the day i got asked to prom...by a student

remember in my last post how I mentioned being asked to prom by a student?
well, that student came back today and took it to the next level.
a poster, cookies, candy, and a little teddy bear. HA!

it was so awkward, and yet so funny at the same time.
and yes, I had a whole roomful of students watching--half of them recording it.
oh hey, don't you worry, you won't be seeing me on the news any time soon.
i decided to save myself some jail time and reject the promposal. haha

but I think this goes pretty high on the list of "unexpected moments of being a teacher"
if there was such a list...

and today.
guys, today, there was an assembly.
and apparently the staff was supposed to come up with a dance.
but they didn't.
and before I know it, they are throwing me and another young teacher in the middle of the gym TO DANCE.
with NO music.
i guess the other teachers just looked at me and figured, "oh, you're young--you'll know what to do! go dance!" 
but if you remember this post or this post---i have NO rhythm.
especially with no music!
so I resorted to the only thing I knew how to do.
the macarena.
but then.
half way through, I forgot how to finish.
so I just shook my hips and then just stood there.
and you wonder how I got asked to prom....ha!

even with a failed macarena dance in front of 1,000 people, I am still going home happy--
because today is the last day before spring break!
happppppyyy friday!


  1. That is beyond cute! So wish we had a teacher like you in high school!

  2. haha it's no surprise you got asked to Prom! You're gorgeous! But that is hilarious!! And a great story to tell :)

  3. This is so great!! Your student is like twice as big as you are, lol!!!

  4. hahah you had an excellent Friday!

  5. Well no wonder you got asked to prom -- you're a hottie! ;) haha that is hilarious!! I can't imagine how awkward you felt!!

  6. Oh my goodness. This is awk. And kinda adorable.

  7. Haha I love your life--this is so funny! :) Any fun plans for your spring break? :)


  8. This is SO CUTE! I would be so awkward in that situation haha. Hope you have a wonderful spring break!

  9. Oh gosh. AWKWARD! but sweet too! :)