Confessional Friday--a link up!

Today, I am linking up with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday!  
This Friday's post is a simple "getting to know you." 
I know I've had a few new followers lately, and it can sometimes be nice to get a simple refresher of who the person is behind the blog :) so...

Hi! I'm Kelli!
Married to my cutie husband, Taylor.  
I grew up in Sacramento, where two of my siblings and parents still live--and oh, how I miss that beautiful town! 
I married myself a Utahn just over two years ago.
We currently live in Utah (even though I promised myself I would be out by the time I graduated college--I'm slowly falling in love with this sneakily beautiful state, but shhh don't tell taylor)
I'm a high school history teacher--and I often blog about the times I mix up my words, the lessons teenagers teach me, or frustrating situations
Oh, and I spend my days taking selfies in my classroom.
okay...not really--but as I was looking through my photobooth, I had an embarrassing amount of images of me sitting at my desk. I promise I don't do this all day.
It gets pretty craycray over here on the blog when you hang out with a bunch of 16-year-olds all day.
(and apparently, I start to talk like them too. craycray? really? i'm embarrassed. ha)

I started blogging in 2012, a couple months after Taylor and I got married.
I mostly started the blog to keep my friends and family updated on our life happenings--but I have since discovered the beautiful blogging world, and I love the friendships I've made!

On this blog, I mostly share the many adventures that I get to take with the best travel buddy around:
(I also like to make videos of our adventures!)

Some other things you should know about me:
1. i'm obsessed with long eyelashes and high cheekbones.
2. i'm always on the hunt for the perfect chocolate-chip-cookie recipe
3. I have a slight running-addiction. My day is not complete without a good 5-8miler on the books.
4. I have a bucket-list item to get in a real fist-fight. because...wouldn't that be so cool?
5. I may teach high school--but I look like I'm in high school.
6. my husband is really tall. it's awesome.
7. I kinda suck at all of the "wifely-duties."  Luckily my husband high-fives me, even when I suck.
8. I can never keep my dresser drawers tidy.
9. I'm a sucker for all things summer.

aaand, last but not least:
10. this guy is the best friend a girl could have!

(read more about us here!)
Happy Friday!


four things that made me laugh this week.

#1. Have you heard about the petition to deport Justin Bieber? 
Apparently, it has over 100,000 signatures!  
I wouldn't mind signing that petition myself.  
Since it hit 100,000 signatures, the White House will have to issue a response.
I'm looking forward to that more than I should.
Obviously, the actual chances of him being deported are slim to nothing--but I wonder how that makes little JB feel? 
 Maybe it's time someone grounded him and sent him to his room. Ha.  
And it's really too bad Miley Cyrus isn't from another country too...

#2. this picture: 
remember the "model shoot" episode a few weeks ago from the bachelor?
I giggle every time I see this picture of Taylor mocking that episode. haha

#3. this picture, too.
I laughed so hard when I saw this social studies department picture the other day.
apparently, I didn't get the "straight-face-let's-look-as-scary-and-mad-as-we-can" memo.
and also. I'm short.
and female.
so I just don't belong all around.
and yes, this picture is hanging proudly in my classroom for all of my students to see.
I've never been more proud of my department.
way to go, boys.

