telling taylor he's going to be a daddy!

I had decided to take my first pregnancy test Saturday morning, October 3.
It would be six days before my missed period.
But, I just couldn't wait!
I bought an early detector test and crossed my fingers it would work for me.

I didn't realize until we started trying how much I wanted a little baby of our own.
The days leading up to the test were the WORST.
I was looking for any possible symptom, and was constantly googling "earliest pregnancy symptoms"
I swear I googled that like 3 times a day hoping for new answers. hahah
I was desperate for any sign!

Friday night, I could hardly sleep!
I was soooo anxious.
I kept telling myself, "there's no way I can fail the test...I've NEVER failed a test. taking tests is the one thing I'm actually really good at!" hahah

I decided not to tell Taylor I was taking the test.
He thought I was waiting to take one the following tuesday.
After tossing and turning ALL night, I finally woke up at 6:30 in the morning and decided to take the test!
Waiting those 3 minutes...HOLY COW hahahah there's nothing like it.
I went into the bathroom and at first, my heart sunk.
there wasn't a second line.
but when I picked it up, I saw the faintest FAINTEST hint of a line.
like hardly visible.
I instantly got on my phone and started googling, "What does a faint line mean!?"
almost every answer was "if there is ANY hint of a second line, you're pregnant!"
but I still wasn't convinced.
So I ran to wal-mart and bought a digital test.
Taking the second test was even worse.
There was a big part of me that was believing I was pregnant.
But what if the second test said negative!?
what would that mean??

I took the second test (taylor was still asleep), and THOSE three minutes were even worse than the first.
I finally went in and looked--sooo hesitantly.
I like crawled into the bathroom to look. hahah
I did NOT realize how much I wanted this baby until that morning!
when I saw that it said "PREGNANT," I literally slumped against the wall and balled like a little baby.
I was sooo grateful!
It was one of the neatest moments between me, my heavenly father, and my new little baby inside of me!

A couple of weeks before, I had asked Taylor if he wanted to make a "breakfast video."
I told him I just had a cute idea and wanted to make one in our new kitchen.
He agreed, and never had a second thought about it.
LITTLE DID HE KNOW, I had this whole idea planned FOREVER. hahah

I let him sleep for awhile longer, and I went for a run with the little secret that was just mine and baby's.
I couldn't stop smiling and crying during that whole run.
there's really no way to explain that feeling!
^a little picture of the happiest little run of my life!!^

I was DYING to tell taylor but I wanted him to sleep in and enjoy his last few hours of his stress-free life. hahah
so when he woke up, I asked him if he wanted to do that breakfast video.
he agreed (whew!).
making breakfast that morning with him right there, trying to keep such a big secret, was the hardest thing EVER. 

so here is the little video of me telling taylor ;)
p.s. it took him FOREVER to drink the orange juice! 
Every time I drank from my cup, I was saying, "mmmm, babe, this orange juice is soooo good. you should drink some more!!" hahah
more baby stories to come!
(now that I can finally tell them!!)


we're having a baby!

 the news is out!
we are expecting our first little babe!
we could not be more excited!!
we are still a little bit in shock--especially since it feels more real after telling everyone.
we kept it a secret for TOO long--it was the worst!
but we were waiting to tell my family in person when we saw them at thanksgiving!

after four years of marriage, taylor and I started to feel like there was a little baby waiting to join our family.
we actually had a few really cool personal experiences that made everything feel so inspired!

taylor and I decided to start trying a few months ago, because I was convinced that it would take us at least 6 months to get pregnant--which was perfect timing in my book! (I don't know why I thought that though--all of the girls in my family have been little fertile machines)

soooo I was super surprised to find out that we were pregnant on our FIRST try. 
HAHAH the only thing we could really say was "thank the heavens for birth control all of this time!" HA
(more on me finding out I was pregnant later!)
I have been SOOO lucky with symptoms.
I pretty much haven't been sick at all.
EXCEPT for a weird bout monday & tuesday of this week.
(which seems weird since my first trimester is almost over...)

