today is obviously a monday

today has seriously been one of THOSE days.
I woke up a little late, my outfit just wouldn't work, and then my hair wouldn't cooperate.
I decided to jump in the shower last minute so I could blow dry style it--but I realized half through blow drying that today was a short day, and my first class started 15 minutes earlier than normal.
(I have first period prep, and since we got in from california late last night, I slept through most of my prep).
So I rushed out the door with half-wet hair. Awesome.
When lunch rolled around, I was STARVING (I didn't get a chance to eat breakfast), but then realized I left my lunch at home.
Of course.
So I rushed home, grabbed my lunch, and THEN realized I had just started my period
(seriously...I am way TMI on this blog...first poo stories, and then this? haha!)
So I had to change into yet another outfit, whilst rushing to get back to work.
And the universe wasn't done with me yet!
I couldn't find my keys and cellphone anywhere! I didn't know where I could possibly have placed them in the last five minutes.
I tore the house apart in 30 seconds.
My class was about to start!
And then...DUH! I left my car running because I was originally only running in to grab my lunch!
So I raced back to school, ran into my classroom to let my students in...and then realized...my lunch was in the car.
So here I am, snacking on protein bars and almonds, while my delicious lunch chills in my car.

The only thing that is cheering me up today is that one of my classes decorated my whole room for Christmas!
Last week, they asked if they could decorate my classroom before Thanksgiving break--I told them to go for it. 
And by golly, they really did!
I was in shock the entire time!
They even brought a Christmas tree!!

Take a look:

^hanging snowflakes!^

Man I love this season.
And...I really love these kids.
Happy Monday!

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