Los Angeles

Ready for a picture overload?

Two weekends ago, we had the privilege of witnessing the wedding ceremony of these two beautiful people!
Isn't my cousin just the prettiest girl? She designed her dress herself!
Her wedding was seriously picture perfect.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Rawlings!

^^ mark's dad is a mission president in Finland, and so he couldn't come for the wedding.  When they came out of the temple, one of his brothers handed Mark the phone.  And guess who was on the other side? His dad! It was the cutest thing!^^

To top off her perfect wedding, her reception was in the most beautiful house at the edge of the ocean.
seriously--a dream!
^^oh yeah...that's Catalina Island and the ocean behind us. nbd. ^^

^^snapped this cute picture of the adorable flower girl. my cute cousin annemarie.^^

It was so fun to have a mini-reunion with my family.
Just missing Laurin and her precious little fam.

The best part of the weekend was getting to cuddle with my adorable nephew. 
ohhh, he is just the cutest thing.

Would this post be complete without a picture of just me and my cutie hubs?
so here you go!

After the wedding festivities ended, all of us cousins, aunts, and uncles got together in our hotel lobby and played games. 
just gotta say that my family is the best. 
so funny--and all beautiful people.
good job grams--you made some pretty children who made some hunkie grandchildren.
come join us sometime.

my little sister is hot stuff, right?

so grateful for such a fun vacation and for a wonderful family.


  1. I'm just reading this and it made me sooo happy!! I love you!!! I made a blog but I have no idea what I'm doing! So maybe you could shoot me some pointers. I want to follow yours so I get updates so trying to work on that...

    1. I love you catherine!! It was the best wedding! I'll for sure help you! Email me with what questions you have! Also, Marci designed my banner--she might be willing to help you out with yours! xoxo