1. Apparently, I stink at blogging in the summer.  It's a lot harder when I don't have a regular routine!

2. One of our dearest neighbors had their 6th baby! Can I tell you how obsessed I am with little Micah? Must admit--it's making me and Taylor baby hungry! But I think we might wait awhile on one of those--I didn't do THIS for nothing.

3. We are a weird couple.

4. I moved out all of the things in my classroom at Summit.  Big thank you to my sweet friend Alyssa who joined me. Peace out, Summit!

5. We are currently obsessed with the game Canasta.  We play at least a few times a week with our dear family friends--Tony and Allie.  We love that family.  Oh, and we always play boys vs. girls.  And the girls kick butt!

6. I gripe about living in Utah a lot.  But there are some things that you just don't get anywhere else.  Okay--maybe not anywhere else (considering I've only lived in two states), but there are definitely differences from California.  One thing I love about summers in Utah is neighbor-fun.  Whenever neighbors are outside, another neighbor always stops to talk.  And that turns into more people stopping--and before you know it, the whole street is outside on someone's lawn.  The kids are playing, the adults are talking (still not sure which category I fit into yet...)--it really is a good feeling.

7. Sometimes Taylor will come home for a quick minute in the middle of the day.  With his new business, he's been on the phone a lot during these "quick minutes."  I just follow him around and snap pictures of him on my phone.  Not really sure why....ha. But it's funny to watch him be serious while trying not laugh.  Then, he'll silently kiss me on the lips, wave, and leave with the paparazzi (me, of course) following behind.

8. We've had some AWESOME summer thunder storms! Another plus about Utah.  Whenever the thunder starts, I bolt to the porch to get a good view.  Taylor is nice enough to sit out and watch the storms with me.  It's always some of the greatest moments.

9. Boating, we love you!

10. My sweet man got me beautiful flowers when I returned home from girls camp last Friday night.  They are beautiful!

oh, and notice the artwork behind it?  Taylor and I officially bought our first piece of original artwork. From the one and only Allie Anderson.  We are in love.

11. WE LEAVE FOR LAKE POWELL ON MONDAY! Our very favorite vacation! Living on a houseboat for a weeeeek! beauty, sun, lovely! see our trip from last year here.



I am so overwhelmed with happiness right now, I could cry.
I went to a department meeting at my NEW SCHOOL and it was sooo awesome.
A+++++ for Orem High.

Okay, here are all of the things I loved from today:

1. the department ACTUALLY collaborates.  Not lame collaboration. They do awesome stuff and have super creative ideas. PLUS, I got to contribute a lot, and they were really impressed with some of my ideas!

2. There are four of us in the department--and before I came, it was all males.  So they called themselves the "band of brothers." They realized today they had to change their name--whoops, sorry boys.

3. My department head showed me the SUPPLY ROOM today. I almost fainted. But instead I just cried. It was pure beauty.  Paper clips, white board markers, sticky notes, pens, binders, colored paper--everything my little teacher heart could imagine was in that closet.  And then the sweet front desk attendant said to me, "If there's ever something you're looking for that's not in the closet, just let me know and I'll order it up for you." Whhaaa?? You mean I don't have to buy my own supplies? I LOVE PUBLIC SCHOOLS! My jaw was literally to the floor. I went back and stood in there for another five minutes and looked through everything. I was almost too afraid to touch anything--it was all just too good to be true!

4. Even with a supply closet, I still get a teacher supply stipend.  Which means I can actually spend it on stuff to improve the classroom--instead of wasting it all on whiteboard markers. (have you seen how expensive those things are!?)

5. I got to see my new classroom! Woweee! Shelves and cabinets line a WHOLE wall! And did I mention the room is giant? 

6. I noticed there weren't any filing cabinets in my classroom.  I asked my department head if I should go and buy some and he laughed at me. Then he patted me on the head and said, "Oh sweetie, you don't have to buy anything.  Just ask and we'll find whatever you need." Okay--he didn't really call me sweetie or pat me on the head--but I'm pretty sure I had the "five year old in a candy shop" smile.



summer bikerides

our new favorite evening activity is bike riding.

Ah man, I am so grateful for these moments and for this handsome man.

