a little bit of everything.

Sorry I've been MIA.
I feel like everything in my life has been a little "off" since my grandpa's heart attack.
tests are looking promising for him, but he is still heavily sedated, so it will be awhile until we know more.

The day after my grandpa's heart attack, I was sitting in church, and I realized for one of the first times how GRATEFUL I am for the plan of salvation.
I've never experienced the death of a loved one, and with my grandpa's unknown condition, it was the first time that the meaning of the plan was incredibly sentimental and meaningful for me.

Aside from my cute grandpa and praying for his recovery, here's what's been going on:

A few Wednesday thoughts:
the snow is beautifullll...BUT it makes exercise 10x more annoying.
I have resorted to treadmills at the gym, because I don't really feel like slipping on the ice for all of Orem to see.
Can I say that I HATE treadmills? Running is a gazillion times harder!
I would much rather pound the pavement!
(p.s. I have a secret goal to get a six pack. tay says i'm close! I'm totally not, but that's how nice he is. haha)

okay lovers of the USA, get your cute butts to kneaders ASAP.
I don't know where they are located, but I DO know there is one in Orem, and you need to get there.
the best french toast around.
the sibs and I went there last weekend, and it was so beautifully delicious that I ate until my six pack was gone.

I can't wait to see this pretty lady.
she's the cutest, most fashionable mom of all mamas.
like seriously--I would KILL for this woman's wardrobe.
you gotsta see it next time you're in town.

my sister in law sent me this tweet she saw about me from one of my students!
I had a good time making fun of cute little housleymattson for this tweet ;)
p.s. really liking the name mattson for a baby (p.s. WE'RE EXPECTING!). think I can get tay on board?

just kidding about being pregnant.
did I get you?
1. I really like the picture above.
2. I think it looks artsy. but I know it's not.
3. I took the picture because taylor was SO nice to scrape my windshield for the billionth time. he even started my car so it was warm before I got in. I snagged a winner, people!

another picture about the snow?
also, I have a tights obsession.
and I love wearing these yellow ones.

p.s. today my little sister was complaining to me about finals at BYU (her first college finals! I'm excited for her! but then feel guilty for being excited, because that just sounds mean), and she was telling me how nervous she was about what her grades would be.  I took the liberty of pulling up my BYU transcript...something I haven't done in probably two years? And I have to say--I'm proud of college kelli! then i did a little jig in the kitchen.  don't worry--no one saw.
p.p.s. I am getting lowlights in my hair tomorrow.
I'm super duper excited.


  1. Ah! You totally got me with the whole expecting thing. I seriously thought "She did NOT just drop that on us casually!". P.S. Hi. I'm Audrey and I've been following you for a while now! I found your blog through my friend Lexi and I really enjoy reading your posts. :) thought i should finally comment and say hi. :)

    1. Haha! I was hoping I'd get someone! You are so sweet, Audrey! Thanks for saying HI! xoxo

  2. you got me on the pregnant thing. I swear everyone and their mom is pregnant right now so it wouldn't surprise me. haha

    1. EVERYONE is pregnant! It's so true!! I feel kinda left out. but...then I think about it a little more, and I decide I think I like being left out of that little party for now ;) haha!

  3. I am so glad I am not the only one who thinks running on the treadmill is 10x harder. I seem to lose my motivation to run on them because I go so much slower and it makes me a little depressed. LOL So jealous of all your beautiful snow.

    1. I agree! I get seasonally depressed when I have to turn to treadmills--they're the absolute worst!! don't be jealous of the snow--it's pretty to look at, but insanely annoying! this california girl is done with it! haha