#4. I was recently reminded of a memory from when I was in 5th grade.
Let me give you some background:
all through elementary school I had a crush on a boy named Ian, who was a year older than me.
me and my friends did all of the annoying school-girl-aged things you do when you like a boy:
stole his basketball during recess, asked his friends every day who he liked, sat behind him and poked him during assemblies, rang his doorbell and ran away---you remember those "tricks?"
(and just in case you're thinking of trying them on your current crush, I'll tell you now: it didn't work.)
You can imagine my 5th-grade-elation, when I found out that both of our families were moving to a new housing development--and his family would be living right across the street from mine!
ohhhhh, that's when I knew.
it was meant to be.
WE were meant to be.
I wrote all about it in my journal: "I'm going to look really cute every day, and he'll see me all the time, and I know he's going to like me back! We are going to fall in love!"
During the first summer in our new house, my siblings, Ian, and Ian's little sister played together all the time. 
And I was in heaven!
I journaled every night about the times we met "eye-contact" or when we "touched hands playing tag" and "ohhhmygoshhh he loves me!"
and then.
On a particularly warm summer evening, I went inside to get glasses of lemonade for Ian and my sister.
(but mostly for Ian--couldn't let my lover-boy be parched, could I?)
I came back outside, struggling to balance the three glasses of lemonade in my tiny hands, and looked up at Ian with the biggest smile on my face--because, I was giving him lemonade! and duh, he loved me for it!
but then.
I saw it.
My sister and my one-true-love holding hands.
I stopped dead in my tracks.
 I dropped one of the glasses of lemonade, and watched it shatter to the driveway--along with my wounded heart.
I quickly handed them their lemonade cups, whilst giving my sister the meanest glare I could muster, and then ran up to my room and cried.
How could she!?
How could my own sister do that to me?
She knew that I loved him!
And then I had a marvelous idea.
I ran to the office and grabbed printer paper.
And (on what seemed like a million pieces of paper), I wrote one phrase: "Him or Me. Pick ONE!"
And I taped those million pieces of paper all over her room.
Hmph! That will show her!
I don't really remember what she said when she saw her room.
But I do know that she kept holding hands with him.
(...and maybe even kissed him? marci--clarify for me: was there a kiss?)
...so I guess she picked him. 
and my 11 year old self still holds a tiny grudge against her for that. ha!
And I went as long as I could without speaking a word to her.
But that didn't last very long.

so there you have it:
the story of my first love and my first wounded heart.
oh, and if you're wondering: we hardly ever talked to Ian or his sister after that summer. 
Even though we both lived there for the next 8 years...don't really know what happened there. haha
guess my 11-year-old self had it wrong: we weren't meant to be after all. dang it.

Happy Thursday!


little things

super excited to be linking up with Jess and Ashley today for the "little things" series!

woudn't this be the perfect post to announce that I was pregnant?
the "little thing" growing inside me?
better timing next time, I guess. ;)

although I don't have a cute picture of a little baby, I DO have a cute picture of a little kitten!
tay and I get to babysit this little snuggle-bug while my parents-in-law are out of town.
i'm grateful for this little guy who is so adorable, who makes me feel needed, and who is constantly attacking my husband's testicles (funniest thing ever).

and today I'm also grateful for a little act of kindness from my sweet parents-in-law.
my car wouldn't start the other day, and when they heard tay and I were down to one car while my car was getting fixed, they overnighted one of their car keys to us, so we could use their car while they are out of town.
little acts of kindness--without even being asked--are what keeps this world going round.


tuesday tangents

+ I find it very odd that every time we walk outside, Taylor purposefully looks for the ice so that he can slide around.  I am the exact opposite: I look for the crunchy snow so that I won't slip.  This usually results in us getting farther and farther away from each other--before you know it, we are on opposite sides of the road. It wasn't until last night that I thought, "this is kinda weird. why are we always on opposite sides of the street?" I guess that's what you get when your husband is a little boy at heart.

+I really really really hate that my husband can pull off trendy glasses and I can't.  In fact, the other day, he bought a girl pair (you can't tell that they're actually for women).  How can he pull off women's glasses, and I can't!? It's really frustrating, I tell you.

+over the weekend, tay and I drove all over town looking for a specific board game that he wanted. we hit the jackpot in one particular board game store.  we didn't find the game--but we found something much better: a board game battle between some of the most unique people on the planet. taylor and i secretly reveled in every moment, while I snuck behind board games to take pictures. we would have stayed there forever if we could.

+Last night, we cooked bacon to have with our german pancakes (p.s. found the best recipe EVER for german pancakes. sooo tasty!).  taylor hates when he can still smell dinner after dinner (so whenever I cook onions or bacons, I can expect to hear about it all night).  Last night, I walked into the kitchen to find him boiling essential oils to get rid of the bacon smell! Hahah! I wish I had taken a picture--there were bowls all over the counters--each bowl was steaming with hot water and an essential oil.  Our house smells awesome (come smell it)--but really, how does this boy think of these things? He's such a crafty weirdo. ;)

+is it weird that I am really giddy to try this workout as soon as I get home? I'm counting down the hours!