I've only thrown up three times while pregnant, and two of them weren't really because of pregnancy--more my stupidity.
the first time, I went to bed really hungry and thought "whatever..."
UH DUMB haha I learned my lesson really quick.
I woke up that morning soooo hungry, that I couldn't even stomach anything!
I had a piece of toast, and after about two bites, I lost it.
sooo lesson #1: this baby is hungry all of the time--and when the babe is hungry...it needs to eat NOW

the second time was because I am the biggest baby ever and I really really really hate taking pills.
I know its a mental thing, but I really can't handle it.
I can usually only take pills if I'm drinking something thicker than water (chocolate milk, smoothie, etc).
So I've had a good supply of chocolate milk on hand for my prenatals.
wellll the other night, I thought, "I can totally do this with just water!"
swallowed, and then my mind-game caught up to me...and UP came the pill and my dinner.
hahaha but I pretty much throw up anytime I try to take a pill just on water, so that really wasn't pregnant related.
BUT last night was the funniest.
we went out to a birthday dinner at pf changs for one of our best friends, kate!
and right at the end of the dinner I suddenly felt so sick.
haven't felt that ONCE during pregnancy.
so we started leaving the restaurant and I turned to kate and said, "guess what!? we are having a baby!!"
she congratulated me, and then asked me if I had been sick yet, and as soon as she asked that...I turned around and threw up.
my whole yummy dinner. 
right outside the entrance of pf changs.
pretty sure I ruined their business for the rest of the night.
but I was laughing so hard while throwing up...like how ironic is that? two seconds after telling someone I'm pregnant, I'm bent over throwing up. haha
aaaand I may or may not have peed my pants while throwing up.
my bladder just couldn't even handle the stomach muscle spasms.
pregnancy is so beautiful! HAHA

so YES, I've been super lucky with sickness!
other than being really tired (which is finally starting to go away!) and having a really sensitive nose to everyyything, I haven't really had any symptoms.

at 8 weeks, we had our first ultrasound, and we got to hear little baby gilbert's heartbeat.
SO fun.

we seriously are so in love with this little babe already!
It doesn't feel too real yet...but I'm sure as my pants continue to get tighter and my belly continues to get bigger, it will start to feel more real!

last night was the first time that I felt like I actually had a little hint of a belly!
taylor and I were trying to describe what it felt like..."it's not soft like a roll of fat, but it's also not rock hard like a bloated stomach..." ha

tomorrow I will share a fun little video of me telling tayray that he's going to be a daddy!
makes me cry every time. HA

we are so happy this little secret of ours is OUT!
12 weeks along and this babe already has our hearts!
we love you, little baby gilbert!


lesson learned: don't show naked pictures to students

we had a really, really happy weekend.
I am still fighting a nasty head cold and cough---but alas, nature of the beast of winter.
it also snowed today for one of the first times, and it is so beautiful!
it makes me soooo giddy for the holidays!
we are traveling to my sweet home in california for thanksgiving, and we are sooo excited to get there next week!

tay and I chaperoned another orem high dance.
my senior cabinet was in charge of this dance.
and I was super proud of their hard work.
they even had a cute polaroid station for the students.
so fun!

soooo time for another beloved highschoolism.
whenever I search something online, I always freeze the projected screen "just in case"...you never know what will pop up when you are searching.
anyways, today was no different.
I was talking to my AP Gov students about first amendment religious rights, and I wanted to talk to them about the ridiculous pastafarian court case recently regarding DMV pictures.
have you heard about pastafarians?? 
go look them up. so funny.
ANYways, I pulled up the article on a news website, unfroze the screen and started to talk to the class about it.
they all started giggling, and I THOUGHT they were laughing over this picture:
but then there was so much weird chatter going on, that I couldn't figure out what was going on.
finally someone yelled, "there are naked pictures up there!"
I looked up on the screen and sure enough, on the side of the article was an ad that had a naked girl from the front and naked from the back.
like COMPLETE nudity.
I freaked out and ran over to shut off the screen.
HA the kids could not stop laughing.
so awkward and so bad.

immmmma looooose my job!
how did that make its way through the school wifi!?
and how did I NOT notice before I unfroze the screen!?
...and this is one school day after our "say not to porn" assembly we had on friday. HAHAHA
oh life. you are always keeping me on my toes!

