Happy New Year!

We are so grateful for everything 2013 brought us.
So much happiness, love, joy, and faith!
(p.s. I originally titled this post: "Happy New Year from our little family"--but then I asked tay, "does that sound like we are announcing something?" and so I changed it.
No announcements there folks--still gotsss this thing and proud of it! HA)

Here's a quick little video I made recapping our 2013 moments
okay--just want to say, I made this video in FCP before the whole "flipagram" fad hit about 24 hours ago.
I thought I was so hip and cool and creative.
And then everyone started posting these videos made with a simple little app.
and I told Tay, "I'm not cool anymore. Should've invented an app--not my own little video."

It's okay, I still like it.

We are celebrating my sister's 25th today!
It will be a grand day!
Looking forward to 2k14 BABY!


  1. I want this video on a loop in my brain, everything/everyone is so pretty.