Taylor has made a new goal to bike everywhere.
I can't remember the last time he drove a car?
He bikes to school, work, stores, you name it.
I love how ambitious he is.

Ah, summer.
How we love you.


nice to meet you, cramps.

You probably shouldn't read this post if you use the phrase "TMI" consistently in your vocabulary....
Or if you just really don't care to know that much about me. Good luck!

One thing I seriously hate: taking birth control pills.
A. I always forget to take them.
B. I always forget to bring them on vacation.
C. I always forget to take them. 
D. When I forget to take them, it makes me a paranoid mess.

So I decided to get an IUD.
And less than 2 hours ago, ba-da-bing--I am now IUD certified.
aka...I gotsss one.

The doctor told me to take two prescribed pills six hours before the procedure.
An hour after taking them--BAM.
cue the massive cramps and nausea.
Hey, all you girls...ready to hate me?
I NEVER get cramps.
I didn't even know what they felt like until 8am this morning.
And I was ready to DIE.
I'm pretty sure these were really extreme--but what do I know?
But seriously. It was miserable.

As I sat in the waiting room, I was really hating my life.
I kept asking myself, "Self, why are you willingly doing this to yourself? YOU hurt! And the next 20 minutes aren't about to be a walk in the park.  More like a stampede in a cave--a very small and sensitive cave."
These were my texts to Taylor as I anxiously waited:

Okay--the insertion.
It really wasn't as bad as I thought...BUT there were four distinct moments that I was ready to punch someone.
My doctor would say, "Okay, here comes a cramp."
And then---UGHHHH aksdjhkajfhakjdnfdhsbfsljg
Is it right that a doctor can "give" you a cramp?
I was a little chatterbox the whole time, because I was trying to distract myself.
I found out her kids go to Orem high--is it weird that one of my students could be the child of my OBGYN?
Student: "Mrs. Gilbert is my history teacher."
Mom: "Oh! Mrs. Gilbert is one of my patients. I inserted a IUD in her last week! She had a really curvy cervix--which made the insertion difficult."

Well--now the cramping from insertion has begun.
And for the rest of the day, I plan to lay on the couch and watch movies, whilst cuddling my ibuprofen bottle.
Man alive--fellow girls--how do you live with cramps every month?

oh, hey, love this girl:
she always makes me laugh.

Yay for no more pills!
but boo for crampy crampy crampy ick.


an embarrassing moment

Last week I was commuting to Syracuse every day for a teacher conference.
One of my best teacher friends has an aunt that lives in Syracuse, so she invited me to stay the night there so I could avoid the awful (and miserably early) commute.
I immediately jumped on it.
But was only able to stay for one night because of prior commitments in the evenings.
P.S. her aunt's family are some of the most awesome people on the planet.

After chatting with this awesome family for a couple of hours, I asked to use the restroom.
important side note: this was the same night that I got the call about the Orem position.
When I'm excited, nervous, anxious--anything, I tend to play with my hair. 
Which results in a large ratted mess.

As soon as I went into the bathroom and saw my awful hair, the first thing I did was stand in front of the mirror to fix it.
After being in there for about 90 seconds (fixing my hair), I lifted up the toilet seat (you know, to take care of the REAL reason I was in there).
And the toilet was completely clogged. 
With poo of course.
(they've got little boys at home ;))

And as I stared at the mess, the realization hit me--I've been in here for at least two minutes.
NO ONE is going to believe that I "hadn't gone to the bathroom yet," and "I wasn't the one to clog the toilet."
Isn't that what everyone says?
So I opened the door and ran out saying, "I swear, I haven't even gone to the bathroom yet! I was fixing my hair! But the toilet is clogged! And it wasn't me!"
I wish I could have taken a picture of everyone's faces...pure confusion.
The uncle, who I had yet to meet, had just walked in the door right as I came out saying that. 
It was awesome.

But that toilet was seriously clogged.
It was going to need some serious tender loving care--and a lot of plunging.
And I didn't want to be blamed.

I even told them to stand outside the door while I used the other bathroom so they could hear me pee.
(you know, to prove I wasn't lying).
But surprisingly, no one took me up on that offer...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure they all think I clogged that toilet.
And then did the 10 year old move--and blamed it on someone else.
It really was unfortunate.