+who watched the bachelor last night? am I becoming one of those bloggers who blogs about the bachelor every tuesday? no. I'm not that cool. BUT I do have a few things to say--things that may or may not get me shunned from the blogging world.
1. I used to be an avid bachelor-fan.  Then when I started college, I decided to cut back--ha-it was taking up too much time.  I learned that if I didn't watch the first episode, the addiction wasn't there.  BUT no matter what, I found myself always watching the last two episodes. I just couldn't help myself. ugh. ha anyways--somehow, I watched the first episode this year. dang it. I'm hooked.
2. I was texting my friend chelsey last night while watching the show (p.s. love my chelsey girl. move back to utah!). we were talking about how watching the bachelor makes us forget all of our morals--like we are always rooting for the girls to take the fantasy suite date, or say something bad about another girl, or start drama, or wear the cutest bikini, or kiss the man that got kissed ten other times that night. what does this show do to me!? oh abc, you know how to make good TV.
3.  okay fellow girls--don't hate me. but am I totally alone in saying that juan pablo kinda bugs me?
maybe I'm totally off--but he doesn't seem very genuine to me. I can't quite put my finger on it though. but it seems like the whole online world loves him--so I don't understand what I'm missing? he's not my favorite bachelor--but I'm hoping that he will change my mind as the season progresses.
and I really, really, really like andi. 
okay, this is the end of my bachelor plug.

+if you've stuck through this post this long, let's be best friends. 

+last but not least, I love my fitbit. i want to dedicate a whole post to why you should get one too. but for now, I'll leave you with this awkward picture that I quickly took before the bell rang to show off my new obsession and my very white hand.
(p.s. can you spot my husband?)


um, whoops.

 I was telling my students the story of Anastasia today.
the true story--not fox's rendition (although, I do love that movie.)
As I was explaining the execution, I told them how the daughters and mom had jewels and diamonds sewn into their clothes (because they thought they were being transferred to a new country).
so when the executioners started bayonetting them to death, it took very long for the girls to actually die, due to the protection given from the jewels and diamonds.

as I was explaining it, I said: "now, remember, the executioners didn't know that the girls' clothes were stuffed with big chests and jewels and so...wait. diamonds and jewels. not chests. jewels and diamonds were covering their chests, they were not stuffed with big chests. oh gosh."
the boys just could not stop snickering.
and please, high five me.
I managed to just keep going without breaking out into a case of the uncontrollable-inappropriate-giggles.
you know the kind?
i was so proud of myself.
not for making all of the boys think of big chests.
but for not laughing at big chests being the saving grace from being bayonetted to death.

I have the worst problem with mixing up my words--taylor is really surprised I haven't been fired yet.
ha...like one time, I told a student I would give him a hand-job! in front of the whole class! I mixed up my words and did NOT mean to say that.
maybe I need to tell the whole story for that one?
but, eh. 
you just need to know, it happened.
and then I had to go tell the principal what I said just to save my back.
and...that was the most awkward conversation ever.
principal: "you told a student what?"

but the worst part, is that every time it happens, I break out in uncontrollable giggles.
because I know, I know, I should just not laugh and keep going.
but I just can't help it.
it's a curse, I tell you.
I laugh at the most inappropriate times:
like during prayers.
like during oaths. (oaths are so odd--aren't they?)
like when my visiting teacher my freshman year told me she was dying.
she just came out and said, "I probably won't be your visiting teacher much longer because I'm dying.  And the message for this month is..."
what kind of a sentence is that!
and so...I laughed.
for the next five minutes.
she cried. and left.

but I didn't laugh today when i said that the girls shirts were stuffed with big chests!
fist pump me, people!


my husband is famous

kind of weird when i go to lds.org and see my husband's face.
he's famous! ha!

last year, he was asked to participate in creating videos for the new youth curriculum.
I kind of forgot about it, until I was on the website today and I saw a picture of his cute face.
it freaks me out a little every time.

they switch pictures out every month, but if you're on the website and see someone who looks surprisingly like taylor, then it's probably him ;)

you don't have to really watch these, but I thought I'd give some proof:
(plus, we'll always have these videos on the blog so our future kids can tease dad)
keep an eye out for his adorable half smile :)
(at 31 seconds in the first video..you know, if you reeallly are just dying to see the cutest smile around)

p.s. these videos were clearly before the "suit incident."
oh suit, how I miss you.


Manifest Destiny: by the husband.

One of the things that first attracted me to Kelli was her raw determination. 

