saturday faces

 remember when I told you my mom wanted me to start watching grey's anatomy?
well I started last night.
annnnd, i can't stop watching it!
I'm already addicted.
how have I not seen this show before!?
buttt, here's the problem.
it's almost 3pm.
and I'm still sitting in bed, braless, make-up-less, shower-less, and watching grey's anatomy.
and while the show makes me extremely happy...
I remember that I still have SO much to do today.
like grocery shopping.
and I hate grocery shopping with all of my might.
and so, instead, I am taking pictures and blogging and trying to convince myself to get up and move.
but mom?
I have only you to blame.
at least you'll be proud that my bed is made.
right, mom?
maybe just one more episode...
dear netflix: i hate you.
but I still love you so, so, so very much.
someone tell me that they wasted their saturday too!
(but is it really wasting a saturday? I think I can make a pretty good argument that this makes for a great saturday.)

happy easter tomorrow!


  1. Last summer, I only worked for like 5 hours a week, and my husband was looking for a job at the time (we both were . . . but not very actively). That meant we had sooooo much time for chain Netflixing. It was bad! But I was reminiscing about it the other day and I thought . . . that was fun :) We literally watched TV allllll day long a few times. Kinda ridiculous. But if you've never watched Heroes, Drop Dead Diva, or Once Upon a Time, I totally recommend those ones :)


    PS--grocery shopping really is the worst.

  2. pretty sure you deserve a saturday like this every once in awhile... i'm just saying. ;)

  3. watching greys all day is NEVER a waste of a day :)

  4. Best kind of Saturday ever!! I watched a whole season of Glee in three days last week. Netflix is kind of evil haha.

  5. Greys Anatomy is awesome!!!!!!!!!