6 simple tips for working out on a consistent basis

let me preface this post by saying that I by no means claim to be an expert on "exercise and fitness."
I'm probably not as toned as I could be; I probably don't eat as much protein as I should; and I probably don't do all of the "proper exercises" I should be doing.
BUT, I do pride myself on making exercise a daily priority.
and that means something to me!
so, I thought I would share a few basic tips, on how I make working out a priority!
(and a heads up, since I'm an avid runner, most of this will be geared towards running specifically!)

1. the right gear
the clothes.
get cute clothes you're excited to wear when you work out!
that seriously does wonders for the mind--when you feel cute and comfortable in your work out clothes, it will motivate you to work out!
but if you're like me, and don't like to spend a lot on work out clothes, check out target, TJ Maxx, or even ross!

the headphones.
this is huge to me.
I'm a big "listener" when I run.
my favorite headphones for the price are the yurbuds sport earphones for women.
in fact, right now you can get them 15% off if you use the cartwheel app and target red card!
they are comfortable, stay in, and have incredible sound.

neoprene sleeve.
this may not apply to every one, but if you get shin splints, keep reading!
I get horrrrrrible shin splints.
wearing a neoprene sleeve while I run has done wonders for me.
I know it doesn't work for everyone, but I recommend this one.
I also do specific exercises before/after my run to help my shin splints.
but this sleeve is HUGE for me.

a running/workout app!
find one you love!
my personal favorite is runkeeper.

the right gear is so important! 
it can completely change your work-out!

2. be flexible 
first of all, find a time that works for you.
my favorite time to run is between 8-9am.
buuuuut, since I have to be to work at 7:15, that doesn't really work out.
and there's no way I'm waking up at 5:30 to go exercise.
I like my sleep a little too much ;)
so, instead, I choose to go right when I get home from work, at about 3pm.
It has just become part of my day.
it's not a choice any more.
it's just something I do.

BUT, sometimes things come up.
days get busy.
family comes into town!
schedules get moved around.
and this is where being flexible comes in.
sometimes, I don't get to do the workout I had planned to do.
or I don't get to go run as many miles as I had planned.
I always like to have a quick-workout on hand.
just in case days get busy!
my favorite go-to quick workout is the dirty 30.
you can do it at home, and it only takes about 15 mins!
and for me, I'm okay if that ends up being my work out for the day.
at least I did something!

now, the reverse is also true!
if you're going out for a 5 mile run, and you are feeling awesome at 4 miles, and don't have a busy day, push yourself to 6-8 miles!
be flexible, people!

3. mix it up!
if you're like me and get bored easily, mixing it up can really help!
don't get stuck in the same routine.
when I find myself getting "bored," I know it's time to mix it up!
for example, for the last three days, I have ran 5 miles each day.
today, that sounds boring.
so, instead,  today I will be doing 4 miles of HILLS.
and suddenly, I'm motivated again!
I also have several different 5 mile routes, several different 6 mile routes,  several different 8 mile routes, etc.
that way, I can have a change of scenery every day, even if I only run 5 miles each day.

also, mix up what you listen to!
find the perfect playlist that motivates you.
I use the app 8-tracks to find work-out playlists.
And to mix things up, some days I will listen to podcasts while I run, and other times I will listen to church talks or church magazines.
(and I should throw in here that Taylor LOVES listening to audio books when he runs!)

another big thing for me is to find something new I'm excited about.
I found new hills the other day that I'm really excited to try!
and, like I mentioned earlier this week, I started the 30-day shred with Jillian Michaels.
It's new and exciting, and it keeps me motivated!

4. set some goals!
I set new goals all of the time.
this month I set two goals:
1. finish jillian michael's 30-day shred.
2. Run at least 30 miles a week.
and the goals are what keep me motivated!

and the second part of this, is to make your goals visible.
I have a countdown for jillian michaels, and a count-up for my miles on a chalkboard in our kitchen.
I see it every day--and it pushes me to get off the couch.

5. learn to love it!
think positive!
tell yourself you love the pain, even when it hurts.
tell yourself you love the first mile, even when it sucks the most.
tell yourself you're feeling great, even when you want to cry.
and eventually, you will start to believe it!
and before you know it, you're addicted!
my favorite phrase when it's not a good day is, "I can do hard things."
I repeat this over and over in my head when that last mile is just too hard.