Don’t see it in this picture? Don’t let her fool you. When Kelli wants something, Kelli is going to get that something. Like I said, I love this quality about my wifey, yet occasionally I find myself on the wrong end of that tenacity.

I'm pretty sure she doesn't know she does it, but alas, she does. Kelli has the ability to expand her territory and displace native inhabitants like a colonial settler. 

Manifest Destiny is the tune that plays incessantly in her head while this image is the only thing in her minds eye. I think the woman came out of the womb crying, “Westward HO!”

Don’t believe me? Let me give you a few examples.

Exhibit A - The Bed

This is our bed (not really, but it will illustrate the point):
In theory we each have our own sides of the bed.

But....This is how kels feels our bed is divided.

It used to be really cute because she was like a little barnacle, attached to me with no hope of removing her. (Remember this fun post I wrote about this subject awhile ago?) But, now? Now, I have the same sliver of real estate, but she just drapes her legs over me. I have a sneaking suspicion this has nothing to do with affection, she just wants to take more room. WESTWARD HO!

Exhibit B

The Bathroom

This is our bathroom (for real this time):

This is how the bathroom is really divided.

Can you spot the one thing in this picture that is mine? Only the little toothbrush.

So here is the bathroom story. Once upon a time the bathroom was divided like this: I had the right side, she had the left.

Then I got sick of having her curling iron/flat iron/blow dryer all up in my grill every morning. So we switched. (the outlet was on my side of the counter)

Although, lets return to the picture above again. What did I get? No sides.

You may be thinking. “Well at least the poor guy has a drawer.” Right? Yeah, kind of. I do have a razor and toothpaste in there. The rest is full of her stuff.


The next time you underestimate this little dynamo be prepared to lose any control you thought you had.

But you know what? I sure do love my kels :)


Finally Friday!

last night I got to go see taylor's new office space.
it's pretty snazzy.
and he's got a killer view of the mountains.
i'm so proud of this guy!
doing big things--like starting his own business.
such a little pro.

i also got to bring this cute guy some dinner while he worked late.
thanks for stopping to eat and chat with me, husband!
and I obviously had to take a picture, because that half-eaten fry-boat looks so yummy, right? ha
(p.s. does it take any other couple three hours to decide where to eat? we are both so indecisive--it's quite miserable.)

...and taylor has decided he wants to take cello lessons? I'm not sure if he's ever even touched a cello before. I guess it's only fair, since I'm taking piano lessons.

this friday has been complete with an awkward student "compliment"
and an awkward neighbor situation.

but in 10 minutes I'm peacing out of work to get an early start on my friday run, because tay and i are going to party-hardy tonight!
...aka finish watching Frozen and go to an elementary school play to watch my primary kiddos.
it's official. we are old married folk.


five reasons why this week has rocked

maybe one of these days, I'll be a blogger who only posts pictures that are high-quality-with-the-perfect-background-blur.
But for now, my dslr sits in its camera bag in the bedroom while my iphone satisfies the picture needs of my lazy self.
(because who doesn't judge a blog by the quality of the pictures?)
aaaand, I'm resorting to another list-post.

 #1. I accidentally made soup for 20 people the other night.
How does that happen, you ask?
Wellll--I obviously didn't read the recipe very well.
About 15 minutes into making the soup and putting ingredients together, I noticed that the soup called for 80oz of chicken broth.
That's when I stopped and said, "wait. what?"
that's almost 7 cans, folks! haha
then i saw: "this recipe will feed 16-20 people. half it for smaller crowds"
annnnd--we had a pretty small crowd: just me and tay.
by this point, I already had the first half of ingredients in the pot, so I figured I might as well just keep going.
I became the soup lady that night as I dropped soup off to my sister and her roommates and my brother and his wife. haha
 and guess what I've had for lunch every day this week?
you gotsss it.
leftover soup.

