ten ways you know you teach high school.

1. when you've seen more than your fair share of nose-pickers (and booger eaters...I know, so gross.) I thought I would avoid this by not teaching elementary school....nope.

2. when you accidentally introduce yourself by your last name. i guess it's not normal for the starbucks lady to call you "mrs. gilbert?"

3. when slightly inappropriate phrases are constantly coming out of your mouth.  wait, it's NOT funny to laugh anytime someone says "balls??"

4. when you almost start lecturing a group of teenagers for being stupid at a restaurant, the store, or the movie theaters (it's especially good when I pull out my "teaching finger" and start throwing that thing around)

5. when you're extremely bossy to everyone (at least I like to blame my "bossiness" on the fact that I get to boss kids around for eight hours a day...but Taylor doesn't really buy that excuse...)

6. when your life and mind are controlled by the sound of a bell.

7. when you find yourself constantly using words like "totes, cray cray, def, probs, fosho, homie" my new phrase every time I say something sarcastic is "jk lol"--said just like that. like...where did that come from? blaming the 16 year olds that i spend all day with.

8. when you sometimes forget that your best friends AREN'T sixteen year olds.

9. when you realize that your husband probably stopped listening to you explain all of the "high school drama" 30 minutes ago. but if you KNEW ashley, you would know why it's so crazy that adam broke up with her!

10. when every time you pick up a piece of paper off of the ground, you secretly hope that it is a star-spangled-awesome love note that was accidentally left behind. ...nope. just taylor's homework.

if this doesn't convince you to be a high school teacher, I don't know what will!
i'm really living the life, I tell you.
hollywood style.
mmhmm. me and those nose pickers all the way!

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