why I love teaching in utah

there are so many reasons why I LOVE teaching in utah.
First off, the students here are innately good.
and secondly, funny things like this happen:

Today, in my U.S. History class, we did an activity to learn about protective tariffs.
(it involved oreos--which is always a win ;))
I told the students to make fake money to buy the goods.
As I was explaining how much the goods cost, a student shouts out, "Wait! How do I pay tithing!?"
We all had a bonding moment and died of laughter after that.
A joke that is SO funny in Utah--but wouldn't work anywhere else in the world. hahah

As I was assigning students to be the "merchants," the same student said, "should I be the bishop?"
you know...to collect everyone's tithing.
hahaha--seriously. this job.
so worth it.

(sorry to my non-mormon readers--this post may not be funny to you. better luck next time! ;))

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