#2. Taylor has had this weird itch to start jump-roping.
I kinda thought he was kidding until he came home with one the other night.
I couldn't stop laughing as he jump-roped through the house.
Then I picked up the jump-rope to try.
Taylor said, "uh, kel, are you sure you're good enough to do it in the house?"
"Tay, I was a jump rope master in elementary school. I won every time. If you're good enough, then trust me, I'm good enough."
On my first jump, the jump-rope hit my macbook pro and ripped the "F" off of my keyboard.
hate when that boy is right. ha

#3. can you believe I haven't owned one of these until yesterday?
 I'm too cheap to own an armband. 
I just stick my iphone in my shorts, smashed against my hip, while I run.
Taylor came home with one of these beauties for me the other day.
what a cuuuute guy--thinking about me as he's at target buying his jump-rope ;)
I feel very professh running around with that thing on.
also, please notice my cracked nail polish.
taylor's LEAST favorite thing in the world.

#4. last night I sat on the couch and watched netflix while I half-stared at my messy kitchen.
dinner dishes still out.
cluttered counters from the day's events.
I thought about cleaning it about 50x, but just sat and watched netflix.
someone tell me they are as lazy as me?
but folks, at 10pm I got up and cleaned.
you're welcome, mom.

#5. taylor and I got fitbit forces for christmas!
we love them. (more to come on those).
last night we were both trying to get our last couple hundred steps in, so we were walking in circles around our bedroom as we read our scriptures together.
we bumped into each other about five times.
it was the most ridiculous sight.

this week has been good to me.
complete with two mcflurrys on the books. ha!
and I'm getting spoiled with constant pictures of this precious new nephew.
life is good.


an honest question to you

I have one particular student that is really making me question every ethical belief I have.
I so badly want to kick him with all the strength that my 5'1" self can muster.

Here's the situation:
Class starts.
The warm-up is always projected when the students come in. Every day.
Everyone is working on the warm-up, except for him.
I ask him, "Why aren't you doing the warm-up?"
Him: "What? What warm-up?"
I point at the front of the classroom while I keep my eyes locked on him.
Then he acts genuinely surprised that there is a warm-up on the board!
Him: "Oh! I didn't know!"

A few minutes later, he's still doing nothing.
Me: "What are you supposed to be doing?"
Him: "I don't have a pencil."
Me: "You know where to find extra pencils. On the back counter in the blue cup."
Him: "Oh, okay."

Then--next activity.
Me: "Why aren't you taking notes?"
Him: "I don't have a pencil."
Me: "What happened to the one you used for the warm-up?"
Him: "I lost it."
what? how do you lose a pencil in five minutes?
But it's not worth me stopping the whole class every day to have him search for a pencil.
So I tell him to go grab another one from the back.

This same conversation happens every day, five times a day.
I always ask him, "How did you write in your last two classes?"
Him: "I didn't have to write anything."
Me: "Well, I know that's not true.  I'm good friends with your English teacher--we talked about YOU and she said you always borrow a pencil in her class.  What happened to the one you borrowed from her today?"
Him: "I lost it."

Someone strangle me!
(or him..)
What the heck is he doing with all of these pencils?
Is he saving them up to build a house or something?
Because if he his, I'm sure I've financed a whole first floor worth of pencils.

I should also mention that I have devoted so much time and energy with this student.
I'm invested in a lot of students--but I really feel invested in him.
At the end of last term, he had an F--a 37%.
I told him that if he took a test he was missing and actually tried on it, then I would pass him.
I sat down with him for 2.5 hours.
I studied with him.
I gave him all of the answers!
The next day, he came to take the test.
And I caught him looking at his phone for all of the answers.
I almost cried.
C'mon, we worked SO hard together!
We talked it out, and he understood that I couldn't pass him.

My question to you: how do I solve my daily dilemma with him!?
important note: this student has no special accommodations.
he is a perfectly functioning child, who is just perfectly lazy.

Solution A: I give him one pencil a day.  If he loses the pencil, then too bad.
Problem to Solution A: is it more important for him to take notes and participate than to sit doing nothing so that I can prove a point?

Solution B: I give him a pencil every time he needs one.
Problem with Solution B: Am I just holding his hand? Am I teaching him anything about responsibility? Everyone else comes prepared--why can't he? Plus, he is emptying my little blue cup of all the pencils, so the kid who comes prepared 99% of the time won't have a pencil on the off-chance he forgets his today.
and remember: on average, he takes THREE pencils a day.
that's a FACT!

Solution C: I never give him a pencil.
Problem with Solution C: Again, what's more important? Him doing the work? Or trying to teach him responsibility?

