Over the weekend, Taylor and I were able to go with my family to the Manti Temple.
The drive through the canyons was absolutely beautiful.
But still nothing compared to the beauty of the temple...both inside and out.
It was the 3rd temple built!  Built back in 1888.

We were even lucky enough to be able to go look at the spiral staircase inside.
There are only three staircases like it in the world. And two are inside this temple!
Engineers today can't figure out how the stairs were made (they are very intricate with hardly any support). They were absolutely breath-taking!

Man alive...look at this beautiful building!

We were trying to figure out how tall the doors were, so my dad made Tay go stand next to them ;)

The clouds were amazing! And the whole day was lovely.
We had such a fun time with my family this past week.
I wish I had taken more photos of the gang together...oh well.
Memories will have to suffice. :)

(to learn more about why we have temples, take a look at this video.)


Can't get enough!

I visited M, T, and baby Jack again at the hospital yesterday.
My goodness, that babe is cuuute!
I just can't get enough of him!

Here are some more pictures that I love:

I already love you to pieces, Jack!
So happy for this little family.


Welcome to the world, Baby Jack!

Yesterday at 3:00pm (on the dot!) baby Jack was born to my lovely sister and her husband.
9lb 1 oz, 20.5 inches.
They make such a cute little family of three.
I am so happy for them.
I was able to visit them in the hospital twice yesterday.
And hopefully again today.  
I love just holding him, and smelling his sweet baby scent.

And look at all of his hair!

I can't believe how fast our family is growing. This is #4 on my niece/nephew list!
Also, so grateful for prayers that this baby made it here safely even after a tough labor.

Congratulations, Marci and Tom!  You did good! Baby Jack is such a handsome babe.



I got to spend all of yesterday with my wonderful family.
We had so much fun!
But for some reason, my back was killing me all day.
Before going to bed last night, I asked Taylor if he would give me a back massage.
Of course he agreed.  But he said, "If you can find the Deep Blue Rub, then I will give you a massage that lasts twice as long."
Deep Blue Rub is a doTERRA product that we LOVE.  We just bought a new bottle a couple of weeks ago, but then it suddenly disappeared and was no where to be found.  Taylor has looked for it almost every night (since he loves using it), but has yet to find it.
Of course, I was now determined to find it.
Taylor left the bedroom as I was frantically looking everywhere for the dang bottle.
And then...within probably three minutes of Taylor making this deal, I ran out of the bedroom, DEEP BLUE RUB IN HAND.
Victory!  I had found it!
Taylor could NOT believe that I had found it so fast.
I was so excited and hyper for the next ten minutes or so, because I was about to get a dang good back massage! 

Here are some pictures documenting my victory:

Yep, I'm definitely winning.
And...the massage was well worth it!
Thanks, Taylor!


Proposal Round 2

Late last night, Taylor asked me if I wanted to go on a drive with him.
We used to go on drives through the canyon all of the time when we were dating, so I jumped at his offer as soon as he asked.
After driving for a little while, Taylor pulled over.
We sat on the side of the road and talked for a little while.
Then Taylor reached his hand into his shirt pocket, pulled out a wooden ring, and said,
"Kelli Davis, will you go camping with me?"

Taylor and I have always thought it would be awesome to get wooden rings to wear when we go camping. 
And this sweet boy went out and made it happen. 
(he even remembered my ring size! ;)) 
It was such a cute moment.  I had so many butterflies.
I even got a sweet kiss when I said, "Yes!" :)
My husband is secretly the biggest romantic.  And I love it.

Aren't these awesome?

And here we are, excitedly showing them off.

I love my wooden ring. And I love my sweet husband. :)


Davis Family

My parents came into town this weekend.
This week will be spent with this wonderful group:
So excited. I love them all.
Aren't they all just beautiful? Love my family.

And...hopefully, we will have a little one join us this week!
Come on out, Baby Wallace! We are all so excited to meet you!


A beautiful love.

Last weekend, I had the wonderful privilege of going to my dear friend's wedding.
The sealing was so beautiful.
And so was the couple.
They were absolutely glowing with love.

It brought back memories of my own wonderful day.
And made me realize (once again) how grateful I am for my eternal marriage.
I get to be with my husband (and future children!) FOREVER! The thought makes me giddy.
So grateful for this knowledge.

Here are some pictures from Chelsey and Taylor's beautiful day:

I absolutely LOVE outdoor receptions (hence the fact that I had a backyard reception).  I think they are so naturally beautiful and romantic.  And this one was no exception:

Best wishes to the beautiful newlyweds!
Love you both!


You're invited...

Last night, Taylor and I had a party.
A very special party. 
With just the two of us.
And...two irons, two ironing boards, and lots of wrinkly clothes.
Yep, that's right. 
We had an ironing party!
Oh, and Michael Weston was invited too:
We watched Burn Notice (our very favorite) while we ironed away.

That whole pile of wrinkly clothes vanished surprisingly quickly.
The "mom trick" of trying to convince kids that chores are actually "fun" worked on us.
Because we had a lot of fun.

Iron high-five.

Thanks for coming to our party, Michael Weston!

We really felt like champions by night's end for throwing such an awesome (and productive) party.
And really, who can complain when Michael Weston comes to their party?

And I think we learned a great lesson: "Mom tricks" work.
Watch out future children...I sense a lot of "parties" in your future.


Kevin is not a D-O-L-L.

When Regan, Mom Gilbert, and I were in California a few months ago, we decided to relax in the hotel one night and watch some TV.  We stumbled upon the tv show, "My Crazy Obsession."  And we so happened to watch an episode that changed our lives!
Have you heard about these people?
Watch the video on that page and read the article. I promise you won't regret it.
(Plus, the rest of this post won't make sense without a quick look at that page.)

Regan and I could NOT stop laughing through the entire episode.
So, naturally, "Kevin" (the crazies' main cabbage patch doll child...pictured above) became the running joke of the rest of the trip.  And much to Mama G's chagrin, the joke hasn't stopped since. 
We frequently turn to "Kevin" (aka the air) and ask him to make decisions when the Gilb family can't decide where to eat, what to do, or even who should do the dishes.
We just say, "Let's ask Kevin." Then we turn to nothing and say, "Kevin? What do you think?"
And somehow...it's funny every single time. 
If you haven't seen the full episode, find time to watch it.

Well, you can imagine mine and Regan's excitement when we found out that one of our neighbors owned a cabbage patch doll...and not just ANY cabbage patch doll.  They owned KEVIN.
The neighbor kids brought Kevin over on Sunday night.
Regan and I just about died.

Here are some pictures (and a video) of our weekend with Kevin:

Kevin watching Seth sleep.

Oh, and here's Kevin getting a massage.

I think we will be giving Kevin back to the neighbors tonight...before we become just as crazy.



Taylor and I are reunited...and it feels great!
So happy to have him home with me again!

I gave him a huge hug when I saw him...even though he was smelly....
I guess that's what a week at scout camp will do to you!
I'm happy to report that he no longer smells.
Showers are good.

Pre-shower Taylor:
Look at that scruff!

Post-shower! He's clean!

Dear Taylor: So happy you are back with me again. You truly are my better half!