this stuff.
so here's a few little piccys of my trip!
 ^at the actual site of the boston massacre! pretty dang cool!^

 ^harvard campus^
 ^I look like a harvard-goer right? we tried to go into a library and got kicked out. HA
also, they have THE BEST pizza place in cambridge: otto pizza.
a MUST if you're nearby!

we did a bike tour of boston--probably one of the highlights.
boston is just one of my favorite cities EVER.
 ^fenway park for all of the sports lovers out there.
can I admit I had never heard about it before this trip? HAHAH...I blame it on you, dad.

^bunker hill. it's tall.^

we saw lots of grave-sites of historical folk.
there's something pretty cool about historical graveyards.

did you know mother goose was a REAL person?
I sure didn't!
she also has a little gravey-grave right in boston!

more pictures to come!
my summer days have been spent by the pool for the majority of the day.
I think I've finished four books on the little floaty-thing in the last week!
life is good!


notifications: by the husband

“How does that not just stress you out!?”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.”

It seems like Kell and I have this conversation three times a week about some random topic. For as much as we have become like each other, there are moments when I realize we are still very much our own people.

“You have 6 unread text messages!”


“How does that not just stress you out!”

“I leave them unread so that I remember to respond to them.”

Those who have been unfortunate enough to endure a texting conversation with me know that I kind of suck at it. My “system” doesn’t seem to help me much. This is in contrast to my wife; she is a straight-up texting wizard. She can fire a fully punctuated text off before the ringer is halfway through its full volumed aggravating ding sound. So naturally seeing this -

Causes some serious consternation.

After a 10 minute desperate exhortation to at least read my texts (shortening my response time is going to take nothing short of shock therapy), so she doesn’t develop a burbling peptic ulcer, I promised I would try for her.

A few hours later I picked up her phone to find a picture she had taken that day. That is when I found this:

Yeah. That says 30,000 unread emails. 30,000.

It is a good thing I love her, because I sure don’t understand her.