feeling 23.

 basically, I had the best birthday ever.
i woke up feeling SO much better.
I must have just had a weird bug.
taylor always wins as the best present giver.
he made a book for me detailing the story of how we met and how he fell in love with me.
it is the sweetest thing ever, and I cherish it so much already.
the rest of the day was complete with:
lots of flowers from my tayray
birthday cards in the mail
a decorated classroom door from one of the cutest students ever
phone calls & texts from all of my little lovies
dinner at my favorite pf changs
more presents
an ice cream&cake party with the utah fam
OH! and can't forget that taylor and his mom surprised me by showing up to one of my classes and bringing cupcakes for the whole class! and the yummiest of all cakes for me!
all hand made by the greatest baker around--mama gilbert.
do I have the best second mom or what?

and apparently, the celebration is leaking into today.
some cute students from my old school surprised me by visiting and bringing me little birthday treats!
I miss these cute girls so much!
and wow. they made my day.
and please ignore the fact that I am on my tippy-toes and still the shortest.

I kinda had a little personal freak out yesterday when I realized that I felt old.
and I know it's not very old.
butttt I'm almost halfway through my 20s.
and that's kinda scary!
seriously. time is such a weird thing.
but this year is going to be rocking.
so many fun things to look forward to.
and guys! I'm 23!
except...does anyone else get a little depressed when your birthday comes to a close?
or is that just me and the five year olds out there?

^i want to squeeze this girl every day. how will I live without her when she leaves on her mission!?^

oh, and this MUST be documented! yesterday was a big day for one other reason:
I think that was more exciting than my birthday!
I am sooo proud of my little smartie pants.
the bummer deal is that business school makes you wait 2-3 years before you can apply.
so it's not the total end of school for us, but I'm taking it!
I made him a little "hoorah!" package with little notes for each gift--
for example, the coke had a sticky on it that said, "I'm soda-lighted that you are done with classes!"
some of them were more of a stretch....like:
 a new shirt I got him had a sticky on it that said, "Way to follow the honor code to the "tee!" ha!
aaaand it was kinda fun to GIVE presents on my own birthday!

to sum up.
23 feels great.
my husband is awesome.
and so hot.
and so smart.
and he is the best kisser ever!
and YAY for graduation!!


  1. Yay for graduation!

    Was your bday yesterday? If so, we have the same birthday!

  2. Haha you are the cutest! This post is great and it sounds like you had a great birthday! :) That's so sweet of you to give gifts on your birthday! And I love your hair darker!!! Like really. Love it. :) And I think I've officially reached my exclamation point and smiley face quota for the week . . .


  3. Yay for graduation!!! And happy belated birthday, girlfriend!! Xo

  4. He is totally cute and I love him. Like more than a friend. Like a second boyfriend because I am picturing myself as you. Wow this is weird. But you dress so cute and I can't help but want to be you.. And Jamie and Taylor?
    Okay really creepy. But 23 has never looked better and I'm so happy for Tay!

  5. Funny, my hubs just finished up this last semester too! And we're looking for work now so he can apply to the BYU business school too! Twinners!
    Happy birthday yesterday!

  6. What an amazing birthday!! Your hair looks fab, too!!! ...you're so young. Can't handle it. ;)

  7. hope you had a great day, girl! yay for being 23!

  8. Well you are just the cutest thing EVER. So excited for you and that you had such a great birthday. Your husbands present that he gave you is SO sweet, and I love that you are such a giver, even on YOUR birthday. Such a sweetie!