Happy December!

It's December!
I can hardly believe it!
We have some really exciting things happening this month.
The MOST exciting thing being that we get to go to my beautiful Sacramento for Christmas!
22 days until we leave!
I have a serious countdown going on!
Tay and I haven't been there together since Christmas of 2011!

We had SUCH a fun Thanksgiving with the Gilbert side of the family this year.
More to come about that later!
(oh, p.s. half-marathon= CHECK!...and we are ready to sign up for one in January! Who's in!?)

Here's just a little funny video from our weekend in Park City.
It kills me every time!

Looks like our baby dreams are over...haha
Sorry, Tay!

Side story: this video accidentally started playing in one of my classes while my computer was projected in the classroom.  One student asked, "Were you drunk?" UM...NO, CHILD! haha...but I guess I don't blame the question. Can't us 20-something-year-olds be a little stupid while in a hotel room together?
Whatevs. We had fun.

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