counting down until thanksgiving break!!


gilbert update!

welllll hellooooo, there! 
I have been a little absent on this blog of ours.
I've been having some moral dilemmas about blogging after a few things that happened recently; so I have been reverting to my personal journal to document things.

buuut, I'm back for the time being!
life has been SO good to us.
we love our new home more than we can say.
we have been having so much fun entertaining all of our friends recently.
speaking of entertaining, taylor and I threw our annual Halloween party.
and it was probably the best one yet! 
we had sooo much fun!

in a very, very last minute change to our costumes, taylor and I were dwight and angela from the office. HA

just D and his monkey ;)
speaking of, the REAL angela liked my photo on instagram. 
if that's not winning, I don't know what is...

a few weeks ago, taylor ran out of gas for the SECOND time in ONE week and had to be rescued! hahahah I was laughing the whole way over there to bring him gas.
he called me the second time and said, "hey, kells, go outside to the backyard really quick."
"look down. do you see a little red gallon tank? yeahhh, I'm gonna need you to bring that to me."
haha I was like, "nooo way. you're kidding, right??" HA

 one of our favorite things to do in our new home is to have friends over for BBQing and s'mores by the firepit.  and sometimes, we bring out the giant jenga. SO FUN

we drove home to california last friday for the quickest trip ever.
but we couldn't miss my dear friend's wedding.
this beautiful girl was my best best childhood friend since she moved to our town in 5th grade.
we did everything together.
like think of that fairytale best friend relationship? that was ours.
we were addicted to each other.
when I left california to move to utah for college, she spent the night with me the night before and we balled on my driveway as we said goodbye.
being separated from her was one of the hardest transitions of going away to college.
 her wedding was sooo beautiful and I was beaming for her all night.
we've only talked occasionally the past 2-3 years (life got in the way), and I realized last weekend how sad that really made me.
we will always share the most special love for each other, and we have decided to make a weekly date to talk to each other again.
because as soon as we hugged, we balled like little babies haha
I won't ever be able to thank God for giving me such a special friend through childhood.

I also got to see two of my sweet other friends from high school!
me, michelle (far right), and jackie (bride) made the best trio.
tooooo many memories.
in fact, michelle reminded me of the only two times her and I ditched school:
1. to go buy matching calculators (which we thought could message each other...HAHAH)
2. go buy the book, The Host, that had just come out at Barnes and Noble.
....oh, and don't worry, both times we ASKED our teacher if we could ditch.
we were the biggest NERDS EVER
hahah michelle and I could literally tell the most embarrassing nerdy stories on each other.
like how we would literally cry if we got less than an A on ANY assignment.
and how we would get so excited to go to calculus, until we finally realized we kinda sucked at it.
and how we would stay in a teacher's classroom during lunch half of the time to do our homework together. HAHA NERDS
but I guess it ended up paying off for both of us ;)

while we were only home for about 24 hours, we tried to squeeze in as much family time as we could
and taylor couldn't get enough of baby zo-zo.
does this sight melt your heart? because mine is in a puddle on the floor.

I have been trying to get over a dumb head cold all week.
teaching with an unbearable sore throat = sooo awesome!!
SO ready for the weekend!


a "we are growing up!" story

now that I can tell the "untold story" of finding our home, I decided it was best to document it.
we really feel SO blessed and guided to have found this home.
I was really, really, really hesitant to say anything about the home before it was OFFICIALLY ours.
I was sure that as soon as I posted about it, I would jinx us and something would fall through.
...I'm not superstitious, but I'm a little stitious. ;)
(^please tell me you know what the above line is from! and we will be BFFS HAHA^)

Anyways, we had been looking at homes for almost a year and a half, on and off.
we had the BEST realtor ever.
If you are in utah county and need a recommendation, he's your guy!
every time we started looking, nothing was really coming together, and we kept having the feeling to wait a little longer.

