I am SO excited for taylor to be done with finals!
(I think more excited than him!)
This is his last semester (except for one lousy credit next semester--can you believe that!?).
I get realllyyyy annoyingly giddy whenever I think about him being done.

the last couple of months have been a little rough.
see, I'm done with work and home by 3pm, done with any chores/to-do items by 5pm.
So when Taylor comes home from work around 5:30, I am SO ready to play and do something fun.
but taylor will say, "kel, I've got a lot of homework--I'm really sorry."
And then I get pouty and complain that he doesn't spend enough time with me.
I resort to netflix or reading for the rest of the night while I try my very hardest not to bug him too much. 
it's the worst! and by 8:30 or so, I get REALLY annoying because I'm itching to do something.
I figure if I annoy him enough, he'll quit on the homework and pay attention to me instead. haha
anyyyways, I AM SO EXCITED that he won't have homework anymore!
We can finally PLAY on weeknights again!

Seriously--being done with school before your spouse is kind of annoying.
(except for the bragging rights and the "I don't have homework and you do" song--by yours truly)
Thursday will be the end of SCHOOL life as we know it!

Taylor has had a particular "dream" for years.
A dream that I openly admit to him is a little stupid.
buuut, I support him and his little dreams anyway.
his dream is this:
going to kneaders for fruit and orange juice every morning, whilst reading one of his classic literature books.
hahaha--you can't help but laugh right?
this guy has a serious literature side to him.
his dream started today.
maybe I should start a dream of buying an article of clothing every day? 
sounds fair, right? ;)

ALSO, we head out to sunny california a week from today.
my heart couldn't be happier.


  1. Oh my that must be so amazing. I remember when I got to my last class. I was so happy to be done with school that I could not think of anything else. It is a really great feeling.

    1. ugh! tell me about it! I'm right with you!

  2. haha! I love your dream, Kelli! That totally sounds like something I would say. :) I'my our newest follower, by the way. Nice to meet you!

    1. Hi Allyssa! Thanks for joining and reading! xoxo