And that, my friends, is my embarrassing moment for the week.
I shall be forever known to that sweet family as "the girl who clogs the toilet, blames it on someone else, makes us plunge it, and then asks us if we want to listen to her pee."

That's okay...at least I got to avoid the commute for a day.



I am seriously sososososo HAPPY.

Here's the story:
Around hiring season (March of this year), I decided that I wanted to stay at Summit.
But as the school year ended, there were some things that were really frustrating me.
see here and here.
I started looking for jobs--but the hiring ship had sailed.
Nothing was open. Oh well...
I decided to suck it up, put a smile on my face, and make next year better than the last.
A couple of weeks ago, I randomly decided to look at job openings.
And what do you know?
There was an opening at Orem High School (3 minutes from my house!).
I couldn't believe the luck--or inspiration.
I decided to walk into Orem the next morning with my resume in hand.
I crossed my fingers that there would be someone at the school to give my resume to (keep in mind, it's the middle of summer).
The first person I ran into was one of the vice principals--and he told me he would be the vice principal hiring for the position.
Lucky? Meant to be? Miracle? 
Who knows.
But I got an interview.
And then a second interview.
And then...after a long few days of silence...
I got the job!!
I am SO happy!

I was so sure I didn't get it.
Especially after I saw more experienced teachers who were also interviewing for the position.
And then double especially when they told me they had over 100 applicants.
I even made a list of "15 reasons why I'm excited to stay at Summit" to make myself feel better about not getting the job.

Here's the top five from that list:
1. Some of my coworkers are my dearest dearest friends.
2. I absolutely adore my students.
3. I had the cutest TA last year who agreed to TA for me again this next year.
4. Small class sizes
5. I won't have to rehang this beast of a map.

Saying I was shocked when they called me to offer me the position is a complete understatement.
Everything worked out so perfectly--it was seriously miracle after miracle.
While I am SO incredibly sad to be leaving my wonderful friends at Summit, I know this is where I'm supposed to be.
And...pretty dang excited to get away from some of the frustrations I had.

I will tell you that it breaks my heart to leave my students--and without even a real goodbye.
I love my students so much--and I pray for their success in their future endeavors.
I hope I run into them here and there.
Ah, shucks---I'm teary.

BUT, despite that:
I am just bursting with excitement, I tell you.

Give me a high five or a pat on the back or something! C'mon!

three more hours...

three more hours until I'm DONE with this conference.
only about 40% of it was worth my time.
I'm so bummed that I'm stuck inside all day, when there is a glorious sunshine summer day just calling my name.


Congratulations, M!

Congratulations to my sister on baby #2!
Is this not the cutest picture, ever?
(p.s. this is not THE secret, I mentioned.  that post will come tonight!)


That's What I Get for Being Healthy

Last night I had a revelation. I'm not the 160 lbs that I used to be--clearly. (For those of you trying to picture 95 lb Kelli at 160 lbs you can put your mind at ease. This is Taylor writing.) I also realized that I have a problem. My wife is a skinny little twig and it makes me look even bigger. So I went out to the store (Kelli is out of town at the AP conference) to buy myself some heathy food. Here is a little tid-bit about my twig wife. She eats crap. So annoying. She will eat sugary cereal for breakfast, donuts for lunch, ice cream for dinner, and then more ice cream for dessert. I think I have gained half my weight just watching her eat. 

I thought it would be a perfect time to go grocery shopping (along with her inability to eat healthy food is her abhorrence to buying it). I loaded up on fruits, veggies, and nuts that will last me long into when my twig wife starts shopping again. 

So I hop on my bike and head to school, veggie lunch packed and ready to be consumed, finish my first class, and head to the library. Things I didn't realize:

  1. Eating in the library. Kind of frowned upon.
  2. Carrots and celery is quite possibly the loudest food ever. I could have butchered an animal at my computer making less noise. 
  3. People will leave. Notice the empty computer in the background. Although---it does make it so that I can take a picture without feeling like an idiot. 

All in all a good experience. Although, I can't wait for my twig wife to come back and convince me to eat some garbage.


this week.

I am stuck at a conference this week.
Here's the best part (not):
It's a 90 minute drive for me to get here.
And I have to be here at 7:30am until 4pm.
Can you say yuck?
It makes me rethink the whole "wanting to teach AP" thing.