finally, a year and a half after looking at homes, we decided to build.
we were under contract to start building, and we felt pretty good about it!
but then...I accidentally stumbled upon a house for sale on zillow.
I immediately looked it up on UtahRealEstate and had a really strong feeling that we should go and look at it.
so I timidly brought it up to Taylor.
and of course his response was, "What are you doing looking at homes!? We are already under contract!"
But, he also knew, that if I didn't see this home, I wouldn't be able to get it out of my mind.
So he agreed to see it.
It was smaller than the one we were building, and we wouldn't be able to pick everything out, but...there was just something about it.
When we started looking around inside, I immediately fell in love.
There was something about the feeling of the home...I just knew it was where we were supposed to be!
Taylor and I didn't say anything as we looked around the home...it was probably the most silent "walk-through" we've ever had.
After getting back into our car, I turned to Taylor and said, "What do you think?"
I was sure that he had completely nixed the idea of this home, since we WERE under contract for another home.
He turned to me and said, "Kells, that's our home."
And then I started crying in the car. HA 
I was just so happy that we had the exact same impressions while in the home.

So we hurriedly got out of the contract of the to-build home and put in an offer on the new home.
Well...actually, we were technically still under contract with the other home when we put in the offer on the new home.
but our realtor told us that if we wanted this new home, we had to put an offer in FAST.
so, we trusted our gut, and put the offer in.
they had 24 hours to respond.
the LONGEST 24 hours ever!
then, later that night, we found out that one of the neighbors had come over and also put an offer in.
they wanted to stay in the neighborhood, but wanted to "upsize" their current home, and were really interested in "our" home!
our realtor told us we should probably up our offer.
so we upped by 10,000 and made it a really attractive offer.
he also warned us that oftentimes, a seller will sell to someone they know over someone they don't know.
which made us REALLY nervous.
so the next day, I was sitting by my in-laws pool and anxiously waiting for a phone call.
finally, the call came, and our realtor said, "Congratulations! You and Taylor are homeowners!"
I was sooo happy!
I wanted to tell Taylor in person, so I drove straight to his work.
I was smiling and laughing and crying the whole way there.
I so badly wanted to call him and tell him but I knew I wanted to see his expression when I told him we GOT THE HOUSE.
I burst into his office and said, "WE GOT IT!"
seriously, the best feeling ever.

the next couple of weeks meant major cleaning/packing/decluttering.
we've only lived in the one apartment the whole time we have been married.
and it was the cutest ever. 
I was really sentimentally sad to leave it, but since moving into our home, I haven't missed it once. ha
but really, so far, we have been so guided and so blessed to both places we have called home.

we decided to move in with Taylor's parents while waiting to close, so we could save 2 months of rent.
so we had to clean and pack fast!
but of course, I got super sick two days before our last day in the apartment.
which made me sooo sad, because I had so many cute plans on how to celebrate our last night in our first little home. 
but after I crashed in the bedroom, I woke up to find the rest of the cleaning/packing DONE.
taylor is a gem.
here I am, all sick with my little hero, tayrayg.
can you see my glazed over eyes? haha

we just couldn't be happier that it all worked out.
(p.s. luckily, our realtor worked magic, and we were able to get out of the contract without ANY penalty!)

and our very last picture in the place we were lucky to call our first home.
I was still sooo sick.
but it was taylor's birthday, so I tried so hard to "feel better."
and look at that birthday boy's face...classic.

and after a crazy few weeks of getting things together for the loan office (why is that such a nightmare? seriously, they asked for the same documents like a million times!), the home was finally, officially, OURS.

it's crazy how life just comes together, isn't it?
I mean, I literally ACCIDENTALLY found our home.
and now I don't even know what we would do without it!
we are so meant to be where we are, and we feel that every single day.

tomorrow, I am OFF TO WASHINGTON DC!
a little historical trippy trip with a bunch of my students! wahoo!


my favorite things

owning a home is SO fun.
but suddenly SO expensive.
and my to-do list never ends.
there is always something I "need" for the house. ha

before I do a full reveal (which may be different posts throughout the next few weeks, since we are working on one room at a time), I just wanted to share a few of my very favorite things about owning our home.

p.s. we are in LOVE with it.
every day (without fail), one of us says to the other, "I just LOVE our house." or "we are so lucky to live here!" or "we totally scored on this."
something to that effect.

so, a few of my favorite things:

1. our neighborhood!!
we live in just the cutest neighborhood.
last night, we went on a run through the neighborhood (actually, I ran, and taylor long-boarded behind me...he doesn't let me go alone when it's dark, and he didn't feel like running that late. ha), and we were loving looking at all of the cute houses.