6. me-time
this is probably the thing that works the best for me.
even though it's the silliest.
in my mind, I never use the terms "workout" "exercise" "gym-time" "running."
I use just one term: "me-time."
so when I'm sitting on the couch and feeling guilty for not getting up and going, I tell myself, "I really need some me-time."
and for me, it works wonders.
when I run, I am focused on ME.
I am alone with my thoughts.
social media can't distract me.
netflix can't distract me.
people can't distract me.
It is just me:
 the sound of my feet hitting the pavement, the wind blowing against my face, and the music in my ears.
and when I'm out running, I forget about comparisons.
I don't compare my time with someone else's.
I don't compare how far I've gone, compared to someone else.
working out is about me!
so who cares what someone else can do that I can't?
it's so silly.
but, it's also surprisingly rejuvenating.

so there you have it!
my six basic tips for working out on a consistent basis!
and there are so many positive benefits to working out.
the biggest ones for me are that I sleep SO much better.
and I don't feel guilty eating that occasional bowl of ice cream after dinner!

I have struggled with feeling comfortable with my weight my entire life.
and you may think that's silly--I know I'm small!
I'm  5'1", less than 100 pounds, and wear size zero pants.
but feeling comfortable has so much less to do with size and so much more to do with a mental state.
 I have learned something so important about the correlation between working out and feeling comfortable in my skin.
when I work out on a daily basis, I feel good about myself.
I'm comfortable with my body.
I know I'm working hard.
on days that I slack on my fitness, I start to look at myself negatively.
(even if I weigh the exact same on a work-out day and non-work-out day.)
mental state is huge.
and for me, consistently working out keeps me positive and happy!

And most importantly, JUST DO IT!
because YOU can do hard things!


  1. girl, you are a complete ROCKSTAR. thanks for the tips! xoxo

    1. thanks girl! and I think YOU are the rockstar!

  2. Seriously great tips. I have been struggling SO bad with working out lately. The mental state is huge for me too, and I have been feeling so icky lately. Thanks for sharing!

    1. mental state is so big! it's so bizarre--but it makes a huge difference!

  3. You're a rockstar. These are great tips even if deep down I know I will incorporate exactly zero of them and will instead sit on my couch convincing myself that nursing is burning enough calories bahahhaha. And also - I love the "I can do hard things" motivator. I say it to myself all the time...but never about exercise because I whine the whole time I do that.

    1. hahhahahaha guess I need to start nursing a baby ;)

  4. PS There are 7 tips. You're missing #3. *insert wide eyed blush cheeks emoji here*

    1. hahahah there were actually only 6! i just really suck at counting haha!

  5. Girl I am totally with you on the cute workout clothes! For a while I told myself that I could get cute workout clothes as soon as I made working out a more consistent habit . . . it didn't work, but getting the clothes first made me want to work out more. I'm still not perfect at it--far from it--but every time I'm debating working out, I think, if I work out, I get to wear my cute workout clothes! So it helps :) I'll have to try applying more of your tips.

    And dang girl. 5, 6, and 8 milers? Champ.


    1. isn't it so true!? funny that it makes a difference!

  6. you are amazing.
    so. real question.
    were you always an outside runner?
    i used to run on a treadmill regularly because it fit my lifestyle.
    now it doesn't. but running outside is SO DIFFERENT. any tips?

    tjmaxx for workout clothes is the BEST. now i just need to wear them again.

    1. I run on treadmills in the winter, and I hate it! it's SO much harder! I love outdoors, but sometimes I have to resort to treadmills. usually I'll do a specific treadmill workout instead of just running straight. I think outside is easier--if you're normally going on treadmills, try to push yourself a little father when you run outside or run faster for a set amount of time! xoxo

  7. It's so surprising how much cute workout gear actually makes a difference! This was a good, motivating post! The dirt if the month was a good day for me to read this.

  8. can i press like on this entire post A THOUSAND TIMES? holy motivation.

  9. Man! Good job! I have such a bad time trying to motivate myself to exercise! You are awesome!

  10. this post helped me a l o t. currently on my second day in a row running after I get home from school. Thanks for the tips, I want to be so much better at running, I'm just having such a hard time!!