This morning I almost fell asleep on the way here.
It's early..and I was SO bored 45 minutes into the drive.
I called my sweet older sister and told her she had to keep me awake.
Thank goodness that Kansas is an hour ahead of me, so I didn't have to wake her up. ;)

Thank goodness for this baby (aka the Dr. Pepper)

And...you know, also for internet access.
Hi veryjane.
Goodbye money.

(jk, taylor)


you've been warned.

do not, I repeat, do NOT read this post if you're easily addicted to cute, trendy things that you can buy totally discounted.
because, even with discounted items, you will end up spending over $300.
which may or may not have happened to me in the last two weeks....
(doesn't it just make you feel good to buy an item when it says its 70% off?)

Okay, I seriously have a problem.
I discovered veryjane a couple of weeks ago.
and I am sooo addicted.
I have bought so many cute belts, bracelets, necklaces, home decor, party decor (I should probably stop naming things, because Taylor reads this blog too ;)).

Some days I'll get on, and feel totally satisfied because nothing called my name, and I was able to leave the website with an empty shopping cart.

But then other days---ugh.
Like today.
Don't even ask.
I'm not allowed to look anymore.

Ready to be addicted?
Take a look.

Also, Regan (Taylor's sister) finally got home from Bolivia! 
She's my very favorite and I missed her so much!
We're kinda spoiled getting to live across the street from each other ;)
check out this sweet bracelet she got me in Bolivia!
I'm in love!

p.s. the real reason why I am blogging right now is because I am totally procrastinating folding a basket of clothes sitting next to me.


summer storm

tonight, taylor and I sat out on the front porch and watched the thunder storm.
It was so beautiful.
There is something so peaceful and renewing about summer storms.
I don't have any pictures--my phone was dead.
But I want to remember that moment forever (so it goes on the blog).
that moment where we just sat and watched the sky and talked about our lives.

I love that I married my best friend.



I've been a bad blogger...
for a few reasons.
1. summer is rocking. it is seriously amazing.
2. there's something a little secret going on right now. 
the same secret I mentioned in this post.
this is what has been controlling every thought and waking moment.
I'm super stressed because of said secret, but will be free at about 2pm today.
and I can share said secret next week ;)

got to go keep stressing.
hold tight.
you will know.


cross your fingers

I spent my day helping one of my very dearest friends paint her house.
It's going to be a week-long project.
But we are having SO much fun!
I love her to pieces.

Also. Cross your fingers for me!
I can't really give details--but something potentially AWESOME may be in my near future.
Details in the next week.

Also #2. My new favorite holiday is THIS WEEK.
I say new, because the Gilberts do the 4th BIG. It's so fun!

Also #3--tomorrow is Taylor's last day at doTERRA.
He is starting his own business, and it is already a success!
We are so happy.
We've always had a bucket list item to move to the East Coast just for a year or so.
And our real dream was to be able to go (without worrying about jobs) so we can spend our time exploring and enjoying life.
It looks like this time next year we might be doing just that.
How awesome would that be!?
Like...we are seriously just picking up and leaving.
And spending a year just LIVING LIFE.
We will both be graduated--and we decided that even though we will have degrees, we will just HAVE FUN.
Is this awesome, or what?
Let's hope it all works out.
So far...it's looking like it's going to work out just splendidly. ;)

BUCKET LIST ITEMS TO CHECK OFF (upon actually doing this):
Be spontaneous
Move to the East Coast
Do it all with the one I love


Friday night

Taylor didn't get off of work until 8pm on Friday night...bummer.
He's been fighting a summer cold, so we decided to have a fun night in.
Taylor dropped by Noodles and Co. (my new favorite place) and picked us up some dinner.
And we got to enjoy the noodles while watching Friends (of course).
I've finally got Taylor semi-hooked.
We started with season 1 at the beginning of the summer.  
Taylor says that now that he understands all of the jokes, it's a lot funnier.
I seriously do jumps of joy whenever he really laughs at a joke.
It's the best thing ever.  haha
The noodles don't even look appetizing in this picture...but I promise they are ;)

Oh, and can I say how much I love our texting conversations?
 I have way too much fun with this boy.

p.s. my new nickname for Taylor is rolyat (taylor backwards).
Which has started to turn into Rollie. ha!