2. I am in love with my new running routes.
just take a look at this:

I get so giddy to go running on these new routes!
our neighborhood has private access to this river trail, and it is amazing.
literally 20 feet from our house, and we are on the trail.
taylor and I have taken quite a few after-dinner strolls the past few weeks on the trails.

3. a backyard!
taylor looooves landscaping, so watching him mow our yard is like watching a two year old on christmas morning. 
we eat dinner on our patio furniture almost every night.
and it is divine.
and working out in my own backyard?

taylor and I love spending time outside...so it's no surprise that we have more furniture in our backyard than in our whole house. HA

and every evening possible, we are out by this firepit.

4. the cutest gas station down the road
is that possible? a cute gas station?
okay, it's not really cute. but we've gotten in this little habit of going down to the gas station just a few minutes away, and the cutest asian family owns it, and we are becoming their new best friends.
so last night after our run, and to "top off" our anniversary, we went to the gas station, got some yummy drinks, and then drank them out by the fire while we chatted.
....and the owners may or may not have given us a "delivery menu" for the gas station HAHAHA

5. peaking in on taylor in our office
 we haven't finished this room, but we are loving how it is already coming together.
and it's so fun that taylor finally has an office.
he walks into the door every evening with the mail in his hands, and after giving me a kiss, he goes and sits down at his cute little desk and opens up all of the mail.
it's darling.

hopefully this post didn't sound too "braggy," we are just so thrilled with our new little life in our dreamy home, and I had to share some of my favorite things!

can life be more perfect?
runs through a cute neighborhood,
followed by dinner on the patio, 
then a stroll on the river trail, 
topped off cuddled up next to the fire pit.

and tonight we are running away to park city to continue our anniversary celebration.
I cannot WAIT.



today, we celebrate FOUR YEARS.
I can hardly believe it.
we were such babies in these pictures. HA
taylor rolled over at like two in the morning, grabbed my hand, and whispered "happy anniversary!" in my ear this morning.
perfect start to our day!

we love celebrating the day of our anniversary by attending the temple.
I love it.
And then this weekend, we are running away together!
Four years ago, I thought I loved him
I had no idea.
Four years ago, I thought I was the happiest girl alive.
I had no idea.
Four years ago, I thought life couldn't get much better.
I had no idea.

TayRay, I love you more every day.
I am happier today than I was 4 years ago, because every day lived, means an extra day of my life with you in it.
And life gets better every. single. stinking. day. with you.

today is a happy day for lots of reasons!
we love celebrating love.

make today special.
 because in our universe, it's a special, special day.



someone commented on our last blog post asking if taylor and I ever fight or disagree. HA
taylor and I laughed pretty hard at that.
YES, YES...and yes, some more.
There are quite a few things we don't see eye-to-eye on, and we definitely do have disagreements.
our arguments are fairly mild--we really do try to see the other person's point of view.
and luckily, we are both very quick to laugh and forgive.
in fact, when things get too heated, we have this "thing" we do, where someone can call a time-out.
and we aren't allowed to talk about it anymore (at least until we cool down)
but as soon as someone calls a time-out, it somehow always makes us laugh--probably because we are just so angry, and it always leads to ridiculousness.

anyways, the other day, taylor and I were arguing about something stupid in the car.
Taylor angrily tossed his phone on the dashboard, and it BOUNCED off of the dashboard and flew right into the windshield, and....

