my life in lists // 3

it's time for the weekly "my life in lists" link-up!
this link up is hosted by me and my cute sister over at if these walls could speak.
the question today: if your bank account had no limits, what kinds of things would you hire someone to do for you?

as soon as I heard the question this week, my mind was racing with a million things that I would LOVE to hire someone to do for me.
but i'll spare you from the million, and just list my top five!

in order, here are my choices:

#1. no doubt--winner-winner, this will always be at the top of my list:
cook AND grocery shop for me!
(special emphasis on the last part!)
I hate grocery shopping with everything I have.
(does anyone have tricks on how to make it better?)
I wait until the last possibly moment.
as of tomorrow, it will be 4 weeks since I've last grocery shopped. ha!
(except for a few staples, like milk and fruit)
so, I bet you can guess what special item is on my to-do list tomorrow (and has been on my to-do list since early last week...)--grocery shopping.
we never, ever have good food (or any food) in our cupboards.
which I'm totally fine with--I'm not a big snacker, and I could live forever on cereal and almonds.
so yes, yes, a thousand times YES.
I would hire someone to do this dirty chore for me.
and if they're buying the food, they may as well just make the dinners right?
kill two birds with one stone...right? right.

#2. be my driver.
I will admit.
I am a horrible driver!
I try so hard to be careful, but somehow I am always driving on the wrong side of the road, or running stop signs, or hitting curbs.
see this post from two years ago as proof!
and this video as proof! ha! it makes me laugh every time.
PLUS, think about how much you could get done in the car if someone was always driving you around.

#3. laundry.
ohhh laundry--you are my personal beast.
this is pretty much my laundry mantra:
sort? tomorrow.
wash? later.
fold? next week.
iron? NEVER.
so...yep, I could really use a personal assistant on this.

#4. do my hair every day.
I am SO uncreative with hair.
I try. and then give up really fast.
but if I could just sit and read while someone did my hair for me every day?
now that would be fantastic!

aaaand #5. be my outfit decider.
I have the same struggle every day:
which shoes?
which belt?
which earrings?
and then I think I mutter at least every day, "that's it. I'm not wearing clothes. this is way too stressful."
I used to ask taylor his opinion, until I learned that he would always just choose the first option.
now, I rely on group messages with my sisters.
but sometimes it takes them too long to respond.
and I HATE when they choose option #2, when I'm already out the door with option #1.
way to go, guys!

I like to think that someday I will be better at all of these things--but I'm not holding my breath.
my cupboards will always be overflowing with only one item: almonds.
my car will always be parked three feet away from the curb.
my laundry baskets will always be full and there will always be a forgotten load in the dryer.
my hair will always be boring and only semi-creative.
and I will always stress every morning over which belt to choose.
and you know what? all in all, I'm really okay with that.
(sorry about those almonds, taylor...)

now, it's your turn!
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and also! 
hope you all had a fantastic easter!
i'll be sharing about our wonderful easter tomorrow!
but for now, an easter-day picture from this little Gilbert duo.


  1. oh hiii cutest brunette ever! ;) adorable shot of you and your man! I have mixed emotions about grocery shopping. There are months where we go only ONCE, and other times we go every 2 weeks and love it and make a date out of it.

    I need to do this link up next time! I'd probably have someone airbrush my face, and do my hair every morning! Love it.

  2. I don't mind grocery shopping, but I would absolutelyyyyy hire someone to do my cooking!! And I'm with you on the laundry too!

  3. I will totally take someone to do my hair every day... and be my stylist. GENIUS.

  4. I agree with ALL of these seriously. IT would definitely make life easier!