hiiii, second day of school!

it is necessary that I start this post with this picture...because GOSH, I love him!

second day in to school, and life is GRAND.
Sometimes during summer, I forget for a minute how much I genuinely love my job.
And I just hope everyone can fill as fulfilled at their jobs as I do!

^oh, and the above picture is meant to illustrate the polo I was supposed to wear the other day (story mentioned in last post)^
and also...classroom selfies are back in session.
please notice the door behind me.
my TA last year (and this year) has an "ode" to herself door. and she writes me notes every single day.
it is the funniest thing ever.

So life is sooo hectic.
I am scrambling to prepare sub plans for all of next week...because...HAWAII!
we are sooo excited!!
EXCEPT the weather forecast says it's supposed to rain ALL NINE DAYS!
but we are really praying that is NOT the case!

so yesterday, taylor and I were out to dinner and I spotted two of my new sophomore students.
two identical twin boys who are just adorable!
their mom came up to me and told me that they were really excited for my class.
and then she says (with them standing right there), "and they both think you're really pretty!"
they went BRIGHT PINK and just started sending death stares at their mom.
it was soooo funny.
then they bee-lined it out of the restaurant, and their mom said, "I think I might be in trouble..."
taylor and I were laughing so hard!

okkkk and can we talk about how DARLING my sister is!?
she is serving a mission, and I haven't seen her in 9.5 months!
but I am so excited that I have one school year to make it through and then I can give that little sister of mine one GIANT HUG!!

the eve of the first day of school, taylor and I headed to the temple.
and it was honestly one of the best temple trips we've had together.
we shared some really special moments and had some really special experiences...and just WOW. the temple is such a cool place!

^okay, and THIS picture. you guys, taylor is getting GRAY hair! like soooo much! hahah and I AM DYING. it is the hottest thing ever. my little salt-and-pepper haired boy. can you see it there on the side? I am PRAYING I get a 50-year-old silver-haired FOX! SO HOT SO HOT HA



and tomorrow is the first real official day of school. wahoooo!
Each day I come back to the school, I get more and more excited.
I just love my job sosososososo much!

EXCEPT apparently my brain still isn't off of summer.
yesterday, we had an "alpine school district celebration."
and apparently all of the teachers were told to wear our school shirt.
I walk out to get on the bus with all of the other teachers...and here I am in a bright pink shirt and THE ONLY ONE not wearing our OHS shirt.
I think my face got just as pink as my shirt.
I was sooo embarrassed. 
So I ditched the bus and drove home to change and then meet them at the celebration.
and THANK goodness I did!
EVERY SINGLE PERSON out of 8,000 people there were in their school shirts. EVERY ONE.
How the heck did I miss that announcement? No idea. HA

and getting this done today, made things REAL official.
I can't believe that we are starting another school year!

 okayyy...and for your entertainment.
look how long taylor's hair is!
I made him let me put it in a little pony...a wannabe mun. HA
his hair looks really good styled...so it's not like he's dying for a haircut or anything ha. the top is just sooo long!
I have always hated all things mun. 
but for some reason, when I saw his little pony, I was like...WAIT. THIS IS HOT
and I know it looks so awful in this picture...it reminds me why I hate them all over again.
but in person, I was begging him not to take it out.

OH and one more story about my tayray.
in the middle of the night last night, taylor woke up screaming my name.
he started yelling, "my arm! my arm won't work! ah! it hurts! my arm, kelli! it won't work!"
I started freaking out...he was practically in tears.
he was absolutely in hysterics.
I thought he was having a stroke or something because his speech was kinda slurred.
so I started getting out of bed--completely on full alert and panic mode.

and then he says, "wait. stop. I think I just woke up. My arm is fine. I think it was just asleep..."
me: "wait are you serious? you were asleep? I AM FREAKING OUT."
he was yelling for like a full 15 seconds before this!
him: "...what just happened?"
I am seriously laughing so hard just typing this.
it was soooo funny. 

and taylor and I can't stop texting about it all day.




my blogging hiatus has officially ended!

I think this goes down in record as my worst season of blogging since I started this blog 3.5 years ago.
BUT I feel like I have good reasonings:
having three months off is the best/worst thing ever.
best? because DUH. 
worst? because eventually it ends. and it is SO much harder to go back to work.
except yesterday was the first day I felt like I was ready to go back.
I actually told taylor yesterday, "I'm kinda sick of sleeping in until 9:30 every morning."
I think his mouth dropped to the floor. HA
my summer has been such a good mix of laziness + vacations.

2. A secret I can share in t-7 days.
NO, not pregnant.
but I feel like this "secret" has controlled every waking thought lately, and I felt like I had nothing to blog about besides said secret--and so every time I sat down to blog, I just got stuck and gave up.

so there's why I had a little blogging hiatus.
but I'm happy to announce it is officially over!

and you know what else is almost over?
I start back tomorrow!
and the kids come back wednesday. GAH
the back-to-school nightmares have already begun.
Last night I had the "I'm totally unprepared and it is the first day of school, and the bell just rang...and OMG what do I do!?" nightmare.
the night before I had the familiar "classroom management" nightmare. where students yell at me and I yell back and then I cry because no one is listening to me.
I know when I'm ready to go back to school when these nightmares start--because I cannot wait for them to STOP.
see here for more about these annual nightmares. HA

last night taylor and I went on a little picnic.
it was just about the best thing ever.
and let me clarify--when I say picnic, chick-fil-A comes too. 
I actually make a mean pb&j (since I swear it's what I've had for lunch since I was 5 years old), BUT taylor isn't so thrilled with pb&js. and since that's the only picnic food I would attempt to make...chick-fil-A it is.
(my other go-to meals, chocolate chip waffles, quesadillas, and grilled cheese don't picnic so well. ;)
you may laugh...but these are weekly meals in the gilbert home. HA I AM NOT A COOK

probably one of my favorite "things" that taylor and I share is our love of reading!
frequent library trips together make my heart happy.
and reading right next to each other, and then one of us will say, "hey, read this paragraph. isn't this a cool thought?"
and then swapping books if the other recommends it.
get this...taylor woke up at 5:50am just so he could read for 2 hours before going to work. HAHAHAH...I'm not that dedicated.
(although when SIMS first came out, my siblings and I did wake up hours before school started to play on the computer. ohhh memories.)

I am also anxiously waiting for some swimsuits to come in the mail because we leave for HAWAII in 8 DAYS!
(not the secret)
We could not be more excited!
except, I'm a little stressed since I'm missing the FULL second week of school.
that was a really fun conversation with my principal:
"heyyy, so I know I have three months off, but the second week of school, I'm gonna take off and go to Hawaii.  That cool?"
a tiiiiinsy bit worried about how this will affect the "reigning in of crazy students" when I come back.
but...I'll be in Hawaii. 
so mostly I won't think twice. HA

summer with this forever sidekick of mine has been quite memorable.

WISH ME LUCK because I have to wake up early tomorrow.
gooooodbye summer vacation!

but I am actually craving crisp air and crunchy leaves and fall colors...sooo that makes life a little better!