immediate STARBURST in our windshield. NO JOKE
When we saw the crack, we both sat there in silence for a couple of seconds, and then I just started laughing so hard. Like seriously, what are the chances??
I had a really hard time seeing through my tears (of laughter) on the freeway after that.
After I broke into laughter, Taylor started laughing....which ended our argument real fast. HA
The best part, is that he didn't even throw his phone at the windshield!
He just did like a flick of the wrist to toss it on the dashboard, and it just bounced, and hit the windshield!
HAHHA I die every time I think about it.
I told taylor (through hysterics), "I can tell you exactly how much this argument was worth." HAHHA

another story along those lines...
when we were unpacking boxes a few weeks ago, I wanted taylor to unpack a specific box, and he didn't want to unpack that one yet, but I was persistent that we unpack them in the exact order I wanted them unpacked, because my name is kelli and I'm a control freak.
Taylor wanted to wait to unpack this particular box until we bought this shelf thing.
Well inside that box, were these notes I had given him on our last anniversary---they were little "open when..." notes (like open when you need a laugh, open when you've had a hard day, etc.)
So in a really sassy way, I said, "Well, do you at least want to unpack these cute little notes I spent time writing for you? Or do you want those to stay in the box forever too?"
Taylor gave me his little half smile and said, "I'll take the notes."
So I handed him the notes (all annoyed, mind you), and he pulled out this one:
...and said, "I knew I was saving this one for the perfect moment."
As soon as I saw that, I started laughing/crying--because, I really was being REALLY annoying.

so yes, we do fight.
but I usually like to remember and record the really happy times.
so, sorry if it doesn't seem like we are a normal couple who have normal arguments. ha

on a different note...
it is seriously my FAVORITE month.
and I could not have lucked out more to have gotten married in october!
this year is taylor's year to plan our anniversary, and he already spilled part of his little secret that we are leaving town for the weekend for a little getaway.
soooo excited!!
we are turning 4 years old tomorrow, and I could not be happier!



one last post of hawaii pictures!
so the day we left for hawaii was extremely hectic. it ended up being the SAME day we signed for our house.
which was NOT ideal. 
of course, life just works out that way--we bought hawaii tickets in april, and put an offer in on the house in july, and of course they ended up on the exact SAME day.
so we literally ran around with our heads cut off that day.
I actually signed the house papers in the front office of the high school during my lunch.
talk about stress. HA

so when we finally made it to the airport, ON TIME, with the papers signed, there was a big sigh of relief.
the picture above means so much to me--I can still feel that FINAL relief and much deserved excitement for hawaii!

in a 48 hour period, I had my first day of teaching for the year, signed papers on a house, and left for Hawaii. GAH
I was so stressed about which thing to be most excited for, that I had a hard time being excited for any of them!
but we were blessed when we ended up having a private jet from california to hawaii. HA
literally, there were like 12 people on the flight. 
Most people took their own aisle, but tay and I were just giddy little children about our house, that we didn't want to sit on separate aisles. 
we wanted to dream and plan and talk about how excited we were instead.
and we SLEPT like babies all cuddled up on that aisle, finally being able to relax.
the flight attendants thought we were "so in love" by not wanting our own aisles.
which...we are. but that wasn't why. we just couldn't stand to be apart when we were so excited about that dang house finally being OURS!
plus...we wanted to play cribbage...

so on our last day, we decided to drive up to see the volcanoes in kona.
one of the cool things about that particular island!
^see the smoke? so cool!...and so hot. see what I did there? HA^

^entering a lava tube cave! a cave literally created from flowing lava^

^inside the lava tubes with someone I lava ;)^

^notice the big crater full of smoke behind us!^

 okay, funny story. 
so the first day, I must have gotten too much sun.
I don't really get sunburned, so I didn't notice, but the next morning I woke up and my forehead was SWOLLEN.
the weirdest thing. 
we looked it up online and one of the main reasons was too much sun exposure--ding, ding ding!
so we went and grabbed a walmart hat for my poor little forehead.
the story needed to be documented...because it was just the weirdest thing I ever did see
(aaaand, tay and I may have had a freak-out moment thinking I had a sudden tumor at first...)

^and also this priceless picture!!^

 dinner every night in the prettiest little town by the water was just so fun!
I mean, look how prettttyyyy!

and of course some good ol' go-pro pictures to end the hawaii posts!

we seriously had a blast, and I am STILL dreaming about this trip.
buuut this school year has turned out pretty great so far--my students are incredible this year.

...and house updates coming soon!