a life lately list

 #1. just look at mom gilbert's little kitty. getting so big every day!
i really wish he liked cuddling with me instead of attacking me.

#2. i get giddy over mini shopping trips with taylor.
we spend too much and laugh too much and maybe judge people too much?
but that's okay--I'm sure they were judging us too for our selfies in target.
oh, and this was also the trip when taylor meant to "fake punch" me but accidentally really socked me in the jaw.
and yeah, he got pretty judged by that from the people in the aisle.
and it hurt.
but was also really funny. ha

 #4. recently, we've been playing a lot of super smash brothers--me+taylor against my brother and his wife.
taylor was sick of losing (my fault), so he made us practice every night.
like really--this is real serious life, people.
and...I've started to get semi-good!
i can kill people now!
(uh, supersmash people--not real people.)
and on saturday, we were a serious match and won quite a few games!
look what practice and mean looks from the hubby can do!
(just kidding...kinda. he just really wanted to win! haha!)

 #5. went to this darling girl's bridal shower on saturday.
is she the cutest, or what?

 #6. Oh, sundays.
I love you for a lot of reasons.
but mostly for the facetiming opportunities you give me.
love facetiming sacramento to see my cute babies, their cute mom, and MY cute mom.
and we basically just sit and make faces the whole time.
it's really good bonding time.

#7. i got hit with a major anxiety attack yesterday.
like over the toilet anxiety.
anyone with me on these?
i get to thank my lovely mother for these genes.
and gosh, guys.
I got really lucky with my "man-crush-monday."
my foreverrrr man-crush-monday.
because he is so good to me when my body and mind go crazy.
and after the incident we got to sit and cuddle while watching modern family.
and I danced to the theme song in each episode while taylor made fun of my rhythm.
because, guys, my rhythm. it's bad.
but that modern family theme song!
it's so catchy, I just can't help but move my uncoordinated body all over the living room!

#8. happy april!
lots of good stuff this month!
my birthday
spring break
taylor's graduation
more birthdays
visiting parents!
and duh! april is just an all around a good month!


  1. love this happy list! also i find it hilarious that your husband accidentally socked you--that has happened to me a couple of times, (we are just playful i guess) im glad im not the only one :) you are adorable.

    1. thanks, kayla! and I'm glad i'm not alone in the accidental husband abuse haha!

  2. You guys are so adorable! I'll be visitng Sacramento April 17-20! If your there around that time, text Jackie and I :)

    1. ah! i wish I was there! i'll still be teaching! send me pictures of you two together! xoxo

  3. Love this list! I especially love that you clarified that you aren't killing real people haha.

    1. hahah wanted to make doubly sure that was clarified! ha!

  4. SO...after this, and after your comment on my instagram the other day, I'm most definitely convinced we're long lost pals. ;) you have no idea how OBSESSED my husband is with "smash brothers"...and when we first met I got very confused when he'd ask his guy friends if they "wanted to smash" - ha!

    PS - you have the cutest blonde hair. & I'm so glad you have a man like that to love you!

    1. ohhhh you KNOW that we are. haha! and funny that you mention my "blonde" hair--especially after my post from yesterday. haha!

  5. You guys are beyond adorbs... I totally love your husband love. :) And your friend is the most adorable bride-to-be ever!!! We have the best shopping trips to Target too... and I'm pretty sure people judge us. ;)

    1. haha! i love it! target judging at its finest!

  6. What an exciting month to look forward to. I love your excitement in all of your photos - what a happy pretty girl you are!

  7. Love your target selfie! You guys are so cute! <3

  8. Replies
    1. aren't they really!? my very favorite!

  9. AH I love that wedding picture!! It's amazing and you guys are adorable :)