keep fighting, grandpa.

the news about my grandpa has been an emotional roller coaster.
I am constantly in a state of prayer for him and my sweet grandma.
I so badly want to be home to be with him and my family--to hold my grandpa's hand while it is still warm and tell him how much I love him.

the doctor met with my family today and told them it can really go one way or the other at this point.
in another week, we should know whether he is improving or if it's time to pull the life support.
I have continued to pray for one thing:
"father, please let me see him alive at least one more time."
It's looking like no matter what happens to my grandpa, my Father in heaven may answer this special prayer. 

the day after my grandpa's heart attack, my brother gave me a file of pictures and videos from mine and taylor's wedding.
it was a bunch of random pictures from my sister's camera.
but I found one particular video that really choked me up.
my sweet grandpa speaking at our luncheon.

I made this little video capturing the moment.
I am so grateful that my sister thought to record this.
and is it divine guidance that the first time I saw it was during this moment of need?
maybe so.
I started editing this video--and then I just couldn't bring myself to do it.
I wanted to leave it exactly as is.
The only thing that seemed appropriate was to add the song "families are forever" to the background.

grandpa, I love you.
keep fighting.
you are so strong.
you are my hero.
I'll see you in 6 days!

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