I feel like I've tried all of these solutions, only to be frustrated all over again.
Someone give me another solution, or help me realize why one of the above solutions is better than the others.
ah geesh, these teenagers.
I love them to death.
but that death may come a lot earlier than anticipated...
because of them.
I'm aging by the minute!

sooo...solve my problem?


a weekend list

taylor and I had such a fun 3-day weekend!
it was relaxing, spontaneous, and (even) productive!

how about a "this-weekend-list?"
with some awesome-quality-i-phone-pictures-included?

#1. Taylor and I saw THREE (three!) movies this weekend!
We aren't super movie-goers--but I swear, whenever we decide to go to one, we end up at the theaters two more times the same weekend.
I think it's because we see all of the cool-hip movie posters of the other cool-hip movies we want to see. and when we go to one, we are reminded how fun going to a theater really is!

#2. I "accidentally" ran a half-marathon yesterday.
I was just planning to do an 8-miler, but when I hit the 8-miles, I felt unnaturally energetic, so i figured I'd round it off to 10. Then when I hit 10, I was still grooving to my music, and I figured, "why not just run an extra 3.1 and call it a half!?" But at 10.5miles, I really regretted that decision. haha. I HURT. As soon as I finished, I collapsed and swore at myself for making stupid, sporadic decisions.
But, I'm happy that I've still got it in me! I'm signing up for another official half in February--who's in!?

#3. 49ers vs. Seahawks.
My dearest 49er team didn't make it to the superbowl.
the worst part is that we lost to my LEAST favorite team--ugh.
We watched the game with my Utah sibs, and we practically cried during every play.
Both teams played pretty lousy--and in the end, Kap ruined it for us!
(still love you kap)
The worst part was that I made a bet with a student who is a die-hard seahawks fan--awesome.
(I'm showing him the light, don't you worry)
so classy, little richie. so classy.
needless to say, I'm rooting for the Broncos at the superbowl.
C'mon, Broncos!

#4. yum-yum and fun-fun
last night, taylor and I randomly decided to have a little date night.
some of our previous plans had fallen through, so we went to our favorite restaurant (PF changs) and then--guess what? Saw a movie. ha.
and my date is just so dang attractive--see?

#5. I spent a good portion of my holiday yesterday cleaning out the primary closet.
it was a DISASTER.
I finally had some time to spare, so I went at it.
And, I secretly enjoyed every minute.
I actually really enjoy decluttering and organizing things.
pretty sure NO ONE had cleaned it for at least 20 years.
There were old primary manuals in there that haven't been used since the 90s.
and stuff from ward christmas parties from the 90s. what! haha
Hopefully my excessive labeling of each shelf and box will spare someone from ever having to clean that closet out again.

#6. pretty grateful for life at the moment. :)
and, I love starting the week on a tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!


Welcome to the world, baby P!

so sorry I've been MIA.
I'm back!
...with exciting news!
My sister had her second baby yesterday morning.
I am beyond obsessed and wish so badly I was home in California to snuggle with this cutie.

^look at these cute brothers! Only 17 months apart!^

Welcome to the world, baby Phillip!
I love you so much already!
Can't wait to meet you, little guy.
And I can't wait for the day that you realize that I'm your favorite aunt. ;) 

UGH I'm dying from the cuteness.

...I mean, I guess I could just have my own little bundle of joy--but, eh.
nieces and nephews are all the rage these days ;)


SIX for Monday

Six Random thoughts for Monday.
How bout it?

#1. I always give out student surveys halfway through the year and at the end of the year.
the surveys basically ask things like "what you like/don't like" "what helps you learn best/least" "what can I do better as a teacher?" etc.
I always get a little nervous going through them--sometimes kids forget that teachers are people with feelings.  
Most of the time though, I enjoy reading them--students have great ideas on how to make things better, they write funny things, and also things that make me feel really good about how things are currently going.  
Anyways, I saw this one today, and I had to read it like five times to make sure I read it right:
^the question says: "what can I do better as a teacher to help students succeed?"
MORE homework? ha!
I've never heard that before!
I already give a fair amount, so I was super surprised by this response. haha
but alriiiighty--more homework it is, kiddos. ;)

#2. I found this treadmill routine on blogilates (LOVE blogilates by the way).
I tried it the other night, and now I'm recommending it to you.
It honestly was NOT as hard as I thought it would be!
But it did make me SOOO sweaty.
Like dripping buckets sweaty.
um, p.s. when it says "step off," I wouldn't recommend that, unless you are really confident in your skills.
I was so close to biffing it when I did that.
I just turned it down to walking speed instead.

