another picture overload of a very happy weekend!

this past weekend was so happy having almost my whole family in town!
(we were just missing our favorite woodland clan!...and in the picture we are also missing my brother and his wife. whoops!)
but man! we had a good time together.
we ate good food, went to a trampoline house, celebrated our littlest brother's 17th (17!!) birthday, shopped, and laughed a lot.
and whenever this davis clan gets together, you can guarantee that it will take us 2 hours to decide where to eat and then another 2 hours for the girls to decide what to wear. 
because, well, we are all indecisive.

and seriously...could you have a prettier sister with cuter babies? 
I think we've got a winner over here.

can you tell who married in?
attempting to bring some height genes back to this family! ha!

and also, I'm really upset at these two girls.
because they live next to each other now--and that's just rude.
and also #2. marci left me her jillian michael's 30-day shred DVD to try out.
I started it yesterday, and OH MY GOSH.
my arms are dying today.
it's going to be a long 30 days.
and...I kinda hate jillian.
well, at least I do when I'm sweating and hurting and she's still smiling and chatting away.

oh and please enjoy this little film strip.
I told my sister to "be my paparazzi" on graduation day.
and I had no idea until I looked through the camera, that she took it extremely literally.
there are about 200 of these little pictures of me on the camera. ha!
that giiirrrl. always making me laugh.
so yesterday was a little depressing with an empty house and no more family.
thank goodness taylor's sister moves back in just a few short weeks!
and guys, it's almost may!
which means 1 more month of school until I am summer freeeee!
and it also means 1 more month until we are lying on the beach!
it's a countdown!


  1. your skirt! heart eyes. also, congrats to your husband!! being free from school has got to be the BEST feeling ever :)

    1. i seriously love this skirt, too! I got it in sale at the bella ella boutique in orem (across from farrs fresh!). they probably still have it!!

  2. Your family is so cute! :) That's super funny that you and your sister both married such tall men haha :)


    1. had to give my kids a height chance! ;) haha!

  3. Your family is too cute, and that first picture is adorable!! I am guessing the two tall gentlemen married in?? Love it!!

  4. You have SUCH a great family, girl! You and your sisters take the cake for "prettiest gals ever"! ;) glad you had a great weekend w/ them..

    PS - you have a baby brother?! Yep, me too...does it surprise me?! Nah ;) #twins

    1. ah, thanks, kayla! and yeah--it's creepy how similar we are...haha!

  5. sooooo fun!! you guys look like the most fun group ever!! i want to be adopted!! the film strip is epic... well done sister!

  6. haha Jillian Michaels' videos are no joke. She kicks my butt every time!

  7. these photos are beautiful & you are gorgeous.