R E G A N comes home tomorrow! + a wardrobe mistake

I am SO excited for my cute sister regalicious regan to come home from college tomorrow!
it will be so fun to have the whole gilbclan together for the holidays before tay and I head off to sacramento!
I can't believe this picture was taken almost 2 years ago! It feels like just yesterday!
and also--I totally scored with in-laws.
I have the best ones.
can't wait for seth and regan to start tying the knot so we can add even more fun to the mix!
it's so good to be a gilbert!

side story:
this morning I woke up and totally thought it was friday.
I didn't realize that it was thursday until I was walking out the door.
I was wearing a "friday outfit"--aka an Orem high button-up and jeans
(teachers normally wear the button-up on friday, and I only let myself wear jeans on friday...because, c'mon, I look like I'm 16--so jeans and a ponytail don't help my case. gotta be professhhh).
I rushed back in the house to change (really unnecessary, I know. but it seemed important at the time).
Wellll...I made a little wardrobe mistake.
I forgot I was wearing a really thin bra (my most comfy one! and it's cute, which is an added bonus--sparkly silver from VS, like I really should have bought 10 of them. it's that good).
 I KNOW not to wear a thin shirt without an extra layer with this bra.
but I was in such a rush, I didn't even realize.
Five minutes ago, I went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror and said, "you're welcome teenage boys." SHOOT ha
Yep, I'm wearing a thin white shirt with a verryyy thin bra. you get what I'm laying down?
annnnd I may or may not have been standing in front of the projector light during my last class?
I think I'll be wearing my jacket for the rest of the day.
peace out.

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