#3. remember this post about how much I love Valentine's day?
I decided to have my classes decorate my classroom, so they could feel the love too!
Everyone cut out a heart and put a nice message on it.
It's lovely! ha

#4. My mom-in-law got THE cutest kitten last weekend.
I mean--just look how cute! 
his name? cato. good job, mom!
also--so sad: he had some weird disease and he was so sick for the first couple of days. 
we weren't sure if he was going to make it, but he pulled through--probably because he's a career. ha
AND the poor little guy had a scary day yesterday when he fell from the 2nd story balcony--a good 20 feet or so. we were all so scared!
and he LITERALLY scared the crap out of himself.
just laid there and pooed everywhere. haha!
he's had such a rough childhood.
all to make him stronger for the games.
(if you haven't read/seen hunger games, sorry for the puns ha)

#5. the other day, I was in the dressing room with my sister and when I put my shoe back on, I screamed.
she gave me a "what in the world is the matter with you" look.
then I pulled out this little thing that was stuck through my shoe.

p.s. it's a nail.

#6. Lately, I've been setting one big personal goal to work on. Once I feel like I've mastered it, I set a new one. Two months ago, I set a goal: laundry EVERY monday. Washing, drying, and FOLDING. No excuses. All done by MONDAY!
(I am the WORST at laundry. I hate it so much)
But what do you know?
When you don't procrastinate doing it for two weeks, you actually have clean underwear, there's room in the baskets for your dirty clothes (hence, no less clothes on the ground), it doesn't take 50 loads to do all of the laundry, and it doesn't take thirty days to fold those 50 loads!
(kidding about the underwear part. mostly..)
It's so much more enjoyable than it used to be!
Pretty proud that I've stuck with that goal.

Since I've 'mastered' laundry, I've been working on cooking.
Ready for this?
Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Sunday. Monday.
Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check.
And, I used more than one burner on half of those days. HA
I'm becoming a real wife, ladies and gents!
two high fives for the two years it took me to get there!

Happy Monday!



okay, guys. 
here's the deal.
I have a real #firstworld dilemma over here.
Tay and I have so many dreams and goals and bucket-list items.
and I am so torn sometimes when the best timing for all of these things are.

there are a few top places that we'd really like to travel to together:
new york
europe (just all of it, okay?)
canada (his mission)

and we sometimes talk about doing one (or two) of those this summer.
but then I always feel guilty.
because i think...wait. 
we're about six months (fingers crossed!) away from buying a house
(first time home owners, what's up!)
and we would like to place a very significant downpayment on our first home.
(we are very blessed to have taylor's business be so successful!)

so my question is this:
do we have fun in the moment?
or be responsible for our future?

here's my daily dilemma with myself:
live-in-the-moment-kelli: just drop the cash and create some memories! 
responsible-kelli (if there's such a thing): no. be responsible! save for those future kids!
live-in-the-moment-kelli: forget the little littles! have fun NOW! at least you'll have cool stories to tell them!
responsible-kelli: what's going to mean more? a financially stable and responsible situation--or a vacation that will only be a memory?

someone please tell me you have the same dilemmas.
I mean--even with little stuff. like eating out every meal three times a week.
Tay told me the other day, "Look, kel, I don't think we should feel guilty about eating out so much.  In fact, I think we should do it more. And here's why: when we have kids, eating out is going to be ten times harder and ten times more expensive!  Why not just take advantage now?  We probably waste more money with "attempted-cooking" (thanks, tay) and cooking meals that we can never finish between the two of us."
wait. that all makes sense. doesn't it?
but then I said, "okay. but when kids come, I'll need to cook. And...I should probably start practicing now. because we all know how GREAT at cooking I am..."

just wanna say--I cooked three meals this week.
Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday.
Check. Check. Check.
It's not even my new years resolution, but I feel like it should be. ha

so--give me some advice.
Do we live in the moment?
Or save every penny?

