getting ready for a breakdown...

our weekend was FULL of super-smash competitions.
like we may have a slight addiction.
in fact, we even have an official bracket system.
but hey, siblings that play smash together, stay together, right? ;)
big thanks to taylor for forcing me to play every night with him for two weeks--I actually got semi-good and now all I think about is when we can play next!
 six days left living in the same state as this little sister.
I already know I will totally lose it when she moves.
good thing our summer is packed with california visits.
if you're looking for me this weekend, I'll be spending every spare minute with this little chica and probably crying every couple of seconds.

and I loved the opportunity this easter to stop and realize how dang grateful I am to have this guy by my side.
he is my best friend, my #1 supporter, and the greatest cuddle buddy around.

my family comes into town tomorrow for taylor's graduation!
i am SO excited to see them.
and I may try to kidnap jamie so that she can't go back with them.
i'm going to need lots of ice cream + best friends + modern family to get me through after she leaves.
and of course, she's got to be all dumb and decide to leave on an 18-month mission.
ha. kidding.
but seriously.
aghgkajdhflkajghlkajhdglkjshfl--i'm sad.


  1. girl, i feel ya. my sister left last summer and i was a wreck!! i'll gladly talk you through it :) watching her change & be so happy & bless the lives of others has been so worth it though!! ps you guys are the cutest couple, i can't get enough. xoxo

  2. Smash is amazing...my husband is addicted. Anytime his friends get together that is ALL they do, and I kind of love it! Haha :) you and your sister are so darn cute!

  3. Such a cute Easter pic of you & your hubby!

  4. Cuddle buddy hee hee, sounds like you had a great weekend.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC