santa knows me well.

Is it horrible that I just purchased one of my gifts from taylor to me?
I knew exactly what I wanted, so I said, "look, babe. Let me order it."
Scratch that.  
What really happened:
I said, "Here is the link.  Can you ship it to Marci's house when you order it?"
"Uh, kells. I'll totally order it for you, but...it might be easier if you just do it."
"That's why I love you. I'm on it."
simplicity at its finest.
And I'm going to act TOTE-ally surprised.
Even though I'm horrible at the fake "Ohhhh, I really love it!" or the "I had nooo idea!"
If I ever opened a gift I didn't like, my parents and siblings knew right away.
But I really did try to act like I loved it!
Couldn't have made it to hollywood, I tell ya.

I still remember receiving this HUGE 10,000-sticker-kit from santa when I was 17.
HA--kidding, I was only 6.
I was too little to even try to pretend that I liked it.
I pouted the whole time.
(by the way--I feel SO guilty about that now)
Then I finally started playing with it (after my little rebellion against it faded out) and I fell in love.
I was stickered up for years.
and man! I got so many new friends by passing out stickers--"any sticker you want! I've got them all! Horses, elephants, knights, busses! You just have to play with me if you want a sticker!"
okay, maybe it wasn't that extreme.
But I seriously had every sticker in the book.
I guess Santa really knew me after all. ;)

And Santa DEFINITELY knows me this year.
Because I became my own little Santa...ha.
Some may argue that it takes the fun out of it, but hey! I'm super excited to open this gift and put on my very best surprised face.

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  1. HAHA! I usually do the same thing with my family and my close friends. At least you got something you wanted!