P.S. I am so excited it's already THURSDAY!
This first week back flew!
It's funny--I always dread going back after holidays, but then when the lesson starts and I start teaching, I think, "Why was I dreading this? My job rocks, and I love these kids so much!"
so grateful for incredible students.

AND grateful for a fun weekend in store.
we have stake conference this weekend and Elder Ballard is coming!
I'm convinced he's there to scout me out for general primary president.
HA totes kidding.

Well, my work day ends in five minutes (i love being a teacher. peacing out at 2:15 is awesome)...I'm excited to cuddle inside, make hot chocolate, watch the snow fall through the window, and wait for taylor to get home.
oh yeah...and make dinner too?


christmas in cali

We had SO much fun during our Christmas break.
Lucky for us, since Tay is self-employed, we took an extra long trip down there.
And you can't beat knowing that you're getting paid for not even working!
 (perk of being a teacher!)

Like I said in this post, I really failed at taking good quality pictures. 
Just know that we had THE best time.
So many games with the sibs (who are just my favorite people in the world), so much shopping (much to my chagrin--my sisters wonder how I'm related to them...I really dislike shopping trips, and they are shop-MONSTERS, like really), and SO much good food! Can't beat that!
Since I was super sporadic in my picture-taking, they don't tell the greatest story.
So here is a random selection of pictures--enjoy!
 I CANNOT express how much I love this little babe.
I SO miss living next to my nieces and nephews.

 Merry Christmas from these awkward Gilbs!
...and a skirt that is askew!

^this grandma of mine is such an amazing woman.^

 I was such a bum the whole trip--I pretty much changed into pajamas by 4pm every day.
and I don't regret a single second.
We party hardyyyy...in pjs.

I also got to see some of my dearest friends from high school!
 ^straighten those legs, kel! i suck at pictures.^
p.s. that tree may be THE fattest tree I've ever seen.

so fun to catch up with these beauts!

okay, my sisters and I have a serious problem.
we may be completely incapable of taking a normal picture.
it just doesn't happen. 
even when we try our very hardest.
I miss this sister of mine like you wouldn't believe.
I am SO lucky to have such wonderful sisters--I really hope I have girls that are as close as we are.
and I am dying inside from missing my oldest sister who lives in kansas.
we missed you, laur!

time to find a way to enjoy the awfulness that january is.
plus, my students will start filing into class in about five minutes. 
better wrap this up, folks!


Dear Valentine's day--will you be my Valentine?

One of my very favorite holidays is just around the corner!
I loveee Valentine's Day!
And it has nothing to do about the loveyness or gushiness of the day
(although, I do love that part, too.)
I just love that the whole world is covered in pink and red!
and hearts, no less!

I think I may get more excited about decorating for Valentine's day than I do for Christmas.
Even though I have about 60% less decorations, and they are all 100% more ghetto.
But STILL--decorating for love!?
That's fun in my book.

I couldn't wait any longer to decorate--so yesterday I pulled out the few decorations we had and went to work!
Plus, January is miserable. I hate January. Always have. Always will.
I figured having Valentine's decorations up would make January a little more bearable!

Here's a little sneak peak of some of the little corners in our home!

 ^our love mailbox! filled with little love notes every day!^

it makes me giddy just being in our house all decorated for Valentine's Day,
PLUS, I love that Taylor and I have really special traditions that we created for this lovely holiday.
So excited to meet Valentine's day 2014!


california via my iphone

let me just preface by saying that I totally failed at taking pictures in california.
my phone was dead 90% of the time 
(i mean, c'mon--I was with almost all of the people I love 24/7...why would I need a phone!?)
and I frequently forgot that my camera even existed.

BUT here are the few pictures I have on my iphone about our california time.
I'll post more from my actual camera later.

our flight to oakland was delayed FOUR hours! 
THE worst!

I got to take a break from treadmills for a whole two weeks! 
It was the absolute best.
ohhh california weather--I sure miss you!

We spent Christmas eve day in old Sacramento.

^and tay was so excited to go into the barrel candy store! haha!^

The best part of being home is getting my nails done by my mama. She's so good! ha
we all just line up and chat and get our nails done.

 oh hey, it's us on New Years Eve.
oh hey, we were both sick.
oh hey, 2014!

now that we are back to the grind, I promise to be back to this blog of mine as well.
gotsta share some new years resos and what 2014 has in store for this little duo!