california via my iphone

let me just preface by saying that I totally failed at taking pictures in california.
my phone was dead 90% of the time 
(i mean, c'mon--I was with almost all of the people I love 24/7...why would I need a phone!?)
and I frequently forgot that my camera even existed.

BUT here are the few pictures I have on my iphone about our california time.
I'll post more from my actual camera later.

our flight to oakland was delayed FOUR hours! 
THE worst!

I got to take a break from treadmills for a whole two weeks! 
It was the absolute best.
ohhh california weather--I sure miss you!

We spent Christmas eve day in old Sacramento.

^and tay was so excited to go into the barrel candy store! haha!^

The best part of being home is getting my nails done by my mama. She's so good! ha
we all just line up and chat and get our nails done.

 oh hey, it's us on New Years Eve.
oh hey, we were both sick.
oh hey, 2014!

now that we are back to the grind, I promise to be back to this blog of mine as well.
gotsta share some new years resos and what 2014 has in store for this little duo!


  1. stop it kell you look so cute for being a sicko! I seem to always get sick when we go home..must be all the extra people around!