and please don't be the flu

we had such a great weekend and end to my killer spring break.
but now, I'm laying in bed and praying that I'm not coming down with the flu.
because it feels flu-like.
I started feeling sick at about 1pm and tried to push my way through it.
I even ran 4 miles on my nauseated stomach, before finally giving up and turning home, and accepting the fact that I just wasn't feeling well.
and the worst part?
my birthday is tomorrow!
having the flu on my birthday?
that would blow chunks.
HA. I never use that phrase.
but then felt like it would be appropriate given my current symptoms. haha!

taylor told me all last week that I should take the day off work on my birthday, but eh.
it's too stressful to miss a day as a teacher.
and I don't hate my job.
so there.
but I feel like the universe always wants him to be right.
and so--hello flu!
but wait.
we are praying it's not the flu, remember?
and tomorrow I'll wake up feeling awesome.
and 23.
23! that sounds SO old to me.
okay, okay, it's kinda not old.
but still!
you know when you're 16 and you hear that someone's 23, and you think, "woah. 23."
well I do not feel as old as 23 felt to me when I was 16.
does that make sense?
if it doesn't, I blame it on the flu.
but. wait. not the flu.

and here are some pictures from our awesome weekend!
(posts to come this week: my sister and I went to the bijou market in provo and got tons of cute stuff! uh, duh..the best link up ever at my other sister's blog! and a REAL post about my big hair change...which you can kind of get a gist of in these pictures!)

^we got to celebrate this cute girl's birthday!^

^japenese food + huck finn play = one great night. ^

^because he looks so cute.^

 ^because he doesn't look so cute. HA kidding ;) ^

oh, and hey! 
a kinda hair picture!

feel free to follow my birthday adventures on insta.
(unless, you know, I'm stuck in bed. ugh)
I know a lot of people say that birthdays are less exciting when you're older--but I'm just going to admit that I still get giddy the night before my birthday.
and maybe it's more out of habit than anything else.
I don't really care about the presents,
(okay, I kinda care about the presents)
but I'm mostly excited for a great excuse to eat cake and ice cream.
how does that not make for a good day?
especially a whole roomful of people who serenade you with a song with your very own name in it!
now that is one cool thing.
aaand...I may or may not still set my alarm for 1 in the morning to celebrate the real moment I turn 23.

so, yeah.
goodbye flu.
hello 23!
and, oh yeah!
happy tax day!


  1. you're hilarious. hoping for no flu and a TON of birthday fun. happy birthday :)

  2. Hehe you're so young, I love it!

  3. I have really been considering becoming a teacher. I'm just curious, what helped you make the decision on what age group to teach? I have so many curiosity questions but I'll just stick with that one!

  4. It should be a rule that you can't get sick on your birthday. I hope you wake up feeling 100% better! Also, I cannot believe we are the same age and you are teaching while I am still trying to make it through college. So jealous, my friend.

  5. Ah I didn't realize we were THAT close in age. I turn 23 this August. I remember being 16 and thinking 20 sounded old!! But its funny, 23 is so so soo young still! Happy birthday, since its officially the 15th! I hope you start feeling better!

    PS you could have freaking PURPLE hair and still look gorgeous!! ;)

  6. i still get giddy before my birthday, too! haha i love it! also--i turned 23 in september and i felt SO OLD. this september im going to be 24! it just sounds so, adult i guess. have a great day--can't wait to see your adventured on insta :)

  7. Oh no! Hope you feel better and happy birthday, girl!

  8. Happy 23!
    I hope you get better.
    Take care.

  9. I hope it isn't the flu!!! Get better quick!!