slippery snow? nah, how about some SUN!

The other night, as we were leaving Taylor's parents house, I started to slip on the driveway.
Taylor reached out to grab me, and then HE started to slip.  
We both caught our footing just in time.
We stood there for a second and laughed at our potentially disastrous debacle.
Then, as we both took another step--BAM.
We both completely biffed it.
Turns out the whole driveway was COMPLETELY frozen.
There was no hope of getting up.
I recorded the end of our little adventure:

Later that night, I was getting out of the car after the gym.
I took two steps, and then BAM.
I completely smacked the cement.
Man--it's dangerous out there!
I thought I had cracked a rib!
I called Taylor, almost in tears, and asked if he could come help me.
I was afraid that if I stood up, I would fall straight back down.
That sweet boy came to my rescue--and then picked me up and carried me inside.

Good news: my rib is not broken.
bad news: it's completely bruised! and it hurts.
AND taylor likes to poke it and make me grimace.
he's awesome...

Hey--goodbye slippery snow!
We are off to sunny California today!

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