a story about a wedding ring

i've mentioned this before--but taylor is an expert at losing things.
wallet, keys, phone, you name it.
after letting him complain for a few days (sometimes weeks) about his missing items, I'll finally decide to help him search.
and I always, always, find whatever it is within five minutes.
(see here for more proof)

anyways, last night, he carried me to bed (i fell asleep on the couch while we were watching modern family. and yes, he is the cutest.)
and when he set me down, he muttered, "oh, shoot."
when i asked him what was wrong, he told me that his wedding ring had slipped off somehow.
he searched for the next ten minutes while I laid in bed (and yes, I am the meanest).
then, when he still couldn't find it, I told him I would search tomorrow--since I had nothing planned all day.
and that is serious. spring break, remember?

so, this morning, I decided to look for that ring.
I decided not to wait weeks before I started looking for it--didn't want him flaunting a single-hand around, because ladies, he is all mine! 
okay, kidding.
I always try to convince him to take off his ring when he goes to talk to female TAs at school ;)
okay, NOT kidding. 

and guess what?
I found it in less than 30 seconds.
sitting right next to the couch.
how does this always happen?
i'm beginning to wonder if he "fake searches" so that I will finally get sick of his complaining and just find it for him.
i'm catching on to you, taylorray.

so, for those of you who were worried about his missing ring--it has been recovered and now sits proudly on his finger.
but before we move on--I have one more ring story to share:

on friday night, we hosted a little dinner party with some other couples to say hello to spring.
it was so fun, by the way!
towards the end of the night, we were in the middle of a game (couch of power--SO fun!), when i teased taylor for something.
the next thing I know, taylor chucked something at me from across the room--and then I heard a horrible sound.
oh, don't worry.
it was just the sound of my skull getting hit by his tungsten wedding band.
and everyone in the room heard it.
that's how hard it hit.
taylor's face though--priceless.
he says he didn't even mean to throw it--it just was out of his hand before he thought about what he was actually throwing. ha!
and sure enough, it split open my eyebrow and gave me a pretty good bruise.
so how's that for a story?
my husband throwing his wedding ring at my face, in front of 6 witnesses.

and wait. I just connected this.
 then he "lost" his wedding ring a few days later...
maybe I should be a little more concerned... ;)

this is the best picture I have.
but about an hour later, I had a bump the size of a blueberry above my eye.
and it was also the color of a blueberry...

and to maybe end on a happier note?
today, my sister and I did the hardest workout.
my legs are rubber.
we ran up a crazy hill in orem (about .70 miles long) FIVE times.
and this is a straight uphill hill.
THEN to top it off, we did the dirty 30.
try it sometime.
especially after strength training--it was killer.
^so sweaty. so hot, how can you resist us?^

oh, and also, I meant to take a picture, but it accidentally started recording.
so I just decided to let it keep recording.
and thought it would end up being funny.
it's not funny at all.
but it still makes me laugh. ha
(pw: workout)

darkening my hair today!
follow me on instagram to see the final result!
i'll post a picture as soon as it's done!
SO excited!
and, it's okay if you don't like it.
i'll still love you.


  1. I hope your face is better from the ring throwing incident!

  2. NO. WAY. My husband is the worst at looking for things too!!! And so was my dad!! One time my dad was getting all frantic cuz he couldn't find the video camera, and it was over his shoulder in its camera bag! It was on his own person! So funny!! Men. What is it about them and looking for things and can never find them?

  3. Oh my gosh! that was some hit! I didn't know wedding rings could do that! My husband and I are the opposite. I always lose things and he always finds them but it could be because I look for things without my glasses and can't see… so…. anyway! glad your husband found his ring!

  4. You look so good. Your arms look so nice. Your face is perfection, even all sweaty.

  5. haahhaha gosh i loved this. the video was great. you work out hard man... i wanna work out with you!

  6. Is the hill on 4th south?? I used to run up that one all of the time! Not 5 times though, you are amazing! Also loved the ring story, he owes you big time! haha

  7. i can't stop laughing. like. for real can't stop laughing. but yes, your husband is the cutest for carrying you to bed. WHO DOES THAT?! i love taylorray. even if he throws wedding rings at you. ;)