friday tangents

I'm so annoyed!
I have pictures from my iphone that I would like to blog about--I've emailed them to myself about 4 times, and for some reason the email never comes.
All of the emails are probably lost in cyberspace somewhere and they'll all show up in June.
Which will be pointless, because most of the pictures are of snow. 

So...I've been wanting to blog the past two days, but a post with no picture? = eh.

I'll just say this:
I LOVE my job.
It is the best kept secret.
It's an awesome gig.
I'm home before 3pm every day.
I never bring work home anymore.
(the first year is the sacrifice--so glad that's over. this second year is rocking my stockings...did you get the christmas reference!? hahah)
I play with students all day.
I get to stand in front of an audience and hear myself talk.
^ totes just kidding about that one ^
I can wear cute clothes (mostttt of the time...haha)
I get flattered by 16 year olds of this world every day. OH YEAH
I get random days off--and things like paid 2 weeks of Christmas vacation.
Oh...and the BEST three reasons of all:


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